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August 2019

Get on the Same Page! Get your entire staff on the same page with Kagan's MiniBook.
  • Easy read for school book study
  • Great for professional learning communities
  • Ideal for staff-wide Kagan emphasis

Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures MiniBook
Dr. Spencer Kagan (All Grades)
The Big Picture in a MiniBook! Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures have revolutionized the way tens of thousands of teachers teach. Students achieve remarkable academic gains and acquire a range of social skills. Discipline problems disappear. And teaching and learning are fun! Too good to be true? No. The data is in! This MiniBook reveals the secret to success. With no change in your curriculum, and with no special materials, you will transform your class and your career. It's easy! Read this MiniBook and join the instructional revolution. 88 pages. 5" x 7" MiniBook.

For Kagan’s August 2019 Special of the Month get Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures MiniBook for only
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$14 each for fewer than 15 copies.

Small Book, BIG Ideas!

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  • The MiniBook version of the worldwide best seller, Kagan Cooperative Learning!
  • Transform every lesson with 5 powerful Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures!
  • Discover seven key concepts that ensure success.
  • Review research studies that demonstrate increased achievement, enhanced social skills, and radically reduced discipline problems.

Offer expires 8/31/19. *Plus shipping.

Click for more info Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures for Engagement SmartCard
Included in this SmartCard are 28 of Kagan's very best cooperative learning structures. These simple, yet powerful structures always work because the basic principles are built in! The structures are easy to learn, easy to use, fun and engaging. Students love them. Achievement increases. Let them work for you. TSC • $4