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Crank Up Teaching Skills!

You and your staff are excited because you've experienced Kagan Structures. You have seen them make a dramatic difference. Take the next step with Kagan Coaching!

Bring a Kagan Coach to your school!

Kagan has developed a revolutionary coaching method that gets results! Most forms of coaching involve observation of a lesson, followed by evaluation. Not Kagan Coaching! Instead of observing a full lesson, Kagan Coaching focuses on a single structure. By properly implementing Kagan Structures, teachers boost engagement and learning. The feedback is in real time, not afterwards in a follow-up meeting. Teachers put the coaching tip into practice immediately and discover how small tweaks in a structure make a major difference in learning for students. Kagan Coaching is designed to support teachers, not evaluate them, as they add powerful teaching tools to their teaching toolboxes!

Here's how it works...

  • Your Kagan Coach can coach approximately 16 to 20 teachers per day.
  • Teachers sign up for structures ahead of time.
  • Teachers receive coaching checklists in advance. There are no surprises!
  • Your Kagan Coach provides specific feedback to teachers and general feedback for the entire building!
  • Administrators and instructional coaches are encouraged to accompany Your Kagan Coach to provide ongoing teacher feedback.
  • Your Kagan Coach can provide summary session at the end of the day to celebrate successes and identify next steps.
  • To maximize coaching success, Kagan recommends coaching occur at least once a quarter and within 4–6 weeks of initial training.

Click Here to read an article by Dr. Spencer Kagan explaining how Kagan Coaching revolutionizes the coaching process.

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