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Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction Made Easy book cover

Differentiated Instruction Made Easy
Hundreds of Multi-Level Activities for All Learners
Phyllis Kaplan et Al. (Grades 2–8)
This hands-on resource is designed for teachers to support the individual learning needs of their students as they participate in similar tasks. Teachers will find hundreds of creative ideas that will motivate and reinforce learning for all students. The book's dynamic activities are targeted to specific subject areas and will help students to experience success despite their learning challenges. Subject areas include: reading, spelling, writing, math, history, geography, science, media, art, music, and service learning. 224 pages. DKDIM • $27

Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Reading in the Content Areas book cover

Differentiated Instructional
Strategies for Reading

in the Content Areas
Carolyn Chapman & Rita King (Grades K–12)
Help students become confident, eager, and fluent readers. This straightforward, easy-to-use handbook provides creative yet substantial ideas and methods for infusing phonics, word analysis, vocabulary development, and comprehension strategies into subject-area instruction. A creative, eclectic blend of differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, scaffolding, constructivism, and cooperative learning methods and activities. 216 pages. DCKDR • $40

Differentiated Instruction SmartCard cover

Differentiated Instruction SmartCard
Meet your students' unique learning needs with a differentiated approach to teaching. This SmartCard addresses common questions about Differentiated Instruction, outlines the many ways in which students differ, and provides practical tips for managing the DI classroom. It features strategies and insights on how to differentiate the various aspects of instruction including: flexible grouping, assessment and evaluation, instructional materials, student support, products and presentations, instructional strategies, time and workload, difficulty, curriculum, and recognition. Use differentiated practices to help students reach their potential! TDI • $4
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