Next Steps

Next Steps

Take Your Next Steps With Kagan

Now that you have taken a big first step with Kagan, ensure your professional development investment pays off by ensuring successful and sustained implementation.

Training and Kagan Classroom Coaching
We strongly urge you to complete the Cooperative Learning training and follow up with Kagan Coaching. Kagan Classroom Coaching will ensure successful implementation of Kagan Structures. Guarantee success by bringing a Kagan Coach to each classroom to observe teachers using Kagan Structures in their lessons. Coaches will diagnose areas of improvement and skillfully work with teachers to "fix" any problems in-the-moment. Small changes can make all the difference. A Kagan coach can support approximately 16 teachers in one day!

Administrators who attend Kagan workshops with their teachers and observe Kagan Coaches are better able to support their teachers. We highly recommend administrators take part in the training and the coaching.

3 Best Steps for Success

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Bring in a Kagan Coach
A Kagan Coach can observe up to 16 teachers in one day to ensure they are using Kagan Structures correctly. Your Kagan Coach will provide friendly accountability and will support your teachers with helpful suggestions that make all the difference. Accountability and support produce tremendous results.

Complete the Training
Kagan Structures Level 1: Cooperative Learning is a 5-day course. Give your teachers the benefit of all 5 days of training. More training means more Kagan knowledge, more skills, more structures, and more engagement!

Create a Long term Plan for Success
Let Kagan help you create your school or district plan. We know what works! Let's work together to create a plan that will help your teachers thrive with this revolutionary teaching method.

This Step - Your Next Step
This Step Your Next Step

One-Day CL Workshop

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CL Day 2 or Kagan Classroom Coaching

Two-Day CL or Day 2 CL Workshop

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Kagan Coaching. We strongly recommend no teacher goes beyond the first 2 days of CL without a visit from a Kagan Coach.

After Two Days of Kagan CL and Coaching

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Continue with CL Days 3–5, mixing in Kagan Coaching for continued support with implementation. Schedule coaching days as much as possible.

Additional Topics
Once teachers are fully implementing Cooperative Learning, enhance skills with another Kagan workshop topic:

  • Multiple Intelligences and Differentiating Instruction
  • Win-Win Discipline
  • Brain-Based Learning
  • Higher-Level Thinking Skills
  • Literacy
  • Content Specific for Math, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts

School & District Improvement Plans
Plan for success and build internal capacity! The key to making a lasting difference is to put in place a long-term plan for your school or district. Kagan is here to help with your plan, so give Vern or the Kagan Partnership Team a call and they will help you get started. Call or email today!

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Training & Coaching
Contact the Kagan Partnership Team
to schedule your next workshop or coaching.

Kagan Partnership Team
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Improvement Plans
Contact Vern to help you develop your school or district's long term plan.

Dr. Vern Minor
Director of Educational Leadership