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March 2023

Teach Smarter with SmartCards!

For Kagan’s March 2023 Special of the Month, get the SmartCard Teacher Toolbox for ONLY $66! Individually $132. Special Price $66. Save $66! Code: CSPEC231

SmartCard Teacher Toolbox

The SmartCard Teacher Toolbox includes all 33 SmartCards listed, packaged in a handy storage toolbox. SmartCards are colorful, glossy, quick reference cards for teachers. SmartCards fold out to 11" x 17" and are loaded with ideas and activities to help you teach smarter. For this month only, get all 33 SmartCards at a huge discount! Click here for full SmartCard descriptions

33 SmartCards Only $66

• Brain-Based Learning
• Character Education
• Classbuilding
• Communication Boosters
• Cooperative Learning
• Differentiated Instruction
• Emotional Intelligence
• Memory & Mnemonics
• Graphic Organizers
• Informational Texts
• Memory Systems

• Mind Mapping
• Multiple Intelligences
• RTI Response to Intervention
• Second Language Learning
• Silly Sports & Goofy Games
• Teambuilding
• Thinking Questions
• Think-Pair-Share
• ThinkTrix

Classroom Management SmartCards

• Class Meetings
• Classroom Procedures
• Classroom Signals
• Cooperative Learning

• Cooperative Roles
• Daily Routines
• Student Jobs

Kagan Win-Win Discipline Cards

• The Building Blocks of Win-Win Discipline
• Structures for the Moment-of-Disruption
• Preventative Procedures for the 7 Positions
• Strategies for Responding to the 7 Positions

Kagan Structure Cards

• Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures
• Kagan Multiple Intelligences Structures

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Order Today! Offer expires midnight, March 31st.

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  • Special discount code CSPEC231 must be referenced on your order. Help
  • May not be combined with other promotions or offers.
  • Orders must be received by midnight of 3/31/23.
  • *Regular shipping fees apply.
  • No limit!

Kagan Structures 5 Poster Set
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