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Engaging Mathematics book cover
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Engaging Mathematics
Geometry and Data Analysis & Probability

Melissa Agnew & Stefanie McKoy (Grades 2–4)
Based on the popularity of the original Engaging Math book, Kagan now offers this rich array of ready-to-do activities for the Geometry and Data Analysis & Probability strands. You'll find interactive Kagan Structures for pair work, teamwork, and whole-class engagement. Geometry activities cover: shapes and their attributes, edges, faces, vertices, symmetry, congruent, similar, transformations, angles, points, lines, segments, rays, parallel, perpendicular, intersecting. Data Analysis & Probability activities cover: picture graphs, line graphs, bar graphs, line plots, charts, pie graphs, directional maps and grids, coordinate grids, mean, median, mode, data, and probability. Aligns with Common Core State Standards. Engaging math just got easy! 280 pages.
BAMMG • $29
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Engaging Mathematics book cover
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Engaging Mathematics
Numbers & Operations, and Algebra

Melissa Agnew & Stefanie McKoy (Grades 2–4)
You want to make math engaging and take advantage of the power of peer tutoring and interaction, but you don't have the time to plan all-new activities, nor the time to re-create all those math worksheets. Don't fret. All the work has been done for you! All your need-to-teach Numbers & Operations and Algebra curriculum is matched up with some of Kagan's best structures for math practice, including RallyCoach, Sage-N-Scribe, and Find-N-Fix. Plus you'll find more great math activities to keep students excited about math with structures including Quiz-Quiz-Trade, Fan-N-Pick, Showdown, and Clue Linkages. Engaging math just got easy! 296 pages.
BAMMN • $29
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Cooperative Math
Engaging Structures & Activities

Ranae Stites & Amanda Buethe (Grades preK–2 & 3–5)
It’s easy to make mathematics cooperative and engaging with these books! Inside, you will find 7 highly interactive Kagan Structures and approximately 50 ready-to-use activities that fit the NCTM standards. Your students will play Fan-N-Pick, a team game to answer math problems. Students will mingle with classmates as they Find Someone Who can perform math tasks. Pairs will Quiz-Quiz-Trade each other to cement math concepts and facts. Teams will play Showdown to review and reinforce their mathematical learning. These books will save you tons of time preparing grade-appropriate cooperative math activities to engage everyone in your class.

Grades preK–2
384 pages
BSPCM2 • $29
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Grades 3–5
272 pages
BSPCM • $29
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Free! Mathematics Mix-N-Match
Classroom Sets

These exciting and involving activities teach popular mathematical concepts. Students move about the room trading Mix-N-Match cards until you call "Freeze." Then they find the partner with the matching card. Mix-N-Match is played over and over. An exciting and involving way to learn content and have fun. Mix-N-Match sets include instructions, ideas for use, and enough cards for 40 students. $5 each.

Buy 4, get the 5th set FREE! Or Buy 7, get the 8th & 9th sets FREE!

Addition Problem-N-Answer XAA
Coins-N-Value XCV
Digital Clock-N-Analog Clock XDC
Division Problem-N-Answer XDA
Fraction-N-Equivalent XFE
Fraction-N-Percent XFP
Geometry Term-N-Definition XGO

Measurement-N-Conversion XMC
Multiplication Problem-N-Answer XMA
Numbers-N-Dots XND
Shape-N-Name XSHN
Subtraction Problem-N-Answer XSA

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