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Beth Allen portrait

Dr. Beth Allen

Dr. Beth Allen currently serves as the English Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator for the Fort Zumwalt School District in Missouri. She has been working in education for 19 years, and during that time has taught fourth grade, fifth grade, and gifted education. She earned her Bachelor's degree in elementary education from Missouri State University, her Master's degree in elementary education from Lindenwood University, and her Doctorate in educational leadership from Lindenwood University. In 2008, Dr. Allen was selected as a STARR (Select Teachers as Regional Resources) teacher by the state of Missouri. It was during her year as a STARR teacher that she was first introduced to the power of Kagan Structures. After using the structures in her own classroom for several years, Dr. Allen became a Kagan School Trainer, and was then asked to join the Kagan Team as an Associate Trainer. Dr. Allen is passionate about using and sharing the Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures with others. She has experienced how Kagan Structures transform classrooms.

Beth was a phenomenal instructor. She was extremely knowledgeable and thorough and ensured she did not waste any time. We were actively engaged the entire time and got plenty of practice with several cooperative learning structures – Brooke Scates, Special Educator/PASS Coach

Beth was amazing. This is my third time to go through Kagan. Once five days and now two one-day trainings. She kept it fresh and interesting – Joy Hennigan, Middle School Science Teacher

Beth is excellent! She was specific and clear. She shared her passion. Organization was high! Her positive attitude & energy helped make the day! – Vicki Schulenberg, K– 5 Principal

Amy Allen-Compton

Dr. Amy Allen-Compton

Amy Compton started her career as an educator in 1998 as an instructional assistant to students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. Since then, Amy’s mission has been the same—maximizing students’ potential so they will have opportunities and choices when they graduate. She received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Western Kentucky University and her School Superintendency Certification from the University of Kentucky. Amy loves how Kagan Structures grow students academically and instills the social skills and confidence needed to succeed in life. She has watched Kagan Structures transform classrooms and entire schools into powerful learning environments that are engaging, safe, and fun. She believes implementing Kagan Structures is essential in growing teachers’ professional capacity and wants to share her zeal for cooperative learning with others. Amy brings her experience as a classroom teacher, guidance counselor, and K–12 principal to her workshops, filling them with enthusiasm and first-hand experiences.

Beth Allen portrait

Kim Arbaugh

Kim Arbaugh has been an educator for 30 years. After graduating from Wayne State College in 1993 with a degree in special education, Kim worked for 14 years in the high school alternative education setting before moving to Missouri Valley Middle School. At the middle school, Kim taught specially designed instruction to students according to their EIP needs while earning her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. In 2017, Kim became the Instructional Coach for Missouri Valley Middle/High School. She attended her first Kagan training in 2018 and knew Kagan’s engagement strategies were a must for her district. She has been implementing Kagan strategies in classrooms with students, and in professional development with teachers, ever since! These experiences across grade levels and academic settings have been valuable in Kim’s understanding of the positive effects of increased student engagement. Kim lives in Iowa with her husband, Larry, and daughter Henley, and she enjoys golfing in her free time.

Christi Brown portrait

Christi Brown

Christi Brown has been in education since 1994 and is a Certified International Kagan Trainer. She was Teacher of the Year for Berkley Elementary School, a Kagan Model School, in 2001. Christi received a Bachelor of Music, Master of Arts in Teaching, and Master Class Level of Orff Training from the University of Memphis, in Memphis, TN. She completed her Orff Apprenticeship at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. As a certified K-12 Music Specialist, she co-authored two Kagan books: Cooperative Learning and Music, and Match Mine Music.

Christi has conducted trainings in Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, England, Spain, China, Mongolia, South Korea, the Netherlands, and all over the United States. She brings her boundless enthusiasm and practical Kagan teaching background into all of her dynamic trainings. In addition to trainings, Christi is currently the Director of Associate Trainer Programs. She is responsible for overseeing new trainer candidates, conducting boot camps, and managing the growing team of trainers.

