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Kagan Cooperative Learning

Kagan Cooperative Learning FAQs

Click here to read questions and answers about the Kagan’s approach to Cooperative Learning. The entire chapter on Frequent Questions is available online.

Contact Questions

Who do I contact regarding product or ordering questions?

Please contact:

Kagan’s Customer Service Team
Toll Free: 800.933.2667
Fax: 949.545.6301

Who do I contact regarding workshop or registration questions?

Please contact:

Kagan’s Registration Team
Toll Free: 800.266.7576
Fax: 949.545.6334

Kagan Office Hours: You can reach a Kagan representative 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Thursday and 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Fridays (Pacific Time). You can also leave us a voice mail before or after these hours.

Product Questions

Where can I learn about Kagan software and digital products?

Click here to visit our Digital Product Support page.

What do I do if I am having issues with Kagan software?

Kagan has a software technical support document that addresses the most frequent questions and common software issues. Visit the Technical Support document first. If you are still having issues, contact Kagan’s Customer Service.

How can I learn more about a Kagan product?

Kagan offers extensive product information in Kagan’s Online Catalog including table of contents, sample pages, music samples, video clips, and product reviews. If you have additional questions about a Kagan product, please contact Kagan’s Customer Service department.

What books or products do you recommend for getting started with Kagan?

Kagan’s most comprehensive and popular book is Kagan Cooperative Learning. It is the #1 source for Kagan theory, method, and Kagan Structures. The Teambuilding and Classbuilding books are terrific resources for establishing a cooperative and caring classroom environment conducive to active engagement and teamwork. Our #1 timer is the MegaTimer. Other best-selling Kagan products are featured in the Hot List section of the catalog.

What are SmartCards?

SmartCards are colorful, glossy, quick reference cards. SmartCards are filled with ideas, tips, activities, strategies, theory and rationale on educational best practices. There are a few different lines of SmartCards. The Structure SmartCards summarize favorite Kagan Structures and are ideal for lesson planning. The Win-Win Discipline line complement Kagan’s best-selling discipline program Win-Win Discipline. The Classroom Management series covers effective classroom routines and procedures.

How long are the games in Silly Sports & Goofy Games?

With over 200 sports, games, activities, and energizers, they vary greatly. Many are quick brain breaks you can use in the classroom while others are cooperative adaptations of outdoor sports.

What is Win-Win Discipline?

Win-Win Discipline is Kagan’s discipline program, recognized as one of the nation's leading discipline programs. Win-Win Discipline complements Kagan’s engaging approach to classroom instruction, but is also adopted by traditional teachers and schools as an effective solution to classroom discipline. Win-Win Discipline features very specific, step-by-step discipline strategies for preventing discipline problems, and dealing with every type of disruption immediately and longterm. With the Win-Win Discipline strategies, both the teacher and the disruptive student win.

Which Kagan books address the challenges of block scheduling?

The challenge of block scheduling is maintaining students' interest and focus for a long block of time. Because Kagan Structures engage students and promote student interaction, we create enthusiasm for learning and thus keep students' attention for much longer than when they are passive recipients of information and/or work alone. Most Kagan books have Kagan Structures and are ideal for block scheduling. Additionally, Kagan offers many boredom busting books that include teambuilders, classbuilders, and energizers great for breaking up the long block. Top books include: Silly Sports & Goofy Games, Teambuilding, Classbuilding, and What's This Got to Do with Anything?

What book has the MI test in it?

Multiple Intelligences, The Complete MI Book has MI Tests and addresses testing issues. This book is Kagan’s most popular and comprehensive book on multiple intelligences.

How do you use music in the classroom?

Kagan offers two basic types of music. First, Kagan offers music to help students learn specific curriculum. Curriculum songs appeal to musical/rhythmic students, are an enjoyable way to present information, and make learning stick.

Second, Kagan offers functional-tempo background music. The tempo and structure of the music played while students learn and interact in the classroom has a profound impact on students' minds and bodies. Music at 60 beats per minute such as the Music for the Mind series and the Brain Boosters series helps calm and focus students. CDs in the Magic of Mozart series match tempo and composition to promote creativity, thinking, motivation, and productivity. Energizing Hits elevate mood and are great to energize learners.

