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September 2021

Instant Classbuilding & Teambuilding Software - Save $25! Classbuilding and Teambuilding Made Easy!

For Kagan’s September 2021 Special of the Month, receive both software titles for only $73*.
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Instant Teambuilding & Classbuilding Software
Teambuilding and classbuilding have never been so easy! This software combines the ease of ready-to-use questions with the power of full interaction structures. Lead your students through teambuilding and classbuilding by simply clicking through the steps of the structures provided. Students have fun, get acquainted, and celebrate each other. Teams and classrooms become a supportive environment, optimal for learning. The Teambuilding version features Spotlight and Timed RoundRobin, two team-based interaction structures. The Classbuilding version features Mix-Pair-Share and Travel-N-Tell, two structures to promote positive classmate interactions. Choose from 20 unique question sets in each software to create teambuilding and classbuilding activities with zero prep, or make and save your own question sets.
Mac • PC • Interactive Whiteboards

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Instant Engagement™ Software
Create engagement—instantly! Just add your own questions. Using game-like structures, Instant Engagement leads you and your students through step-by-step instructional strategies for review, thinking and discussion, idea generation, and problem solving. There are 3 different programs in this series: 1) Pair, 2) Team, and 3) Class. Each program includes three structures designed to cover the range of classroom objectives. For PC and Mac.
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