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Cooperative Learning and Music book coverCooperative Learning & Music
Marya Katz & Christi Brown (All Grades)
Bands play in perfect sync. Orchestras require everyone to play their part. Why then, when we teach students about music don't we take advantage of the power of cooperation? Maybe the reason is there just hasn't been a music teacher resource guide that provides the blueprint—until now, that is! In this massive, activity-rich resource guide, you will find cooperative structures and activities to teach the fundamentals for singing, playing instruments, and reading and notating music. There are tons of ready-made cards and blacklines such as Vocabulary Volley, Bass Clef Bonanza, and Interval Insanity to teach the concepts of music composition including melody, rhythm, harmony, form tone color, texture, and expression. All the activities take advantage of Kagan Structures to encourage active participation by every student to ensure everyone is learning about, talking about, and writing about music. Use this book as an entire music curriculum or pick and choose activities to enliven your music class. 396 pages.
BKBM • $34
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Match Mine Music book coverMatch Mine Music
Christi Brown & Marya Katz (All Grades)
Students learn music vocabulary and concepts with these cooperative games. To play, students sit on opposite sides of a barrier. In the game, "It's Instrumental," one partner places his instrument game pieces on the game board. Next, he must describe how he arranged his instruments on the game board so his partner can "match" the layout. For example, "Place the cello under the tuba, next to the saxophone." As students make a match, they get exposure to and practice with music vocabulary. Each game focuses on different music vocabulary and concepts. Book includes 30 games in all. 176 pages.
BMMMU • $19
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All six Brain Boosters CD covers
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Brain Boosters CDs
Gary Lamb (All Grades)
Brain Boosters music enters your students' ears, engages their brains, and relaxes their bodies. When you play this beautiful instrumental background music, you promote the state of flow in your classroom as your students read, write, study, work on projects, and solve problems. Brain Boosters music is composed at the ideal tempo so students pay attention and keep on track. Promote a harmonious class climate. Enhance your students' performance and productivity with this brain-friendly music that helps students enter a state of relaxed alertness.
Regular price $90. All 6 CD set CGBB • $69 Save $21!

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Focused Learning CD cover
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Focused Learning
LGFL • $15

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Keeping On Track CD cover
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Keeping on Track
LGKT • $15

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Mentally Alert CD cover
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Mentally Alert
LGMA • $15

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Inspired Thinking CD cover
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Inspired Thinking
LGIT • $15

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Lasting Concentration CD cover
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Lasting Concentration
LGLC • $15

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Boosting Attention CD cover
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Boosting Attention
LGBA • $15

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All six Music For The Mind CD covers
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Music For The Mind™ CDs
Gary Lamb (All Grades)
Compelling brain research concludes music has the power to reduce stress, enhance cognitive functioning, and improve productivity and creativity. The human brain is an amazing instrument that can be tuned to perform optimally with the right kind of music. Music for the Mind™ is a collection of beautifully-orchestrated compositions that resonate with listeners of all levels, enhancing mental performance. Ask Kagan about royalty free music rights for special projects and presentations. Regular price $90. All 6 CD set CGM • $69 Save $21!

Royalty free music rights available for special projects and presentations. Click Here for more info.

CDs also sold separately.

In The Zone CD cover

In The Zone
Ideal for…
• Peak Performance
• Enhancing Motivation
• Prolonging Concentration
• Artistic Expression
• Creativity
LGMZ • $15

Problem Solving CD cover

Problem Solving
Ideal for…
• Mathematics
• Science Labs
• Logical Thinking
• Computer Work and Labs
• Organizing
LGMS • $15

Productive Flow CD cover

Productive Flow
Ideal for…
• Completing Tasks
• Enhancing Productivity
• Reaching Goals
• Increasing Output
• Achieving Results
LGMF • $15
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Music Sampler Set!

Projects CD cover

Ideal for…
• Arts and Crafts
• Cooperative Projects
• Boosting Enthusiasm
• Drawing and Painting
• Increasing Creativity
LGMP • $15

Reading and Writing CD cover

Reading & Writing
Ideal for…
• Reading for Comprehension
• Creative Writing
• Silent Reading
• Journaling
• Poetry
LGMW • $15
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Music Sampler Set!

Relaxed Alertness CD cover

Relaxed Alertness
Ideal for…
• Improving Memory
• Increasing Focus
• Boosting Awareness
• Studying Smarter
• Test-taking
LGMR • $15
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Developing Character CD & Lyrics Packet
Clint Klose & Larry Wolfe
Teach character through music! Music touches our hearts and our souls. And now, you can use music to help your students develop positive character traits that will serve them for life. Your students will enjoy singing these whimsical lyrics set to well-known children's tunes. Students sing to learn about citizenship, compassion, cooperation, courage, friendship, honesty, perseverance, pride, respect, and wisdom. Each set includes a CD and a reproducible lyrics packet.

Developing Character CD coverPrimary
(Grades K–2)
35 Tracks, 36 minutes
LCP • $16

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Developing Character CD coverIntermediate
(Grades 3–6)

32 Tracks, 57 minutes
LCI • $16

♪ Click here to see Track Info

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