Acclaim for Kagan

Hear from teachers who use Kagan and why they love this revolutionary way to teach.

Kagan Boosts Student Achievement
Teachers share how Kagan has helped them improve their students' test scores and grades.

Berkley Elementary Model School
Berkley Elementary has been a long-time Kagan model school. Hear why Berkley teachers love Kagan.

Kagan Develops Social Skills
The social skills embedded in the Kagan Structures help students develop a more kind and caring orientation.

Develop Social Skills in Tandem with Curriculum Mastery
Kagan Structures allow teachers to develop essential social skills while they master academic curriculum.

Students Blossom with Kagan Structures
Students who slip through the cracks in traditional classrooms blossom when they are engaged and motivated by working in their teams.

Kagan Structures Engage Students
Kagan transforms teaching. Kagan Structures empower teachers to engage students and create a more positive and caring learning environment.

Kagan Revolutionizes Teaching
Students are held accountable for participating. More participation means more learning. Plus, students have more fun when they are interacting with, encouraging, and celebrating each other.

Kagan Structures Are More Active
Students become active participants in the learning process, rather than passive recipients of knowledge.

Kagan Structures Creates Classroom Community
When students work in teams, help each other, and celebrate the success of the team and the contributions of their teammates, the classroom community is transformed to a more compassionate and caring learning environment.

Kagan Cooperative Learning is a focus of Tampa Day School.
See how Tampa Day School uses Kagan Structures.

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