Christi was fantastic. Her background in teaching allowed her to really identify with us and give us ideas to implement in the class. She was full of energy and good humor. The students in the classroom loved the activities and were delighted to have you! – Melissa Weber, 4th Grade Reading/Language Arts Teacher

Very helpful! Showed me how to better incorporate the Kagan ideas into my daily routine. The humor exhibited helped to make the time pass rapidly. I believe our staff leaves this workshop feeling a greater sense of community and mutual worth than when we arrived. – Melvin J. Wert, 1st Grade Teacher

Extremely usable! Christi was very energetic, positive and knowledgeable! Kept the pace to where everyone was able to learn, say, do! Love and agree with Kagan so much that I am interested in receiving more training in Florida and perhaps becoming a National Trainer. – Laura Duhon, University Reading & Curriculum Instructor

Sarah Bruder portrait

Sarah Bruder

Sarah Bruder received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Purdue University. For the past nine years Ms. Bruder has taught 1st, 3rd, and 4th grades, and most recently has taught as a Reading Specialist in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. After earning her Master's degree in Administration from the University of Northern Iowa in 2014, she expanded her role to include Positive Behavior Intervention Support Coordinator and Technology Education Facilitator. Ms. Bruder led Professional Development at the school and district levels inspired by the skills and structures she learned at Kagan Academies. This had a tremendous impact on expanding professional skill sets and, perhaps more importantly, on faculty culture at the school. Ms. Bruder has extensive experience writing district standards, participating in curriculum committees, serving as a cooperating teacher, and participating on her school's Building Leadership Team. Ms. Bruder exudes positive energy and has a deep internal passion for cooperative learning. She has witnessed first-hand how fun and engaging Kagan Structures can be, while simultaneously boosting student performance.

Sarah was super enthusiastic and knowledgeable.She showed passion and made me excited to use the information learned – Kaitlyn Henrik, 8th Grade ELA Teacherv

Sarah was amazing! She seemed so supportive of us and encouraging. I also really appreciated her genuine and authentic personality. I felt like she truly cared about our classrooms and wanted to equip us with all that she could for our upcoming school year – Kayla Doyle, 3rd Grade Teacher

Amazing! Very dynamic, friendly, and knowledgeable. She went out of her way to provide resources and answers to our questions. She was very organized and made the time of the training flow – Maria Prince, 2nd Grade Teacher

Krissi Camper portrait

Krissi Camper

Krissi Camper has been a teacher, instructional coach, and administrator in her career. She has taught grades 2nd through 8th grades and taught Singapore Math, Algebra and Geometry at an International Baccalaureate Magnet School. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Adams State College, her Masters in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden University and her Principal Licensure from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Krissi has led as a Principal in a Junior/Senior High School and an Elementary School before moving into her current role as Executive Director of Educational Services. She fully implemented Kagan Structures when she was in the classroom as a way to improve student achievement and increase student participation and motivation. Krissi currently uses Kagan Structures as the district leader in professional development and curriculum. Ultimately, her experiences with Kagan Cooperative Learning have revolutionized Krissi’s instruction and leadership abilities.

So knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I know she wanted to be here and share her passion so we can all be more effective teachers! – Kristin Morvik, High School Business Teacher

The instructor was very enthusiastic about the material and very knowledgeable. She gave us valuable strategies as well as examples of how to use them in the classroom – Jennifer L. Klayer, Math Teacher

Our instructor, Krissi, was awesome. She made the content relatable and kept the day moving at a great pace – Elizabeth Lucas, Counselor

Krissi Camper portrait

Robyn Carrier

Robyn Carrier received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon and her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an endorsement in Reading from the University of Wyoming. Currently she is pursuing her Principal Certification from the University of Wyoming. In her 25-year career, she has taught 1st through 5th grades in Oregon, Tennessee, and Wyoming. She currently teaches a blended classroom of 3rd and 4th graders and is an internal Kagan School Coach.

Robyn instantly knew Kagan Structures were the missing piece of her Cooperative Learning groups when she attended her first Kagan workshop in 2015. Daily, she sees the impact of Kagan Structures in her students’ relationships and learning.

Krissi Camper portrait

Carolyn Cavanaugh

Carolyn Cavanaugh received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of South Carolina. She also has a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida and a Master of Education in Education Administration from the University of South Carolina. While in the classroom, Carolyn taught third and fourth grades.

For the past five years, Carolyn has been the Cooperative Learning Coach for the magnet schools and programs in her district. She works with students from elementary through high school, regularly plans and facilitates staff development, and supports her teachers and administrators as a Kagan Coach, Kagan School Trainer, and now as a Kagan Associate Trainer.

