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Differentiated Instruction 1 | 2

Differentiated Instruction Made Easy
Hundreds of Multi-Level Activities for All Learners
Phyllis Kaplan et Al. (Grades 2–8)
This hands-on resource is designed for teachers to support the individual learning needs of their students as they participate in similar tasks. Teachers will find hundreds of creative ideas that will motivate and reinforce learning for all students. The book's dynamic activities are targeted to specific subject areas and will help students to experience success despite their learning challenges. Subject areas include: reading, spelling, writing, math, history, geography, science, media, art, music, and service learning. 224 pages. DKDIM • $27

The Teacher’s Toolbox
for Differentiating Instruction

700 Strategies, Tips, Tools, and Techniques
Linda Tilton (All Grades)
Personalize your existing curriculum to meet the needs of all the learners in your classroom. With 700 simple-to-use strategies, there is a tool for the needs of every teacher. Topics covered include: reading, math, study skills, organization skills, self-esteem, professional collaboration, student empowerment, and accountability. 419 pages. DTTDI • $40

Differentiated Instruction SmartCard
Meet your students' unique learning needs with a differentiated approach to teaching. This SmartCard addresses common questions about Differentiated Instruction, outlines the many ways in which students differ, and provides practical tips for managing the DI classroom. It features strategies and insights on how to differentiate the various aspects of instruction including: flexible grouping, assessment and evaluation, instructional materials, student support, products and presentations, instructional strategies, time and workload, difficulty, curriculum, and recognition. Use differentiated practices to help students reach their potential! TDI • $4
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How to Differentiate Instruction
in Mixed-Ability Classrooms

Carol Ann Tomlinson (Grades K–12)
One of the most popular differentiated instruction books! This extended and updated edition includes examples and field-tested strategies to help teachers succeed in today's increasingly diverse classrooms. Learn proven ideas for how to match instructional approaches to the readiness, interests, and talents of all students including learning centers, hands-on activities, contracts, and investigative projects. Plus, read about new ways of structuring lessons to provide "scaffolds" for the lesson content, the procedures used in learning, and the products of learning. 117 pages. DTHDI • $25

Differentiated Instruction 1 | 2