Implementation Support Day!

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Make the Most of Kagan Coaching!
Add on a Day of Implementation Support!

You’re planning to have a Kagan Coach to your school to support your teachers implementing Kagan Structures. Make the most of your Kagan Coach’s school visit by adding on a day of Implementation Support. Your teachers will take a big step toward successful implementation and be better prepared for their day of Kagan Coaching!


  • Get the most out of your Kagan Coach’s school visit
  • Ensure your day of coaching goes off without a hitch
  • Provide teachers with next-level confidence before coaching
  • Step-up teacher implementation with additional planning time
  • Save on trainer travel with no additional travel fees

What an Implementation Support Day Looks Like...

  • The Day before coaching is scheduled as an Implementation Support day
  • Your Kagan Coach will meet with small grade-alike or content-alike teacher groups
  • Teachers will bring their lesson plans and teaching resources to the work session
  • Your Kagan Coach will work with teachers to infuse highly-engaging, high-frequency structures into their lesson plans
  • Your Kagan Coach will ensure teachers have selected an appropriate structure on which to be coached
  • Teachers will have an opportunity to ask questions, make changes, and get expert advice
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For more info about Kagan’s Implementation Support Day, please contact:

Kagan’s Partnership Team
Call: 800.451.8495
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Implementation Support Testimonial

Some teachers in my district just finished two days of working with Elia and trying the new Implementation Support model where teachers had lesson planning on the first day and were coached on those plans on the second day. This model worked great for us!

On the first day, teachers had the opportunity to go deeper with Elia, as they talked through their lesson plans, shared the questions they would be asking their students, received support choosing structures that paired appropriately with their function, and had a chance to talk about any other Kagan related questions they had in regards to management, social skills, or concerns about specific students.

Along with this, teachers had the chance to continue to build a relationship with Elia, making the observation the following day more comfortable. Over time, having the opportunity to follow this same format would be fantastic (even for those who have experienced it before), as the collaborative relationship would have the opportunity to grow, further increasing the comfort level of the teachers. I believe with increased comfort levels, teachers will be more apt to take more risks in choosing structures they have not already mastered (instead of choosing structures they already know and don't need coaching on) resulting in much deeper professional growth.

Just wanted to share with you both how great these last two days have been. As I'm sure you know, Elia is awesome, and we are thankful for the opportunity to partner with him here at ACS : ) !

Stephanie Schreck
TOSA for Instructional Coaching PreK-12
Akron Central School Distric