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Here are some of the many ways schools have funded Kagan trainings:

  • Title I
    Kagan boosts achievement and reduces
    the achievement gap
  • Title II
    Kagan improves communication skills of second-language learners
  • IDEA
    Kagan promotes inclusive classroom practices including cooperative learning, classbuilding, and communitybuilding
  • Stable Funding
    Kagan enhances teacher effectiveness via professional development and professional resources
  • Race to the Top Grants
    Kagan's research-based strategies have a track record of immediate results
  • EET
    Enhancing Education Through
    Technology – Kagan offers management software and electronics
  • more funding sources
  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC)
  • Association Fees
  • Beginning Teacher (BTSA)
  • Common Core Grant
  • District Funds
  • Dept. of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)
  • Education Foundation Grant
  • ELL Grant
  • Gear Up Grant
  • Local Taxes
  • Magnet School (MSAP)
  • Migrant Education Grant (MEP)
  • Private Donation
  • Private Foundation Funds
  • Professional Development Funds
  • PTA Funds
  • Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA)
  • Quantum Foundation Grant
  • School Budget
  • School Funds
  • SIG School Improvement Grant
  • Staff Development Funds
  • State Funds
  • STEM Funds
  • TAH Grant
  • Technology Grant
  • Texas Title I Priority Schools (TTIPS)
  • Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF)
  • Title III
  • Turnaround
  • University Budget
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Whether you are seeking ways to fund your Kagan training or resource purchases, you have come to the right place. This site contains a variety of articles, websites, grant searching databases, and funding sources to help you with all your grant and funding questions. The resources provided here are designed to help narrow your grant search, provide sample narratives and research to use as a reference, and get you started in the right directions on the grant writing and application process.

Grant Resources & Articles

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  • Frequently Asked Grant Questions
  • Invest In Kagan
  • Grant Resources
  • Possible Grant Sources
  • Charitable Organizations and Foundations
  • Grant Writing Tips
  • Kagan Workshops
  • Qualifying Products Chart
  • Kagan Catalog
  • Research
  • Excellence and Equity
  • Instructional Revolution
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