Header Graphic: Kagan Summer Academies 2023 Header Graphic: Kagan Summer Academies 2023

Kagan Summer Academy 2023

It's All About Engagement!

July 10-21 at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida

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We’re back! Kagan’s 37th Annual Summer Academy is back in-person at the Hilton in the magical WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The Summer Academy is Kagan’s biggest and best training of the year! Over the course of two weeks in July, we’re offering a wide array of trainings to choose from including: Kagan’s signature training, Kagan Cooperative Learning; more great 5-day institutes; hot 1, 2, and 3-day workshops; trainer and administrator trainings; and subject-specific workshops.

In addition to this main Academy, Kagan is offering Regional Summer Trainings in 8 cities across the USA. If you can’t attend in person, there’s even a Live Online training option you can attend remotely.

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Come see why educators have been trekking across the country and around the world to participate in Kagan’s Summer Academy for the past 36 years. Come experience the Kagan Structures. Come experience the Kagan magic. Come experience the Kagan approach to full student engagement!

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Summer Academy • July 11–22, 2023

Kagan Summer Academy 2023 Kagan Summer Academy 2023

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