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The Magic of Mozart 4 CD Combo
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (All Grades)
Mozart was a musical genius! Use the magic of Mozart to awaken the genius within. The tracks on each CD are selected and arranged specifically for their tempo and composition to boost brainpower and promote peak performance. Match the right music to your task at hand and revel in the magic of Mozart. Receive all 4 Mozart CDs in this series at a special discount. Buy 3, receive the 4th free.
CMZCD • $45 Save $15!

CDs also sold seperately.

Mozart for Creativity
With wide variations in tempo and composition, these timeless Mozart classics inspire imagination, ingenuity, and inventiveness.
• Artistic expression
• Creative writing and poetry
• Projects
• Drawing and painting
• Brainstorming
LMZC • $15

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Mozart for Motivation
This compilation of sweet and upbeat Mozart gems will arouse the senses, energize the mind and body, and promote peak performance.
• Physical activity
• Inciting action
• Elevating mood
• Boosting alertness
• Instilling enthusiasm
LMZM • $15

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Mozart for Productivity
Skyrocket task completion with the help of lively and quick Amadeus jewels.
• Getting it done
• Staying on task
• Achieving results
• Working hard
• Finishing on time
LMZP • $15
Save on the Music Sampler Set!

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Mozart for Thinking
Calm and focus the mind. Promote deep and focused thinking using smooth and nondistracting Mozart masterpieces.
• Higher-level thinking
• Studying and memory
• Test-taking
• Reading and writing
• Independent work
LMZT • $15
Save on the Music Sampler Set!

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Music Sampler Set
Includes 6 of Kagan's most popular CDs from 3 different series:

1) Music for the Mind: Productive Flow
2) Music for the Mind: Reading & Writing
3) Mozart for Thinking

4) Mozart for Productivity
5) Brain Boosters: Mentally Alert
6) Brain Boosters: Focused Learning

Regular price $90. Combo price $72 • CMMS Save $18!

’50s Hits 3 CD Set

Spin the smash hits from the '50s by legendary artists including: Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis. You and your audience will love this compilation of your favorite tracks from the decade including: Tutti Frutti, Yakety Yak, Shake Rattle and Roll, and Hound Dog. All 3 CD set CFM • $35 Save $10!

CDs also sold separately.

Let's Boogie!
Hits Include:
• Tutti Frutti
• Good Golly Miss Molly
• Blue Suede Shoes
• At the Hop
LFLB • $15

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Rattle & Roll!
Hits Include:
• Yakety Yak
• Johhny B. Goode
• See You Later Alligator
• Keep A Knockin'
LFRR • $15

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Shake It Up!
Hits Include:
• Hound Dog
• I'm Walkin'
• Shake Rattle and Roll
• Rockin' Robin
LFSU • $15

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Energizing 60’s Music 3 CD Set
Shake it up baby! Play the most energizing top hits from the 60's to motivate any group. You'll find all your favorites including: The Twist, Louie Louie, Shakin' All Over, and Wooly Bully. All music is by the original artists. Kagan has compiled 33 of the best tunes from this era, guaranteed to raise your classroom or training roof! All 3 CD set.
CEM • $35 Save $10!

CDs also sold separately.

Movin' & Groovin'! Energizing Hits
LEMG • $15
Hits Include:
• Dance With Me
• Sugar & Spice
• Shakin' All Over
• Sugar Sugar

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Rockin' Out! Energizing Hits
LERO • $15
Hits Include:
• Rock Around the Clock
• Build Me Up Buttercup
• The Twist
• lt's ln His Kiss

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Twist & Shout! Energizing Hits
LETS • $15
Hits Include:
• Twist & Shout
• My Boyfriend's Back
• He's So Fine
• Little Darlin'

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Music with the Brain in Mind
Eric Jensen (All Grades)
From a primer on how the body hears music to music's impact on stress level, perceptual motor skills, memory, and emotional intelligence, you're in for a supersonic feast of facts and findings. Included are tips for choosing music and the various benefits of different music types. 132 pages. DJMBM • $28

Music 1 | 2 | 3