Associate Kagan Trainer Certification

Fill out and submit the Online Application below to apply to become a Kagan Associate Kagan.

Please do not continue with the application if you have not completed the weeklong Kagan Cooperative Learning workshop.

Online Application


Please list all Kagan workshops you have attended. Include title of course and dates of attendance and instructor.

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Have you been a Kagan cooperative learning trainer for your school?
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If yes, list the five most recent school courses or SAM Clubs you have taught and their dates.

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Letters of Recommendation

After you have submitted your online application, email two letters of recommendation to Christi Brown, Director of Associate Trainer Programs. You will be notified via email after your application and letters of recommendation have been reviewed.


Photo of Christi Brown

If you have any questions about this application or the Kagan Trainer Certification Program, please email Christi Brown, Director of the Associate Trainer Programs.