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Jumbo Timer Just for Teachers!

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A Jumbo Timer Designed Just for Teachers!
Hands down, the biggest, most powerful timer for teachers available. Mega means big. The MegaTimer measures in at a super-sized 9.5 by 6.5 inches. The jumbo LCD display with a brilliant blue backlight is so big and bright, you can read the display from the back seat of your classroom. Mega also means powerful. Powerful it is with all the standard timer features you would expect, plus many, many more. The MegaTimer's design is so unique and versatile, it is patent pending. Push the Student Selector button to randomly pick any student to share. Push the Team Selector button to randomly pick any team in the class to present. Use the Count Down Timer to display how much time remains for students to complete their projects. Use the Stop Watch timer to challenge the class on how long it takes to clean up. Need dice, a spinner, or random numbers for math problems? The Random mode will generate random numbers for you. Set an Alarm to remind you and the class it's break time. Students seem a little sluggish? Press the Temperature button to check if the temperature is optimal for learning. And when you're not using the timer, display the Time and Date. Carry it around, hang it on the wall, or use the stand to place it on your desk. This is the timer you don't want to be without. Nowhere else will you find so many teaching tools packed into one digital timer. It's big. It's powerful. It's the MegaTimer!
Requires 6 AA batteries, (not included). JMT • $59
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Student Selector
Pick students by number.

Team Selector
Randomly pick a team.

Count Down Timer
Show students how much time they have left.

Alarm Clock
Set a quick reminder.

Stop Watch
Time students or tasks.

Random Numbers
Use as dice or random number generator for math.

Time & Date
Display the time and date.

Check the classroom temperature.

MegaTimer Power Adapter

Power Adapter
Recommended for extended use of backlight, sold separately.
JMTA • $8

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Team Management Made Easy!

You'll find 8 easy-to-use teamwork tools to keep everyone engaged and on task.

1) Time It!—Use Time It! to help teams manage their time wisely. Enter a countdown time and press Start—all the red lights light up, then turn off one at a time as time elapses until the TeamTimer announces, "Time's Up!" and sounds the alarm.

2) Who's Up?— Press Who's Up? to randomly pick one teammate. The TeamTimer makes a spinner sound, then lights up the selected teammate's yellow light and calls out his or her number, "Three!" Random selection keeps everyone on their toes.

3) Spotlight!—Give the team a set of questions. Enter a time and press Spotlight! The TeamTimer picks a teammate to share, then counts down the teammate's share time.

4) Equal Turns!—Want to make sure everyone's participating about equally? No problem—press Equal Turns! to give every teammate the same time allotment to make their contribution.

5) Many Rounds—Use Many Rounds to give teammates multiple rounds of timed turns.

6) Turn Tracker—Eliminate your team "Hogs" and "Logs" with the Turn Tracker. No one can take a second turn until everyone has participated.

7) Interval Timer—Use the Interval Timer to count down and beep every time your set time interval is complete so teammates know it's time to switch roles or switch gears.

8) Cheer!—Press the Cheer! button to cheer on a teammate with one of five team celebrations.

The TeamTimer makes teamwork more engaging and successful for everyone. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. Ideal for teams of 2–6 students. JTT • $19

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Class Set of 8 TeamTimersCJTT • $119 Save $33

Engaging Youth Groups
Building Community. Developing Leaders. Achieving Greatness.
Karen Kettle (All Grades)
If you lead or are involved with a youth group of any kind, this book is a must have! When youth are engaged around a common purpose that holds personal meaning, great things happen. Standing together, youth can create a caring community, develop shared goals, work as a team to overcome challenges, and lead the charge to success. As leaders of youth, we can design activities and provide opportunities for young people to develop their potential. This book is your guide to building a powerful youth group—whether it is a student government, after-school club, sports team, or community organization. You'll find engaging activities to create group identity and ownership, build relationships, brainstorm ideas, and make cooperative decisions. Plus, you'll find ideas and activities to help your youth develop leadership skills and take an active role in uniting their school, team, organization, or community. Don't leave anything to chance. Engage and inspire your youth to make a positive difference. 368 pages. BKEYG • $34
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Timers for Every Timing Needed!
TimerTools™ Software
Projectable Timers for Teachers and Trainers

Imagine this: You are doing a PowerPoint® presentation and with one click, your whole screen turns into a huge hourglass to let your learners know how much time they have left to discuss an issue. Or your class computer rings a "Time's Up!" alarm letting students know it's time to switch gears. Excitement mounts as your class or workshop participants race against the TimerTools stopwatch, attempting to break their prior record for a challenging task. It's all possible with TimerTools. TimerTools is the Swiss army knife for teachers and presenters: 18 essential tools in one! Whether you are presenting to a small class or a huge audience, TimerTools is your perfect solution for every presentation need: hourglass, analog clock, digital clock, alarm clock, multiple customizable alarms, seconds timer, countdown timer, spotlight timer, turn timer, interval timer, bar timer, task timer, preset timer, percent timer, color timer, digital stopwatch, analog stopwatch, and split stopwatch. Each attractive, scalable, customizable timer tool is super easy to use. Ideal for computer presentations or to turn your whole computer into a suite of powerful timing tools.
Single user: ETT • $29
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• Easy-to-use timer for teachers and presenters.
• Full screen display is ideal for small and large audiences.
• 18 essential timing tools in one!
• Works side-by-side with PowerPoint presentations.

PC • Mac • Interactive Whiteboard

TimerTools™ Software Site License
Site license available in 10-user license. ETT10 • $249 Save $41
Call for discount pricing for more than 10 users.

Hall Pass Timer
Easily keep track of your students. Help them manage time when they're out of your room. Set the time you will allow students to be out of the classroom—anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes. When a student exits the room, the student lifts the hall pass timer off the base (you can hang it on your wall or place it on your desk). Both the base and the hall pass keep track of how long the student has been away. Thirty seconds before time's up, a yellow warning light flashes on the hall pass. When time's up, both the base and hall pass sound an alarm (you can turn off the base). The timers keep going until the pass is returned to the base so you'll know exactly how long a student has been out. This ingenious teacher tool will get your students back in class on time! Uses easy-to-replace AAA batteries. DSHALL • $30

Time Timer Clock
The Time Timer provides the ability to judge how much time is remaining from anywhere in the classroom. The bright red disc is easily visible from any distance and disappears as time elapses. Students can see the passage of time and determine time remaining even if they cannot read a traditional clock face. The Time Timer helps students learn to make better use of their time! DTTR • $35

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