Do you have books and products for middle school and high school?

Yes. Throughout the online catalog you will find many books specifically for secondary students, such as Cooperative Learning & Algebra or Cooperative Learning & High School Science. Each book states the appropriate grade level(s).

Ordering Questions

How can I get an order form to place an order by mail or fax?

Click Here to download a PDF Kagan order form. You may mail it or fax it to Kagan using the contact info on the order form.

How do I get a copy of my invoice for my online order?

After placing your order online, you may print your order as it appears in the shopping cart. An invoice will be included with your shipment. For an additional copy, you may contact Kagan’s Customer Service department.

Can I call in a Purchase Order?

Kagan must receive a hardcopy of an authorized PO. You may fax your PO to 949.545.6301 or mail it to:

Kagan Publishing
981 Calle Amanecer
San Clemente, CA 92673

Or you may email your order to

Can I get a price quote on an order I'd like to place?

Yes. You may add the items you'd like to your online shopping cart and the shopping cart will total the items for you. You may also contact Kagan’s Customer Service department and we can quickly fax or e-mail you a proforma invoice.

Can I/How do I return or exchange an item?

Kagan resources are designed to help you boost student engagement. We're so confident that you'll love your investment in Kagan resources, we offer a 100% risk-free guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with any resource for any reason, simply schedule a return within 90 days for a full refund or exchange—we'll even pay the return shipping and handling fees.

To Return an Item

• Contact Kagan Customer Service for Return Authorization at 800.933.2667, or

• Shipping discrepancies and damages must be reported within 30 days of delivery.

• No returns on digital downloads or eBooks.

• Resellers, please refer to the Dealer & Vendor policy.

I lost or forgot my Kagan Club username or password. How can I login?

If you are an active Kagan Club member, please contact Kagan’s Customer Service department and Kagan will help you login quickly.

Where can I purchase Kagan products locally?

Please contact Kagan’s Customer Service department for local authorized Kagan dealer(s).

How can I check the status of my order?

When your order is shipped, Kagan will e-mail you a tracking number so you may track your package online. For economy shipping, please allow 2–3 weeks for delivery. During Kagan’s busy summer season, shipping may be slightly delayed. If your order is delayed, please contact Kagan’s Customer Service department and we will be happy to track your package for you.

How can I obtain a Sole Source letter or a W-9 form?

You may download Kagan’s standard W-9 form here. If you have more specific needs, please contact Kagan’s Customer Service department.

Workshop Questions

How can I bring a Kagan workshop to my school or district?

Please contact Kagan’s Partnership Team to inquire about staff development. Kagan offers dynamic Kagan workshops for your staff, classroom coaching, lesson planning, and we partner with schools and districts to establish long-term school improvement plans.

Kagan’s Partnership Team
Call: 800.451.8495
Submit Online Inquiry

Who do I contact to inquire about bringing Kagan to my school or district?

Please contact:

Kagan’s Partnership Team
Call: 800.451.8495
Submit Online Inquiry

Is Kagan offering a workshop near me?

Kagan offers hundreds of workshops each year throughout the U.S. and abroad. Please check Kagan’s Schedule of Events to see upcoming workshops.

How can I register for a workshop or find more information?

Workshops with open enrollment are described in detail online. To register online, click the Click to Register button. You may also contact Kagan’s Registration department to register or for information regarding any Kagan workshop.

Can I switch from one workshop to another?

Please contact Kagan’s Registration department. Please have the number of the workshop (or site and date) you are currently enrolled in as well as the number of the workshop you would like to switch to. Kagan will try to accommodate your request. Additional workshop fees may apply.

How can we substitute teacher(s) for a workshop?

Please contact Kagan’s Registration department. Please have the number of the workshop (or site and date) ready as well as the names of the registrants and names of the substitutes.

How do I get a copy of an invoice?

You will receive an invoice in the mail shortly after registering. If you would like to have an invoice e-mailed to you, please contact Kagan’s Registration department.

What do I do if I need to cancel my registration?

All cancellations must be submitted in writing to Kagan’s Registration department at least 24 hours before the start time of the workshop for a full refund, less a $25 processing fee. No-shows receive no refund. In the unlikely event a workshop is cancelled, registrants will be reimbursed for workshop registration only.

