Kagan 2016-2017 USA Tour

Engaging Workshops

  • Cooperative Learning
  • Win-Win Discipline
  • Higher-Level Thinking Skills
  • Brain-Friendly Teaching
  • Accelerating Achievement
  • Multiple Intelligences

It's All About Engagement!

Strategies for the Common Core

Join Kagan Professional Development for a 1-Day or 2-Day workshop at a USA Tour site near you. Engage all your students with Cooperative Learning. Align your teaching with how students' brains learn with Brain-Friendly Teaching. Create winning solutions to discipline problems with Win-Win Discipline. Boost test scores with Accelerating Achievement. Develop students' thinking skills with Higher-Level Thinking Skills. Engage and develop all intelligences with Multiple Intelligences. Regardless of the workshop you choose, you are guaranteed to learn Kagan's signature structures to skyrocket engagement and learning. Join Kagan at a site near you!

Your Dynamic Presenters
Kagan's USA Tour workshops are presented by Nationally Certified Kagan Trainers. At Kagan, we are dedicated to providing you the best training possible, and are selective of the trainers we invite to join our team. All Nationally Certified Kagan Trainers go through a highly effective training process and only top-notch trainers present workshops for the Kagan USA Tour. When you register for a Kagan workshop, you are assured the highest quality and most engaging professional development available!

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1-Day Woskhops
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All Workshops Include FREE Course Materials
Fresno Mar. 9, 2017 Cooperative Learning $219 #23242  
San Diego
San Diego
Mar. 8, 2017
Mar. 9, 2017
Brain-Friendly Teaching
Cooperative Learning
Fort Collins Mar. 4, 2017 Cooperative Learning $219 #22492  
Okeechobee Mar. 20, 2017 Higher-Level Thinking Skills $219 #22908  
Topeka Mar. 4, 2017 Higher-Level Thinking Skills $219 #23495  
Mar. 22, 2017
Mar. 23, 2017
Cooperative Learning
Brain-Friendly Teaching
Houma Mar. 23, 2017 Win-Win Discipline $229 #22783  
Highland Mar. 18, 2017 Higher-Level Thinking Skills $219 #22882 California
Mar. 13, 2017
Mar. 14, 2017
Accelerating Achievement
Higher-Level Thinking Skills
New York
Lancaster* Mar. 1-2, 2017 Brain-Friendly Teaching 2-Day $349 #22935  
Syracuse* May 11–12, 2017 Brain-Friendly Teaching 2-Day $349 #23067  
Odessa Mar. 25, 2017 Accelerating Achievement $219 #22505  
Cheyenne Mar. 18, 2017 Win-Win Discipline $219 #22533

Save on two or more USA Tour workshops in the same city!

• Two workshops SAVE $50!
• Three workshops SAVE $70!

*Day 2 Option: Participants who have already attended Dr. Kagan's Brain-Friendly Teaching
Day 1 Workshop may attend the second day of this 2-day workshop for only $199.
Prices are subject to change.

Letter to Convince Administrator
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