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Research & Rationale

Kagan Structures are scientifically research-based as well as backed by classroom evidence from districts, schools, and teachers experiencing success with Kagan.

Kagan Structures integrate the most powerful principles from decades of research. Among the many positive findings of this field or research are improved academic achievement, improved ethnic and race relations, improved social skills and social relations, and increased liking for self, others, and school.

The Kagan Structures have proven themselves effective teaching and learning tools for cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, character education, language learning, and emotional intelligence. Below you will find links to research reviews, field data, success stories, and articles supporting the use of Kagan Structures.

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Featured Research and Rationale Articles

  • Kagan Structures: Research and Rationale
  • Kagan Structures Decrease Disruptive Behavior
  • Reducing At-Risk Students with Kagan


  • A Simple Bully Buster: Cooperative Learning
  • A Teacher Fosters Social Competence With Cooperative Learning
  • Closing the Achievement Gap
  • Cooperative Learning Structures Are Violence Prevention
  • Cooperative Learning Structures Can Increase Student Achievement
  • Cooperative Learning Structures Improve Performance and Attitudes of High School Journalism Students
  • Effect Size Reveals the Impact of Kagan Structures and Cooperative Learning
  • Effects of Communication on Student Learning
  • Impacts of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures on Fifth-Graders' Mathematical Achievement
  • Increasing Student Participation, Interest, and Communication with Cooperative Learning Structures
  • Kagan Implementation Surveys
  • Kagan Structures Add Power To Corporate Classes
  • Kagan Structures and High School Algebra
  • Kagan Structures Decrease Disruptive Behavior
  • Kagan Structures Elevate High School Achievement
  • Student Comments on Cooperative Learning and Multiple Intelligences Structures
  • Student Perceptions of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures
  • The Effects of RoundTable Consensus on the Social and Task Engagement of Students with or at Risk of Disabilities
  • Working Alone Won’t Get You Good Grades


Teacher & Classroom Successes

  • Cooperative Chaos
  • Endorsements from Kagan Practitioners
  • English Language Learning Workshop Survey Results
  • Kagan and 4th Graders Make Beautiful Music Together
  • Kagan Cooperative Learning Creates Explosive Results in High School Chemistry
  • Teacher of the Year
  • Teaching Japanese Students English with Kagan Structures
  • You Will See Results!

School Successes

  • A “D” School Ramah Elementary
  • Achievement Still on the Rise At Catalina Ventura School
  • At Lehigh Senior High School, “It’s All About Engagement!”
  • Becoming Exemplary with Kagan
  • Caruthers Elementary Is on the Path to Achievement with Kagan
  • Closing the School Achievement Gap
  • Discipline Referrals Decrease Dramatically at Sage Elementary
  • Earning A Grades with Kagan
  • Engaged Learning
  • Every Child, Every Day at Waterway
  • Fallibroome High School Is "Outstandingly Effective"
  • From Failing to the Top 5%
  • Foster Road Elementary is on the Road to Success with Kagan Structures
  • Kagan Structures Empower Teachers, and That Is a Beautiful Thing
  • Ripley Rising
  • Kagan Structures Increase Achievement at Catalina Ventura School
  • Mills Hill School—A Journey Towards Success
  • Reducing At-Risk Students with Kagan Success
  • Test Scores Show Kagan Structures Work At Long Hill Elementary School
  • Walberta Park Elementary School Succeeds with Kagan Structures

District Successes

  • Anderson County Teachers Excel with Kagan
  • Endorsements from Educational Leaders
  • From Compartmentalization to Cooperation One District's Story
  • Success in a Large District: One Administrator, One Teacher, One Student at a Time!
  • Ten Years Later


  • Cooperative Learning is a Brain Turn-On
  • Cooperative Learning: Frequent Questions
  • Disengagement: Achievement Gaps, Discipline, and Dropout - Treating the Disease, Not Just the Symptoms
  • Excellence & Equity
  • Kagan Structures - Not One More Program, a Better Way to Teach Any Program
  • Kagan Structures: Research and Rationale
  • Kagan Structures: Research and Rationale in a Nutshell
  • Metacognition and Its Importance in the Thinking Process
  • Preventing Bullying
  • Secondary School Education and Cooperative Learning: A Perfect Match
  • The Essential 5: A Starting Point for Kagan Cooperative Learning