Participants Say

In my thirteen years of attending workshops and training, this has been the ONLY information I have received that I feel I will use until I retire.

— Emma Slyow, 3rd Grade teacher

This workshop is one of the best if not the best I have been a participant of in over 20 years of teaching. I can't wait for more!

— Paul Pearson, 9th-12th grade teacher

Kagan training has changed my entire approach to teaching in the past 2 years and I love my job so much more—and my kids are learning so much more! My district-wide test scores are up, and I was elected Teacher of the Year for my school—and it's all because of my Kagan instruction! THANKS!!

— Beth Brannon, 4th grade teacher

I can see students' self-esteem and achievement improving. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

— Judy Taylor, PreK-5 guidance counselor

(Because of Kagan Cooperative Learning,) I have finally figured out a way to get my retained and low kids motivated and actively involved with no prep time or extra materials. It's all so easy.

— Michelle P. Suarez, 5th grade teacher

I have never been to a workshop where I could take home so many useful and practical ideas.

— Jackie Gjermundson, 2nd grade teacher

I was impressed by the workshop. After having taught for 23 years it has inspired me to change my style of teaching. I feel refreshed by this new technique and am excited about using these activities in class.

— Larell, 10th-12th grade Spanish/French teacher

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I received excellent ideas for my classroom. I plan to continue Cooperative Learning for the rest of my teaching career. All schools need to implement these strategies.

— Dara Jarvi, 3rd grade teacher

This program is amazing because it is so effective and so logical.

— Rachelle Soper, 1st-2nd grade teacher

Very Powerful. I think universities should require this in their teacher training because the average teacher isn't getting this incredible information.

— Gabriella Bruxelle, K-7 Learning Support/Early Literacy

I've experienced new strategies that I can bring back and use easily. My students love the opportunity to talk and work together. I did an informal written inventory and one question was, 'What do you like best about this classroom?' EVERY CHILD wrote a comment about working in teams, talking, and figuring things out with others.

— Brigid E. Schultz, 4th grade teacher

I can't wait to work with my kids on Monday! I want to learn more, please! This was well worth my time. If you are teaching, you should be doing this.

— Mamie Davie, 1st grade teacher

I have a new love and life for teaching. This has given me a new perspective on education that goes beyond textbooks and worksheets.

— Amy Lawler, 3rd grade teacher

This info doesn't come with long, drawn out techniques you must spend huge amounts of time preparing. It is easily transferred to the classroom in part or in whole.

— Jackie Pope, 5th-8th grade special education teacher

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Excellent! I leave here with ideas and materials I can put to use immediately. I have not attended any seminar that has been as worthwhile. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

— Sara N. Lyna, 7th grade mathematics teacher

Most productive and easy to implement training I've ever received.

— Janice Vaughn, K-5 gifted teacher

This is the best training that I ever had. It will help me so much in my classroom.

— Phylllis Young, 1st grade teacher

I've never had more fun teaching than I do now that I am using Kagan Cooperative Learning. I can't believe there are people who don't use this!

— Heather, 4th-6th grade Music teacher

I have been to a variety of workshops and conferences in my sixteen years of teaching, and I can honestly say that this is the most well organized, informative, and enjoyable conference I have ever attended.

— Victoria D. Lynn, Kindergarten teacher

From the lowest learner to the highest, all students will achieve far more with Cooperative Learning than in a traditional classroom.

— Candace Sheffield, 3rd grade teacher

I wish every school principal and teacher at every grade level could attend. Our education woes would begin to resolve themselves overnight.

— Matthew Michel, 8th grade Language Arts teacher

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