From her first experience, Carolyn loved everything about Kagan Cooperative Learning because it actually engages children and adults alike. Over many years, Carolyn has seen both immediate and lasting benefits for her teachers and their students through increased student achievement and improved classroom environments. Her enthusiasm, experience, and belief in Kagan is what makes her such an impactful trainer.

Elia Chesnoff portrait

Elia Chesnoff

Shortly after earning his Master’s degree in Secondary English Education at the University of Florida, Elia Chesnoff started his career in education at Miami’s prestigious New World School for the Arts. After several years, Elia switched careers in order to pursue another passion– performing as a full-time magician. Elia, who performed mainly at corporate and private events, also developed a two-hour illusion show called, “Look Again.” In 2006, he opened Camp Cigma: a summer day camp that taught kids magic, juggling, and general performance skills. Elia also became a published author of Fell’s Official Know-it-All Guide to Advanced Magic. In 2008, Elia came back to the classroom as an ESE teacher and worked mainly with EBD (Emotional Behavior Disorder) students. It was during this time that he saw the power of how Kagan Cooperative Learning could transform a classroom. In 2009, he began working at the Sarasota Military Academy where he taught grades 9–12 in Language Arts. At the Academy, Elia led study groups in Fred Jones’ Classroom Management and taught workshops as a Certified Kagan School Trainer. Subsequently, he earned his second Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. As an International Kagan Trainer, Elia teaches courses in Brain-Friendly Teaching, Cooperative Learning, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Win-Win Discipline, Growth Mindset, and Memory-Friendly Teaching.

Elia is well organized and prompt in following through. He is creative and fun! This engagement with his students put everyone at ease and created a higher level of participation and learning. Fantastic instructor – Deena Mauerman, K-5th Grade Resource Teacher

Elia speaks from the heart with intelligence and humor. He knows the content and relates his experience to help us understand. He ROCKS! – Kileen Smith, Teacher

Elia was amazing!! By far the best presenter in all the years of lectures and training I have received. Thank you for keeping us so engaged and making our learning memorable – Ashley Hamilton, K-1st Grade Teacher

Jason Conway

Dr. Jason Conway

Dr. Jason Conway began incorporating Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures into his professional practice in 1998 and continued to implement them while he held several different positions, such as a social studies teacher, curriculum specialist and superintendent. Currently, he is the Executive Director of the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit, an educational service agency near Pittsburgh, PA. He obtained his BSE–Social Studies, Sec. Education from Millersville University; his M. Ed.–C & I Instructional Leadership from Penn State; his Social Studies Supervisory Program from Widener University; and D.Ed.–Educational Leadership from Temple University. His most cherished professional accomplishment continues to be when he became a National Certified Kagan Trainer in 2004. Dr. Conway has trained thousands of educators in all grade levels throughout the United States and Canada. During his trainings, he successfully models the cooperative learning classroom environment experience and provides educators with appropriate examples and guidance for their classrooms.

Thank you, Jason, for instructing with energy and enthusiasm. Kagan was always enforced and mandatory, but this was my first official training to attend. The content will help me reestablish what I am doing and the overall WHY – LaNisa Gipson Jackson, Special Education

Jason was brilliant at teaching and instructing us the whole time. It was thoroughly engaging – Ifeoma Vivian Ihim, Math Teacher

Jason made the PD enjoyable! He is very funny, outgoing, and makes everyone feel comfortable in the room! – Hailee Parks, 2nd Grade Teacher

Jason Conway

Jill Copley

Jill received her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 2000, and in 2008, she earned her master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Jill spent ten years in the classroom, teaching both 1st and 3rd grade and seven years in a district-level position working on the Professional Learning team where she instructed and trained school staff and administrators from preschool-secondary levels. As an Assistant Principal, she has worked with both adults and students, utilizing Kagan Structures whenever possible. Jill and her husband, Chuck, enjoy traveling to see their four children and twelve grandchildren, and she enjoys crafting, reading, and repurposing furniture.

