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New! Cooperative Learning & Vocabulary
Stefanie McKoy
Are you looking to make your vocabulary instruction more engaging and memorable? Are you looking for a vocabulary resource that covers the full range of words and vocabulary skills prescribed by the standards? Look no further! These books provide ready-made, cooperative activities for: multiple meaning words, Greek and Latin affixes and roots, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, collective plural nouns, irregular pronouns, compound words, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, commonly misused words, and academic vocabulary. Each section includes 20 grade-appropriate vocabulary words. To master the words in each section, there are five ready-to-do activities based on Kagan Structures. Students quiz classmates using Mix-N-Match and Quiz-Quiz-Trade. Teams use and practice their vocabulary as they play Fan-N-Pick and Showdown. Partners take turns completing vocabulary worksheets using RallyCoach and Sage-N-Scribe. Students put their new vocabulary words to work as they write and share their writing using Think-Write-RoundRobin. Pick and choose a few activities per section, or use them all to ensure full mastery for everyone. This is everything you need for a highly engaging vocabulary program that covers the full range of vocabulary words and skills.
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Cooperative Learning & Vocabulary
(Grades 2–3) 248 pages
BMV2 • $29

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Cooperative Learning & Vocabulary
(Grades 4-5) 248 pages
BMV4 • $29

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Management & Discipline
Activities Featuring Kagan Structures
Lisa Mitchell, Lynsy Oswald, & Sarah Walas Teed (Grades K–6)
Promote proper behavior in your classroom and throughout school with these 37 cooperative and engaging activities. Each activity is based on a Kagan Structure. For example, students play Fact-or-Fiction to review classroom rules. The activities are divided into three main sections. Section 1: Classroom Behavior—Activities in this section focus on how to behave in class, classroom rules, and disruptions. Section 2: School-Wide Rules—Activities in this section give students positive guidance for assemblies, using the bathroom, school safety, and school rules. Section 3: Recess—Activities for indoor recess and playground behavior. By participating in these fun and interactive activities, your students learn how to behave appropriately inside and outside your classroom. 136 pages. BMMD • $24
Pre-order Today! Estimated release date: 9/15/17. Your order will ship as soon as this book is printed. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is fulfilled.

Personal & Social Skills
Activities Featuring Kagan Structures
Lisa Mitchell, Lynsy Oswald, & Sarah Walas Teed (Grades K–6)
Develop your students' social and emotional skills with these 38 cooperative and engaging activities. Each activity is based on a Kagan Structure. For example, students play Find Someone Who to appreciate diversity in the classroom. The activities are divided into three main sections. Section 1: Social Skills Development—Activities in this section include getting along, giving compliments, and conflict resolution. Section 2: Emotional Intelligence—Activities in this section provide positive guidance when students are feeling mad, annoyed, lonely, and so on. Section 3: Character Education—Activities in this section explore and develop virtues such as honesty, respect, and cooperation. Many teachers turn to Kagan because students become kinder and more socially adept as they use Kagan Structures daily. This book takes it to the next level with activities explicitly designed to develop students' social skills, character, and emotional intelligence. 112 pages. BMPS • $24
Pre-order Today! Estimated release date: 9/15/17. Your order will ship as soon as this book is printed. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is fulfilled.

Kagan Structures Poster Set 2
This poster set has six more Kagan Structures you can use to engage your little ones: Fan-N Pick, Jot Thoughts, RallyCoach, Showdown, StandUp–HandUp–PairUp, and Traveling Pair Share. These are the same structures featured in the book, Cooperative Learning for Primary, Book 2. These six structures are teacher tested and approved for primary classes. They are simple to use and work well for youngsters with limited reading and writing skills. Each colorful 17" x 22" poster illustrates the steps of the structure with simple stick-figure drawings. Display these cute posters for your students as you teach them these structures and as you lead you them every day through these full engagement structures. PKSP2 • $14
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New! Inference Learning Chips
(All Grades)
Sentence starters to develop close reading and reasoning on any reading topic. Each set contains 16 chips. Class sets come with free canisters and a storage box. CMDIN • $29

Single Inference Chips Set MDIN • $5

New! Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Middle School Math
Michael Smith (Grades 6–8)
Does it ever feel impossible to get middle schoolers to stop interacting with classmates and focus on math? So stop trying. Convert that natural impulse to interact into productive math learning with Quiz-Quiz-Trade. Your students will be up, moving about the classroom, quizzing each other on essential math skills, and coaching and praising each other. Each set of cards focuses on a need-to-know math concept. Students each receive a quiz card. They pair up and quiz both ways, then trade cards and find a new partner to quiz. Each time they have a new partner and a new quiz question. Great for practicing concepts, test prep, and for revisiting concepts throughout the year in a fun quizzing format. Peek at the sets included in the book up or down a grade level as you may cover those math concepts too. Includes 15 card sets in each book. 208 pages each.
Pre-order Today! Estimated release date: 10/15/17. Your order will ship as soon as this book is printed. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is fulfilled.

Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Middle School Math (Grade 6)
Includes quiz card sets on: balanced equations; ordering decimals; ordering integers; fractions, decimals, & percent; ratios, proportions, & fractions; data analysis & probability; GCF; LCM; measuring angles; multiples & factors; order of operations; patterns & tables; coordinate grid; reading and writing decimals; whole numbers. BQQM6 • $24

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Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Middle School Math (Grade 7)
Includes quiz card sets on: algebraic expressions; fractions, decimals, & percent; data analysis; GCF; integers; LCM; order of operations; patterns & relations; and transformations. BQQM7 • $24

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Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Middle School Math (Grade 8)
Includes quiz card sets on: data analysis; comparing fractions, decimals, & percent; evaluating expressions; multiplying & dividing fractions; integers; LCM; probability; Pythagorean theorem; rates, ratios, & proportions; linear equations; square roots & perfect squares; surface area & volume; tables, graphs, & ordered pairs. BQQM8 • $24

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New!Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Primary Mathematics
Melissa Wincel (Grades K–2)
Sitting and keeping focused for lengths of time can be a challenge for little ones. Don't despair, Quiz-Quiz-Trade is here. You can create amazing learning while students are up and interacting with classmates. Each student receives a quiz card. For example, with the Shape Safari set, one student receives a triangle card. She pairs up with another student and asks the question: "What shape is this?" After her partner answers, she asks: "How many sides does it have?" After the partner answers, she asks: "How many vertices does it have?" After students quiz each other both ways, they trade cards and find a new partner to quiz. The repetition makes the content stick. The interaction makes the activity fun for all. Book includes 15 different sets on need-to-know primary math content including: adding, counting, measuring, shapes, fact families, fractions, double digits, graphing, and more. 224 pages.
Pre-order Today! Estimated release date: 10/15/17. Your order will ship as soon as this book is printed. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is fulfilled.

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New!Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Primary Reading
Melissa Wincel (Grades K–2)
Help your little ones acquire the basic skills they need to read using Quiz-Quiz-Trade. This interactive structure has students quizzing each other on a range of early reading skills. Students each receive a quiz card to quiz a partner. In the Syllables set, students clap or tap out the number of syllables they hear when they say the name of the item pictured on the card: al-li-ga-tor. Four syllables! There are sets for sounding out beginning sounds, middle sounds, and ending sounds. There's a set on building CVC words. There's a set for blending the sounds of the letters to read words: sh-ar-k. Using these 15 sets, students progress from simple skills to reading simple sentences to combining simple sentences. 232 pages. BQQPR • $24
Pre-order Today! Estimated release date: 8/15/17. Your order will ship as soon as this book is printed. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is fulfilled.

New!Silly Sports & Goofy Games
Flip Chart
Flip your way to fun with this desk flip chart. Every page has step-by-step directions to play a game from Silly Sports & Goofy Games. The 30 games include terrific tag games, happy helper games, creative coordinations, meaningful movements, crazy challenges, beautiful balances, ridiculous relays, and goofy games. Too much energy in your class? Get the wiggles out with a quick silly sport. Or maybe the energy level in your class is too low to learn. Flip to one of these beloved games to re-energize and refocus your students. Measures 8.5" x 11". MFLSS • $29

Silly Sports & Goofy Games SmartCard
Dr. Spencer Kagan (All Grades)
Bring joy and play to your classroom. Quickly energize your students. Take a brief brain break. This SmartCard features step-by-step directions for 12 favorite games from the longtime bestselling book, Silly Sports & Goofy Games. Turn to this handy reference when you're looking for a fast and fun way to wake up those brains and get your students ready for learning.
TSG • $4

Informational Texts SmartCard
Dr. Rick DuVall (All Grades)
Finding good informational texts isn't difficult. But getting students to read, understand, evaluate, and apply what they're reading can be a challenge. That's where this SmartCard comes in. This SmartCard provides strategies to engage students before, during, and after reading. From making predictions about the reading beforehand to reflecting on the reading afterwards, your students will be more interested in what they read and they'll comprehend it much better, too. You'll also find information to help you teach students about the structure of different types of texts as well as how to identify and use print features, organizational aids, and graphic aids. Each text feature is succinctly described along with an interactive activity idea to cement understanding of each text feature. Make the most of using informational texts of all types across all academic subject areas!
TTE • $4

Students Love Playing Quiz-Quiz-Trade!

