Kagan International Franchise Opportunities

Kagan International Franchise Opportunities

Based on the popularity of Kagan’s professional development, Kagan has partnered with multiple international educational training organizations to bring Kagan’s engaging trainings across the globe. Click here to view Kagan’s International Franchises and the countries covered by existing franchises.

Are you interested in becoming a Kagan Franchise? Kagan is looking to partner with professional development organizations in additional territories across the globe. We seek organizations that demonstrate integrity, dedication, talent, and experience. Additionally, it’s essential that your organization shares our passion for full student engagement. By becoming a Kagan Franchise, you will have exclusive rights to train Kagan in your territory.

We invite you to initiate the franchise conversation by submitting a franchise application. To submit an application, please compile the items listed below, and email the electronic files to Kagan’s International Facilitator, JoAnna Markland at joanna@kaganonline.com

Application Components:

  • Attend a Kagan Training: As a first step, a senior leader or representative(s) of your company must have attended at least one Kagan Training through Kagan Corporate or one of our franchises. Please submit copies of the Certificate of Completion from the event(s).
  • Cover Letter: In your cover letter, please include a description of your organization, as well as your organization’s mission statement or philosophy. Additionally, please explain why you are interested in becoming a Kagan Franchise, and how your company is equipped to succeed in this capacity. 
  • Business Portfolio: Please compile a portfolio containing the following details:
    • Website and overview of your core business
    • The Territory (country or countries) you currently service
    • The number of trainers employed by your organization in a full-time or associate capacity
    • The number of trainings conducted by your company annually
    • The number of schools and/or teachers serviced by your company annually
    • Other professional services offered such as publishing, coaching, conferences
    • Financial statements for the last three years

Our International Facilitator will ensure that this information remains confidential, and is shared only with our Executive Directors for their review and consideration.

We look forward to receiving your application and discussing this exciting franchise opportunity with you!

International Workshops

Kagan's International Franchises

• Australia
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Chile
• Korea
• The Netherlands

• New Zealand
• Saudi Arabia
• Singapore
• South Africa
• Spain
• United Kingdom