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Associate Trainer Application Process

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Join Kagan’s team of Associate Trainers to train Kagan workshops across the U.S.!

Associate Trainers …

  • Are mostly active educators including teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators
  • Train for Kagan primarily during the summer months (and other dates when available)
  • Must be available for at least 10 days of training per year
  • Receive intensive training
  • Get paid to travel the country to train Kagan
  • Are occasionally selected to join the full-time Kagan Training Team

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an Associate Trainer, read on!

Kagan Trainer Certification Program

Step 1: Meet the Pre-requisites

To apply to become an Associate Trainer, you must have completed a Kagan Cooperative Learning 4 or 5-day training by Kagan within the past 3 years. The Cooperative Learning School Trainer workshop is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Step 2: Apply Online

  •  Complete Application. Complete the application online. Click here to access the application.
  • Email Letters of Recommendation. After you have submitted your online application, email two letters of recommendation to Christi Brown, Director of Associate Trainer Programs.
    You will be notified via email regarding your application.

Step 3: Submit Videos

If approved to move forward, you will be asked to submit two videos, each approximately 20–30 minutes. You will be provided tips for creating the videos and instructions how to submit the video electronically.

  • Video 1: Teaching Teachers. The video will display your ability to train teachers. You may train either a module from the School Trainer workshop or content from the Kagan Cooperative Learning workshop to at least 12 teachers.
  • Video 2: Teaching Students. The video will display your skill in using Kagan Structures with students. Train one or more Kagan Structures with a class or group of students.

Step 4: Online Interview (Zoom)

If approved to move forward, you will be interviewed via Zoom by the Director of Associate Trainer Programs. You will learn more about being an Associate Trainer and will be asked about things like:

  • Your availability to train (school schedule, summer break)
  • Your ability to travel (flying, driving, being away from home)
  • Favorite Kagan Structure and why
  • Success story with Kagan Structures in your class or school

Step 4: Preparation Classes (Zoom)

If approved to move forward, you will be contacted by the Director of Associate Trainer Programs to schedule two separate evening classes via Zoom. Each class will be 3 hours long and will cover lesson plan awareness and how to prepare for the Trainer Certification Workshop.

Step 5: Trainer Certification Workshop (In-Person)

The Trainer Certification Workshop is by invitation only. The workshop is an intensive 4-day workshop to prepare you to train Kagan workshops at a very high level. You will practice training and get immediate feedback and support. You will also learn how to handle all the details that come with training including policies and procedures, workshop setup, A/V setup, registration, shipping. If you meet Kagan’s high standards, you will leave the workshop as a Certified Kagan Associate Trainer and will be ready for your first trainings.

Important Note: You are required to bring a computer compatible for Kagan trainings, which usually means investing in a new tablet for training.

Follow-up and Support

As an Associate Trainer, you will join a cadre of top-notch educators and receive on-going follow-up, support, and updates. As a first year Associate Trainer, you will receive extra attention and support, including:

  • Zoom session or phone call to get you ready for your first workshop.
  • Ongoing debriefs with the Director of Associate Trainer Programs.
  • Review your evaluations to ensure all is going well.
  • Review your feedback for your workshops.
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If you have any questions about the Kagan Trainer Certification Program, please email Christi Brown, the Director of Associate Trainer Programs.