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Suggested Kagan Materials that Qualify for Funding

Cooperative learning remains perhaps the most extensively researched educational innovation to improve student achievement and to reduce the achievement gap for all students. Cooperative learning, active learning, inclusion, and learning to accommodate students with different intelligences and learning styles are all core to many Kagan publications. The chart below lists some of Kagan’s top products that qualify for funding from Title I, IDEA, Technology, and Early Childhood.

Top Kagan Products by Funding Source
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Title I


EETT (Tech.)

Early Childhood

Improve Teacher Effectiveness & Student Achievement


Kagan Cooperative Learning    
CL Structures for Teambuilding    
CL Structures for Classbuilding    
Silly Sports & Goofy Games  

Reaching the Standards through Cooperative Learning


Language Arts
Cooperative Math (3-5) fits NCTM Standards      

Balanced Literacy through Cooperative Learning & Active Engagement

Grade 3

Grade 5
Cooperative Learning & Math (K-8)      
Cooperative Learning & Math; High School Activities (8-12)      
Cooperative Learning & Geometry (8-12)      
Cooperative Learning & Language Arts (K-8)      
Cooperative Learning Reading Activities (K-8)      
Cooperative Meetings      
Cooperative Learning SmartCard      
Graphic Organizers SmartCard      
Brain-Based Learning SmartCard      

Classroom Management and Inclusion of All Learning Styles

Win-Win Discipline    
Multiple Intelligences; The Complete MI Book    
Multiple Intelligences Structures & Activities    

Music for the Mind (60 beats per minute music to enhance focus and concentration)

Differentiated Instruction SmartCard    
Multiple Intelligences SmartCard    

Electronic Software Tools for Classroom Management & Activities

Numbered Heads Together™; Content Review Quiz Show Game      

Early Education and Primary

Language Arts; Lessons for Little Ones (K-2)    
Mathematics; Lessons for Little Ones (K-2)    
Cooperative Learning & Wee Science (K-3)    
Higher Level Thinking Questions: Primary Literature (K-3)    
Mix-N-Match Primary (K-3)