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Higher-Level Thinking

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Higher-Level Thinking book cover and spread of class manipulative setSave!
The Higher-Level Thinking
Book & Class Manipulative Set
The Q–Matrix
Chuck Wiederhold (All Grades)
Turn your classroom into a powerful think tank as students work in cooperative teams to easily generate and answer their own higher-level thinking questions. The book is a classic bestseller that guides you through a powerful process and set of materials to generate higher-level thinking on any topic. Students sharpen their thinking skills and dig deep into the content as they ask and answer higher-level thinking questions. Includes hundreds of activities for language arts, art, social studies, math, science, and literature; and ten detailed cooperative learning, higher-level thinking lesson plans across the curriculum, with blacklines. 284 pages.

With the Question Manipulatives, students have fun as they roll dice and spin spinners to generate higher-level thinking questions. Students burst forth with questions at all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. Includes enough colorful dice, spinners, chips, strips, quadrant cards, and Q-Matrices for nine teams.
BWCTM • $49

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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ThinkTrix book coverThinkTrix
Tools to Teach 7 Essential Thinking Skills
Dr. Frank T. Lyman, Jr. (All Grades)
ThinkTrix empowers your students to be better thinkers and broader thinkers. ThinkTrix develops better thinkers through metacognition—thinking about their own thinking. Students learn exactly what their minds need to do for the seven core types of thinking. They are better prepared to respond correctly to test questions, write clearly, and to be more effective students in general. While metacognition may sound complicated, this book makes the process super simple for you and your students. More concise thinking is sufficient rationale for using ThinkTrix with your students. But there's another big benefit—ThinkTrix allows you and your students to think more deeply about any topic. You and your students will apply the seven types of thinking to a variety of curricula, and expand everyone's knowledge, comprehension, and creativity about the subject matter. ThinkTrix—better, broader, deeper thinking! 216 pages. BLTT • $29
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ThinkTrix SmartCard coverThinkTrix SmartCard
ThinkTrix is a simple strategy to create powerful thinking questions that enhance students' thinking about any subject. Use the "Thinking Matrix" to develop questions, worksheets, and tests that promote seven fundamental types of thinking: Recall, Cause/Effect, Similarity, Difference, Idea to Example, Example to Idea, and Evaluation. Students can also use ThinkTrix to come up with their own higher-level thinking questions to ask teammates and classmates. Teach your students the seven fundamental types of thinking with definitions, question starters, and curriculum examples. Help your students know how their minds should work to answer questions, and promote metacognitive thinking. ThinkTrix is a wonderfully simple way for you and your students to step your classroom questions up a notch. With ThinkTrix, your students will think more critically and creatively about the subject matter than you ever imagined. TTT • $4
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Question Spinners imageSave!Question Spinners Combo
Each team receives their own colorful Question Spinners. A teammate gives the spinners a whirl and randomly generates one of 36 possible question starters across the levels of thinking—"What Is?," "How Might?," "What Would?," and "Why Can?" Use the Question Spinners before a lesson to have students generate questions about what they want to learn, during a lesson to create thinking about the content, and after the lesson for reflection on what was learned. Students are so absorbed asking and answering their own questions that you are free to circulate from team to team for authentic assessment. Spanish version also available. Includes class set of eight spinners and storage pack.
Regular price $24. Combo price $16 • CQS Save $8! (Spanish C2QS • $16)

Higher-Level Thinking Spinner combo products displayed

Higher-Level Thinking Spinner Combo
Higher-Level Thinking Spinner Combo Includes:
1) Cooperative Learning & Higher-Level Thinking: The Q-Matrix Book and Question Manipulatives
2) Question Spinners Class Set of Eight FREE!
Regular price $74. Combo price $53 • CCHLT2 Save $21

Higher-Level Thinking Dice Combo products display

Higher-Level Thinking Dice Combo
1) Cooperative Learning & Higher-Level Thinking: The Q-Matrix Book and Question Manipulatives
2) Eight Pairs of Question Dice Learning Cubes
Regular price $89. Combo price $69 • CCHLD2 Save $20

Question Dice imageSave!
Question Dice Class Set
When it's time for creating thinking questions about the learning topic, teams pull out their Question Dice. They roll this pair of quiet, foam dice. Each new roll yields a new question starter: "What Might?", "Why Is?", "Who Can?". You will be amazed how terrific students' questions are, how much thought they put into the questions, and their answers using this simple thinking tool. Class set includes eight pairs of dice.
Regular price $40. Combo price $29 • CMLQ Save $11!
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Single pair of Question Dice MLQ • $5

Thinking Cube imageSave!
Thinking Cube Class Set
Create activities and questions that develop a wide spectrum of thinking skills. Each side of the cube features one level of thinking from Bloom's Taxonomy, plus related thinking keywords to prompt activity ideas that develop that level of thinking. Give the cube a roll to randomly create a thinking question or activity. A great reminder teacher tool to develop a full range of thinking skills. Squishable foam cubes are 3 inches and quiet to roll. Set of 8 cubes CMLTH • $16 Save $8!
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Single Thinking Cube MLTH • $3

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Logic Line-Ups book coverLogic Line-Ups
Miguel Kagan (All Grades)
Develop your students' thinking skills with hands-on cooperative logic activities. You copy the provided picture cards and clues for your students. They work in teams to figure out how to use the clues to line up their cards in the correct order. Build your students' deductive thinking skills, spatial reasoning, spatial vocabulary, and teamwork skills with these 72 ready-to-use, logic activities. You'll find problems, answers, and reproducible line-up cards for 12 popular themes: barnyard, bugs, dinosaurs, fantasy, holidays, nutrition, occupations, outer space, pets, seasons, shapes, and under the sea. Includes full-page, reproducible cards for whole-class activities and quarter-page cards for the team, pair, and independent activities described. Learning how to think has never been so much fun. 88 pages.
BKLL • $19
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