How can I get advice or information about theory, methods, or structures I am implementing in my classroom?

Kagan offers an online Discussion Board. Kagan trainers, staff, and practitioners worldwide contribute to the board. We encourage you to post your questions online.

Can we videotape the workshop for future professional development or other uses?

Kagan does not allow audiotaping or videotaping of workshops. The power of Kagan’s workshops require teachers to experience first-hand effective use of Kagan Structures. Listening to a tape or watching a video on the workshop dilutes the impact of the training and subsequent implementation. Recording is prohibited unless special copyright permission is granted by Kagan.

How can I get credit for attending a Kagan workshop?
How can I get a copy of my transcript?
Who can I contact for questions about credit?

Graduate-level units for Kagan workshops are available through Fresno Pacific University.

• 1 Unit – available for 1 or 2 day workshops $100
• 2 Units – available for 3 or 4 day workshops $200
• 3 Units – available for 5 day workshops $300

Click here to register for credit with FPU after registering for the workshop with Kagan.

Please contact Fresno Pacific University (800.372.5505) directly for any questions about receiving credit for Kagan workshops and for your transcript.

When can I book my trip for a Kagan workshop?

Kagan recommends that you do not purchase non-refundable airline tickets until you receive a confirmation letter from Kagan. Please contact Kagan’s Registration department for the most up to date event status.

How can I contact a trainer about a question I have?

Please post your question to the Implementation & Theory forum of Kagan’s Discussion Board. Your question will be answered by a Kagan Trainer or directed to your trainer if necessary.

Can I attend the same workshop again at a discount?

With permission from Kagan’s Registration department, you may be eligible to take the same workshop again at a discounted price.

Can you recommend a hotel to stay at near your workshop?

Kagan recommends the host hotels for our Summer Academy and Winter Academies. However, Kagan cannot recommend or endorse any other hotels for any other events. There are many online tools available to assist you in your search for lodging.

Who can I speak with about special assistance I need to attend your workshop?

Please contact Kagan’s Registration department and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can I exchange or return workshop materials?

Workshop materials are included in your workshop fee. They may not be exchanged or returned at or after the workshop. However, any materials you purchase at a Kagan workshop may be exchanged or returned. See Kagan’s Return Policy.

Can I substitute item(s) in the workshop Special Discount Package?

Bonus materials are purchased as a single item at a special discount price. You may not substitute or return item(s) within your package. However, you may exchange or return your entire Discount Package. See Kagan’s Return Policy.

I've never attended a Kagan workshop, where should I start?
Can someone assist me selecting the next best workshop?

Kagan recommends you start with a 1-Day or 2-Day Cooperative Learning. In this workshop you will be introduced to Kagan theory, method, and most importantly, experience first-hand the power and simplicity of Kagan Structures. After an introductory workshop, Kagan recommends a 5-Day Institute on the same topic at Kagan’s Summer or Winter Academy. After further practice and success with Kagan, we suggest other popular workshops in your subject area or area of interest to learn more structures and increase your expertise with using engaging instructional strategies. If you would like additional assistance in workshop selection, please contact Kagan’s Registration department.

How can I obtain a certificate of completion for the workshop I attended?

Certificates of completion are sent approximately 1-2 weeks following the workshop. If you did not receive your certificate or misplaced it, click here to request a PDF copy.

How can I obtain the agenda for a workshop I attended?

Click here to visit the Kagan Workshop Agendas page. On that page, you may download a PDF of the agenda for your workshop day(s).

Research Questions

Is Kagan Cooperative Learning research-based?

Yes. Cooperative learning is perhaps the most extensively researched educational innovation of all time. Empirical research studies have found cooperative learning can have significant positive impact on academic achievement, race relations, social skill development, self-esteem, thinking skills, and more.

Where can I find the research on cooperative learning and Kagan?

Chapter 3 of Kagan Cooperative Learning summarizes experimental research on cooperative learning, research on Kagan Structures, and case studies of schools and districts succeeding with Kagan. Numerous books and studies are also provided in the Reference section of the book.

Many research and rationale articles supporting the use of Kagan are available in the Research section of Kagan’s Web site.

For the original studies, we recommend the scientific journals in which the articles were published. Please check with a local university library to search and access journals.