(Grades 2-6) 216 pages
BQQM • $24

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(Grades 2-6) 216 pages
BQQG • $24

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(Grades 2-6) 192 pages
BQQV • $24

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New! Quiz-Quiz-Trade
Rachel Lynette (Grades 2–6)
Quiz-Quiz-Trade is a student favorite! This Kagan Structure turns need-to-know curriculum into a fun and interactive quizzing game. To play, every student receives a quiz card relating to the topic. Students then pair up with a classmate. Using their cards, they quiz each other. After coaching or praising, they trade cards and set off to quiz a new classmate with their new card. The repeated practice boosts retention of the content. Memorizing important information and concepts has never been so fun! Each book is loaded with card sets on a variety of topics. Each card set includes enough ready-to-copy cards for your entire class to play.
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New! Engaging Youth Groups
Building Community. Developing Leaders. Achieving Greatness.
Karen Kettle (All Grades)
If you lead or are involved with a youth group of any kind, this book is a must have! When youth are engaged around a common purpose that holds personal meaning, great things happen. Standing together, youth can create a caring community, develop shared goals, work as a team to overcome challenges, and lead the charge to success. As leaders of youth, we can design activities and provide opportunities for young people to develop their potential. This book is your guide to building a powerful youth group—whether it is a student government, after-school club, sports team, or community organization. You'll find engaging activities to create group identity and ownership, build relationships, brainstorm ideas, and make cooperative decisions. Plus, you'll find ideas and activities to help your youth develop leadership skills and take an active role in uniting their school, team, organization, or community. Don't leave anything to chance. Engage and inspire your youth to make a positive difference. 368 pages. BKEYG • $34
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New! U.S. Geography
Engaging Cooperative Learning Activities
Stefanie McKoy (Grades 3–5)
Learning U.S. geography just got a whole lot more fun and interactive! Students play Quiz-Quiz-Trade to identify states on their partners' quiz cards. They "Find Someone Who" knows the capitals of the states in a region. They have a team "Showdown" to respond to map skills questions. The first section is a reference guide to the Kagan Structures used throughout the activities. Next come activities for students to reflect on the five themes of geography. Then there are tons of activities on states and capitals, conveniently organized by region. Next is a section full of activities for developing map reading skills, including elements of a map, cardinal directions, and latitude and longitude. You'll even find state report activities to deepen thinking about the state and cement important information. Make U.S. geography unforgettable with these cooperative and engaging activities. 304 pages. BMUSG • $29
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New! Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 2
Melissa Wincel (Grades PreK–2)
Primary teachers rejoice! You've asked for more Kagan Structures, just for your little ones. You've asked for more of Melissa's engaging, ready-to-use primary activities. We heard your call and answered with Book 2. This sequel to the instant success, Cooperative Learning for Primary, gives you even more ways to engage those little minds and bodies. Structures include: StandUp–HandUp–PairUp, Fan-N-Pick, Jot Thoughts, Showdown, and RallyCoach. Loaded with ideas and activities for each structure. Plus, in this second book, you'll find even more management tips for keeping your little ones on track and yearning to learn. 408 pages.
BWCLP2 • $34
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New!Win-Win Discipline 7 Poster Set
End discipline problems by teaching students how to handle themselves with grace. Win-Win Discipline identifies 7 student positions that lead to almost every disruptive classroom behavior. For example, when students are angry, they may display aggressive behavior. Each of the 7 posters features one student position and lists behavior Do's and Don'ts. Instead of bullying others when angry, students learn to count to 10 before they react. Each poster offers multiple positive options. This poster set is a great tool for preventing discipline problems and for working with students when discipline problems do arise. Foster in your students an understanding of where their irresponsible behavior springs from, and empower them with a repertoire of responsible alternates to create win-win solutions. PKWW • $14
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New! Primary TeamMats Class Set of 10
10 Number & Animal Mats
This class set is designed to help you manage your little ones as they work in teams. Ten double-sided mats are included, enough for every team in the class. Each team places a mat in the center of the team table or between them on the carpet. Pick which side you want to use with your students. One side is the Number Mat that has all the bells and whistles. With this side, each student has a unique number and a unique color so you can easily select one student on the team to start by number or color. Everyone is assigned an A or B so when they pair up, you can say, "Partner A, please share with Partner B." Students have either a square or circle around their number so squares can pair up with circles. The mat also indicates Shoulder Partners and Face Partners, making it easy for students to know who to pair up with. The Animal Mat is on the other side. Use this simplified mat with your youngest children. There's a cute dog or cat so you can have cats pair up with a dog next to them or across from them. Each student has a unique color so you can select students by color. The colors match the other side so students can keep their colors when they are ready to graduate to the Number Mat. One glance down at their mats and your little ones know exactly who needs to do what.
MTP • $14
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Kagan Sweatshirt
We know Kagan gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling. Now you can be literally warm and fuzzy in your Kagan fleece jacket. See size chart below for codes.
Pull Over • $39
Full Zip • $39

Size Pull Over Full Zip
Kagan eBooks

Many of Kagan's books and SmartCards are now available as digital downloads on Apple's iBooks Store! They're perfect for teachers going digital, wanting to work while they're on the go, and needing resources always at their fingertips. Download these products today on your iPhone®, iPad®, or Apple™ computer.

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