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Kagan offers successful workshops around the globe. More than 40 countries have experienced Kagan's revolutionary workshops that enhance engagement, learning, and social skills. I am excited to work with you to bring Kagan to your country. Please call or email me to get started. I look forward to working with you to design the perfect training for your educators!

Christi Brown
International Facilitator

Kagan Professional Development
Email Christi: christi@kaganonline.com

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Host a Kagan Workshop

Bring Kagan Professional Development to your school or district! Kagan will show you how to infuse engagement into any lesson. You don't have to change your curriculum or plan complex lessons. We'll provide you simple, step-by-step tools that you can easily incorporate into your daily lessons to make learning more fun and successful. Click on any workshop title below to read the full workshop description.

Hosting Kagan Is Easy as 1, 2, 3!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to bring a world-class Kagan Professional Development event to your teachers. Bring in Dr. Spencer Kagan, Laurie Kagan, or a dynamic member of the Kagan Training Team. We guarantee your teachers will find their Kagan workshop among the most worthwhile—if not the #1—professional development experience of their teaching careers!


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Contact the Kagan Partnership Team by email, by phone 1.800.451.8495, or submit an inquiry


Enjoy your school or district's best-ever Professional Development Program

Hosting Kagan Is Easy as 1, 2, 3!


It's cost effective.
Now more than ever you must stretch your training dollars as far as possible. On-site training saves you money.


It's convenient.
No need to wait for a Kagan workshop to come to your area. You select a site and date for your convenience.


It's beneficial to all.
When you choose a Kagan workshop, everyone learns new skills and solutions at the same time. This means your teachers are all on the same page, building an inherent support system and fostering schoolwide engagement.


It's the best around.
Each member of the Kagan Training Team is carefully selected, trained, evaluated, and continually updated. When Kagan sends a trainer to you, you'll be confident you're receiving the best!


It's guaranteed.
We guarantee results from our in-service trainings. If you don't agree that the training produced the promised positive results, we'll refund your money.

Kagan's Engaging Workshops for Schools and Districts

Click any workshop title below for a full description.