Students Say

I like Find Someone Who because I like to know people better.

— Kelsey, Primary

Cooperative learning helps me generate ideas. RoundRobins help me learn about things that I did not know in our groups, and a teammate may bring up something I forgot about. Mind maps have been incredibly helpful as far as learning and exams go. RoundRobins is my favorite part of CL because everyone is able to speak and it has to be about one subject so no one should be off topic.

— Kyle Christenson, Middle School

Dear Dr. Kagan, I like Showdown because I like to answer questions.

— Yeonji, Primary

Dear Dr. Kagan, I like Mix-n-Match because I like when we go try to find our partner.

— Meaghan, Primary

Fan-n-Pick — I like it because I can have different jobs like the brain, fanner, picker, and the cheerleader person.

— Erich, Primary

My favorite structure is Teammates Consult. I like how everyone is working together to solve the problem and you pretty much know you have the right answer if you do the steps right. It also makes something like a worksheet so much more fun to do.

— Teri Blue, Grade 4

I like Find Someone Who because I like learning about everybody.

— Alex, Primary

I like Find The Fib because you get to see what people think about in their mind.

— Katie, Primary

Dear Dr. Kagan, I like Talking Chips because when you put in a chip, you can talk.

— Sam, Primary

My favorite structure is Simultaneous Roundtable. I like it because you work with your team to crete four different stories. It also helps to hear each others ideas. I learn new vocabulary and writing ideas from other people in my team.

— Brittany Fleming, Grade 4

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Do cooperative learning and multiple intelleigence strategies help you study for quizzes, review information, and or help you discuss ideas and concepts about reading, writing and social studies?

— Anonymous Student, Grade 4

I think the structures are really, really cool. They help me think better. My favorite structure is Inside Outside Circle because it's very fun.

— Briana, Primary

I like Inside Outside Circle because you get to share with people.

— Brian, Primary

I like doing Cooperative Learning activities and team builders. I sometimes have problems working with others and this helps me to work as a team to get a job done. I also have learned if I do not do my part of the work, my team will suffer. It has really helped me to be cooperative.

— Storm Genereux, Grade 4

I like the structures because I learn a lot.

— Brenna, Primary

Dear Dr. Kagan, I like Think Pair Share because I like working with my shoulder partner.

— Hannah, Primary

I think the structures are great! They help me do better in school. My favorite structure is Line Ups because you get cool questions.

— Kistina, Primary

I wanted to know what my "cream of the crop" thought. I think I came back with some good feedback about how CL and MI satisfies these gifted students. Below are their responses. One preferred to remain anonymous and one preferred not to be included. I just thought you might be interested, because I was!

— Anonymous Student, Grade 4

Numbered Heads Together — I like this because when we do it, we each work together to get a good answer.

— Anonymous, Primary

I think the structures are fun. They help me become an intelligent kid. My favorite structure is Give One, Get One because you get to get a word from good friends.

— Jen, Primary

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I like the structrue Mix-Music-Meet because it allows me to learn and move at the same time. Often times when I am making a list of information I get stuck and can't think of things. This structure allows me to get information from my classmates and give my classmates and give my list a boost.

— Jake Strickland, Grade 4

Dear Dr. Kagan, I like Mix-Freeze because we get to move around the room.

— Shehab, Primary

I like Fan-N-Pick because I like getting ideas for stories.

— Jason, Primary

I feel challenged by the new learning strategies my teacher has introduced. Give One Get One has done wonders for my test scores. Flashcard Game helps me to re-memorize words in a fun way. The use of music has really helped me focus when writing in class. Mix, Music, Match is my favorite because it helps to exchange infromation and it's a alot of fun. I love to boogie!

— Joey Bowler, Middle School

I like the structures because you get to learn a lot of math.

— Donovan, Primary

I think the structures are fun. They help me to read. My favorite structure is Line-Ups because I like to line up.

— Lauren, Primary

Welcome to Walberta. I like Find The Fib because it is fun and you learn about people.

— Susan, Primary

I like Pair Share because I like to share with my friends and my teacher.

— Zachary, Primary

Dear Dr. Kagan, I like Numbered Heads Together because I like getting picked to share.

— Erin, Primary

I think mind maps have helped me learn more things and remember them at the same time. When we learn content through song, I enjoy it and I know I will remember it forever. Cooperative learning helps me for tests because even if I think the content is simple and easy, I can forget it, and CL helps me to remember. Interacting with other students and studying at the same time helps me because two heads at times are better than one. When we discuss what has happened in a book, some people who may have forgotten something will probably remember it a week to a month later.

— Erica Dessenberger, Middle School

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I like the structures because we get to learn them in a fun way.

— Andrea, Primary

I like Find Someone Who because you get to know people.

— Mike, Primary

My favorite structure is Mix and Match because I like my friends. I like all of them because they help me learn.

— Anonymous, Primary

I like Fan- N-Pick because it makes me a better speller. My favorite structure is Rotating Review because it's fun.

— Matt, Primary

Sharing different opinions when doing RallyRobin and RoundRobin may change my point of view. I can now understand where other people get their answers. I have learned there is more to school than just sitting in my seat and being quiet. I am much more well rounded as a student, because I understand there are many ways to learn one thing. I love working with my shoulder and eyeball partner. Find Someone Who is educational but I'm not sitting down, I'm moving.

— Anonymous Student, Middle School

I like your structures. I really like Stand And Share. I really like working with my friends. I like Fan-N-Pick too because I really like learning.

— R.J., Primary

I like all of your structures especially Fan-N-Pick. Mix Pair Share is good too.

— Ashleigh, Primary

My favorite structure is roundtable because you get to brainstorm your own word.

— Jack, Primary

My favorite structure is Mix-Pair-Share because it gives us a good stretch.

— Grant, Primary

I love all the structures because they help people learn and have fun at the same time. But I like Fan-N-Pick the best because it is really fun. We can do it with scrambled up words! That's why I like Fan-N-Pick.

— Brittany, Primary

I like all the structures because they are fun. My favorite is Fan-N-Pick. I like Fan-N-Pick because it makes me smarter.

— Shannon, Primary

My favorite structure is Fan-N-Pick because it is fun. We do priority words with it.

— Jake, Primary

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