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November 2017

Primary Combo - CL for Primary and Primary TeamMats - Save $9!

For Kagan's November 2017 Special of the Month, order Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 2 and Primary TeamMats Class Set for only $39*. Regular Price $48SAVE 9! • Code: CSPEC173

Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 2
Melissa Wincel (Grades PreK–2)
Primary teachers rejoice! You've asked for more Kagan Structures, just for your little ones. You've asked for more of Melissa's engaging, ready-to-use primary activities. We heard your call and answered with Book 2. This sequel to the instant success, Cooperative Learning for Primary, gives you even more ways to engage those little minds and bodies. Structures include: StandUp–HandUp–PairUp, Fan-N-Pick, Jot Thoughts, Showdown, and RallyCoach. Loaded with ideas and activities for each structure. Plus, in this second book, you'll find even more management tips for keeping your little ones on track and yearning to learn. 408 pages. Watch Video Demo

Primary TeamMats Class Set of 10
10 Number & Animal Mats
This class set is designed to help you manage your little ones as they work in teams. Each team places a mat in the center of their table or between them on the carpet. Pick which side you want to use with your students. One side is the Number Mat. With this side, each student has a unique number and a unique color so you can easily select a student on the team by either number or color. Everyone is assigned an A or B so when they pair up, you can say, "Partner A, please share with Partner B." Students have either a square or circle around their number so squares can pair up with circles. The mat also indicates Shoulder Partners and Face Partners, making it easy for students to know who to pair up with. The Animal Mat is on the other side. Use this simplified mat with your youngest children. There's a cute dog or cat so you can have cats pair up with dogs. Each student has a unique color so you can select students by color. The colors match the other side so students can keep their colors when they are ready to graduate to the Number Mat. One glance at their mats and your little ones know exactly who needs to do what.
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Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 1
Melissa Wincel (Grades PreK–2)
Witness the miracle of active engagement with your little ones. Melissa provides you with everything from getting started to succeeding with her six favorite structures for youngsters: Find Someone Who, Formations, Mix-Freeze-Group, Numbered Heads Together, Primary Interview, and Turn Toss. Your students will become more cooperative, caring, and engaged as you use these six simple, full-engagement structures. Don't miss Melissa's top ten management tips to make Kagan work for little ones.
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TeamMats Class Set of 10
10 ManageMats & Fan-N-Pick Mats
In this class set, you receive 10 double-sided mats. One side is a ManageMat that lets you manage team and pair interactions like a pro. The other side is a Fan-N-Pick mat that helps you create power-packed thinking and review sessions. Two awesome mats in one!
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