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English Language Learning Workshop Survey Results

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English Language Learning Workshop
Survey Results

Sweetwater County School District and Team Kagan

To cite this article: Team Kagan. English Language Learning Workshop Survey Results. Kagan Online Magazine, Issue #59. San Clemente, CA: Kagan Publishing. www.KaganOnline.com

Sweetwater County School District in Rock Springs, Wyoming, hosted a Kagan two-day English Language Learners workshop on July 10th and 11th, 2018. The workshop provides “Kagan Structures to skyrocket comprehension and fluency.” The thrust of the workshop is to help limited and non-English speaking students acquire essential reading, writing, and speaking skills. Through interactive teaching strategies, students are exposed to more functional language and have the opportunity to practice English more as they interact with teammates and classmates.

The workshop was conducted by Kagan Trainer, Rachel Treaster. After Rachel conducted the workshop, Tammy Macy, Sweetwater’s Curriculum and Assessment Specialist, shared with Rachel a survey the district conducted.

The survey asked teachers a number of questions about the training and the presenter. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Overall, teachers scored the workshop a 4.9 out of 5. Notably, not a single teacher gave a negative review (Strongly Disagree or Disagree). Only one teacher had a Neutral response to one survey question. The remainder of the responses were all Agree and Strongly Agree with the majority responding Strongly Agree.

Kagan conducts a workshop evaluation after every workshop. The results are almost all 5’s on a 5-point scale. So such a positive rating is not a surprise, but it is validating to receive independent corroboration by the district that teachers are finding Kagan’s workshops so valuable. Here are the survey results…

Question 1: At which grade level do you work?

Answered: 26   Skipped: 0

Question 2: Please respond to the following statements
about the training and the presenter:

Answered: 26   Skipped: 0

The training created enthusiasm and interest.

The training increased my knowledge.

Motivation was provided for further
exploration of training topics.

The objectives were clearly stated
at the start of the training.

The objectives of the training met
a priority need for me.

The training was well-planned and executed.

The presenter was knowledgeable
in the subject area of the training.

There was adequate time allotted for coverage
of the concepts presented in the training.

The training provided some useful ideas.

Question 3: What follow-up, if any, do you feel is needed for your implementation of the concepts and/or skills presented in the training?

Answered: 26   Skipped: 0

Question 4: Please describe the part(s) of the training
that you consider most useful.

Answered: 26 Skipped: 0

Question 5: Please describe the part(s) of the training that could be improved.

Answered: 26   Skipped: 0