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December 2018

Kagan Structures - Full Engagment, Step-By-Step - Save $21!
For Kagan’s December 2018 Special of the Month,
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Kagan Structures 5-Poster Sets
Each poster set includes six, extra large, 17" x 22", colorful posters that illustrate Kagan’s most popular structures. Kagan-approved steps for each structure are prominently displayed—a great visual reminder for you and your students. Decorate your classroom, create a structures bulletin board, or hang them on a poster rack to pull up the structure you’re using. Teaching Kagan Structures to your students has never been easier!

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Kagan Structures Poster Set Includes

Poster Set 1
1) Mix-Pair-Share
2) RallyCoach
3) RallyRobin
4) RoundRobin
5) Think-Write-RoundRobin
6) Timed Pair Share

Poster Set 2
1) AllRecord RoundRobin
2) Both Record RallyRobin
3) Fan-N-Pick
4) Instant Star
5) Quiz-Quiz-Trade
6) StandUp–HandUp–PairUp

Poster Set 3
1) Inside-Outside Circle
2) Jot Thoughts
3) RallyTable
4) RoundTable
5) Simultaneous RallyTable
6) Simultaneous RoundTable


Poster Set 4
1) Find-the-Fiction
2) Match Mine
3) Numbered Heads Together
4) One Stray
5) Spend-A-Buck
6) Talking Chips

Poster Set 5
1) Carousel Feedback
2) Find Someone Who
3) Pairs Compare
4) Sage-N-Scribe
5) Showdown
6) Team Up!


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Kagan Structures Digital Display Software
You click your mouse or touch your whiteboard. Immediately your students see and hear the screen flip to the next step of any of 29 of your favorite Kagan Structures. With your Structures Digital Display, you effortlessly lead your students through Kagan Structures proven to boost engagement and learning. For PC and Mac.
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