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Multiple Intelligences

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Multiple Intelligences book coverMultiple Intelligences
The Complete MI Book

Dr. Spencer Kagan & Miguel Kagan (All Grades)
If you're looking for one book on multiple intelligences—this is it! This book is the single most comprehensive MI book available. This resource is your blueprint for matching, stretching, and celebrating your students' multiple intelligences. Move beyond theory and make MI come alive in your classroom—this book will show you how! You will promote academic success for all your students by using fun and easy MI strategies that match how all students learn best. Stretch your students' multiple intelligences. Help students build on their strengths to become smarter in many ways. Create a supportive learning environment in which students are appreciated for their multiple intelligences and celebrated for their uniqueness among classmates. Features over 160 MI strategies you won't find in any other MI book. You will use these easy-to-master MI strategies to make any lesson accessible to all intelligences while developing and celebrating the unique pattern of intelligences of each student! This is the ultimate resource for translating enthusiasm about the multiple intelligences theory into successful everyday classroom practice! 720 pages.
BKMI • $44
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“The single most comprehensive MI book available for teachers,
teacher educators, staff developers, and administrators!”

Educators Say...

“It is the most teacher-friendly MI book I’ve ever seen!”
— Christa Chapman, Principal

“It will be an invaluable resource. It will empower me to even greater success. Clear and extremely user-friendly.”
— Lori Chandler, 11th & 12th grade teacher

Multiple Intelligences Structures for Success SmartCard cover

Kagan Multiple Intelligences
Structures for Success SmartCard

Here they are! Kagan's best structures for developing your students' multiple intelligences are on this tri-fold SmartCard. You'll find strategies that develop all eight intelligences. There are 30 structures in all, each illustrated with a brief description of the structure. These structures correspond to the structures taught in the world-famous Kagan 5-Day MI Institute. A terrific, quick reference card for simple, yet powerful, teaching tools to stimulate and develop your students' many ways of being smart. Includes a dot-chart to see at a glance which structures to use to develop each intelligence. TSM • $4
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Three Multiple Intelligences SmartCards displayed

Multiple Intelligences Teacher’s Combo
Save when you purchase your MI materials together as a Combo. Combo includes:
1) Multiple Intelligences: The Complete MI Book
2) Multiple Intelligences CD
3) Multiple Intelligences SmartCard.
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Multiple Intelligences SmartCard coverMultiple Intelligences SmartCard
This colorful 17" x 11" SmartCard is a terrific, quick reference for multiple intelligences. It describes MI theory in a nutshell, the eight intelligences (including the naturalist intelligence) in plain, easy-to-understand language, and provides a long list of activities for you to do with your students to develop each of the eight intelligences. A great teacher reference to turn to time and time again. TMI • $4
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Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom book coverMultiple Intelligences in the Classroom
Thomas Armstrong (All Grades)
This new edition updates you on multiple intelligences theory and its many applications to schools and classrooms. Included with the author's proven strategies are two new chapters on how to address common criticisms of the MI model and the success of international applications of MI theory. Plus, updates throughout the book keep you on top of new MI resources, tools, and materials. 256 pages. DAMIC3V • $26

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