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Students Love Playing Quiz-Quiz-Trade!

(Grades 2-6) 216 pages
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(Grades 2-6) 216 pages
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(Grades 2-6) 192 pages
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New! Quiz-Quiz-Trade
Rachel Lynette (Grades 2–6)
Quiz-Quiz-Trade is a student favorite! This Kagan Structure turns need-to-know curriculum into a fun and interactive quizzing game. To play, every student receives a quiz card relating to the topic. Students then pair up with a classmate. Using their cards, they quiz each other. After coaching or praising, they trade cards and set off to quiz a new classmate with their new card. The repeated practice boosts retention of the content. Memorizing important information and concepts has never been so fun! Each book is loaded with card sets on a variety of topics. Each card set includes enough ready-to-copy cards for your entire class to play.
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Dedicated to ALL Students Reaching the Standards Through Kagan Structures.

Reaching Standards Through Cooperative Learning
Books & DVDs

Providing for All Learners in General Education Classrooms
Dr. Spencer Kagan, Laurie Kagan, & Miguel Kagan (Grades K–8)
The series includes four DVDs and four corresponding books, one for each of the core curriculum areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Use powerful Kagan Structures to reach high academic standards for a diverse student population while simultaneously developing thinking skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, and diversity skills. This series is an extraordinarily comprehensive presentation of proven Kagan Structures. The DVDs demonstrate the structures in action across the curriculum in a range of elementary school classrooms. The Teacher Guides highlight the structures previewed in the DVDs and include step-by-step directions, special adaptations for special populations, and literally hundreds of activity ideas for using the structures to reach the standards. This series is the ideal roadmap for teachers who want concrete, step-by-step instructional strategies proven to successfully respond to the challenge of creating high achievement for all learners. Also an excellent resource for instructional leaders seeking to develop teachers' competency in Kagan Structures and to lead Structure-A-Month Clubs. Use Kagan Structures to truly "leave no child behind." Guides approximately 180–200 pages; DVDs approximately 30 minutes.

Highlight of Reaching the Standards Series:
  • Watch Kagan Structures in action across the curriculum
  • Receive step-by-step instructions for powerful cooperative learning structures to boost achievement
  • Reach standards for ESL students and students with disabilities using special adaptations
  • Differentiate instruction via multiple intelligences


Reaching Standards Complete Set
Purchase the complete set of 4 DVDs and 4 Teacher Guides to save.
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DVD & Teacher Guide CKRSMD • $149

Teacher Guide BKRMA • $29

Language Arts
DVD & Teacher Guide CKRSLD • $149

Teacher Guide BKRLA • $29

Social Studies
DVD & Teacher Guide CKRSSD • $149

Teacher Guide BKRSS • $29

DVD & Teacher Guide CKRSCD • $149

Teacher Guide BKRSC • $29

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Advanced Cooperative Learning
Playing with Elements
Miguel Kagan & Dr. Spencer Kagan (All Grades)
This book is advanced work on the theoretical underpinnings of Dr. Spencer Kagan's structural approach to cooperative learning. It is recommended only for serious teachers and trainers skilled in co-op structures who wish to modify and create new cooperative learning structures. Includes Element Decks—manipulatives to play with the elements of structures. Playing with elements will make your teaching tighter, more creative, and more fun for you and your students. 112 pages. BKKPE • $29
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Cooperative Learning 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6