Ashely Cousins

Ashely Cousins

Ashley Cousins started her teaching career in 2013 as a first-grade teacher at South Woods Elementary School, a Title 1 School in St. Johns County, Florida. Over her seven years as a classroom teacher, she taught first, third, and fourth grade. Her supportive teaching style, along with enthusiasm and high expectations for her students helped her earn Teacher of the Year honors in 2018. In 2020, Ashley transitioned to the district level as an Elementary Math Interventionist for the Accountability and Intervention Services Department. Working primarily with Title 1 schools, she was able to continue to use Kagan Structures in many of her small group lessons. Ashley is currently the Title 1 Program Specialist for St. Johns County, with a focus on student engagement and instructional strategies. Due to her passion for Kagan, she continues to learn the different structures and has since been able to develop practices to deliver new ideas to both instructional and district personnel. Ashley received her Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. She also received a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from St. Leo University. Currently, she lives in St. Augustine Beach with her husband, Devin, and their two dog-children, Tucker and Woody.

Justin Davis portrait

Dr. Justin Davis

Dr. Justin Davis is the district administrator for creative arts programming and one of the Competency-Based Education instructional coaches for Westminster Public Schools, where he has supported ongoing new teacher orientation and mentorship for over a decade. In his nearly twenty years in K-12 education, he has served as an elementary school principal, a middle school English and social studies teacher, and a high school literacy and drama teacher. Justin also teaches college level humanities courses and, when not in the classroom, is actively engaged in the Denver metro theatre scene as an actor/performer.

Justin received his Bachelor’s degree in theatre through Seton Hill University, his Master’s degree in Humanities from California State University, and his Doctorate in Education and Human Resources from Colorado State University. He served as a Kagan Coach for his district before becoming a certified Kagan School Trainer for his school. He has long been passionate around student engagement, and he counts his training in Kagan to be a transformative turning point in his approach to teaching, coaching, and professional development.

Dr. Jamie Culver portrait

Dr. Jamie Culver

Dr. Jamie Culver has always had an affinity for school. After earning her Bachelor’s degree from Alma College, she went on to earn a Master’s in the teaching of English and a Doctorate in English literature from Western Michigan University, as well as a graduate endorsement in school library media from Grand Valley State University. She has a passion for English language arts pedagogy, future-ready school libraries, and adolescent literature; more specifically, her latest research includes the study of prom queen archetypes in literature, film, and pop culture. Currently, she serves as an English teacher and school librarian at St. Joseph High School in St. Joseph, MI, where she has been honored to teach since 2005. An avid user of Kagan Structures, she is a true believer in the power of cooperative learning and enjoys sharing her love of Kagan with fellow educators everywhere.

Pateece Davis-Hardy portrait

Pateece Davis-Hardy

Pateece Davis-Hardy has served as a Professional Development Specialist for the past 13 years, specializing in new teacher support, classroom management training, and English as a Second Language. She has a Master's degree from Centenary College plus 30 additional graduate hours in Administration and Supervision. She has been an Adjunct Professor for Louisiana Tech University. Pateece began her teaching career in middle school science, where she was recognized as the district's Middle School Teacher of the Year and the Louisiana Science Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Hardy has been an educator for more than 20 years, and is passionate about making a direct impact on classroom experiences for teachers and students in grades K–12. She constantly seeks to update her skills through training she can share with administrators and teachers. Pateece also has an extensive background in professional development, teacher retention and training, and supervising instructional coaches. Mrs. Hardy has years of experience using Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures with students and adults of all ages. She has witnessed, first-hand, the transformation of classrooms in which these structures are implemented with fidelity.

Pateece was very knowledgeable about Kagan Structures, was friendly, and engaged our staff the entire day of training – Greg Winiewicz, Assistant Principal

Pateece was amazing! She was incredibly knowledgeable on everything. You can tell she loves her job. She gave so many tools and was just so informed. I really think she’s one of the greatest presenters I have had at a training. Loved her – Ashley Prisock, Teacher

Very personable and can work with teachers exceptionally well. Quick paced, but can slow the tempo of teaching if necessary for understanding. Really brought student engagement to clarity for me! – Mac Pickle, 9-12th Grade SPED Teacher

Pateece Davis-Hardy portrait

Aaron Diaz

Aaron Diaz has served as a bus driver, coach, middle school teacher, assistant principal, and principal. He is passionate about seeking racial equity through improving pedagogy with cooperative learning, mobilizing community, improving teacher support, building relationships, and strategic planning.

Aaron is currently pursuing his doctorate through the Ed.L.D. program within the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Aaron’s work experience began in a small rural middle school in Mississippi. Aaron immediately found struggles and growth working with students from economic poverty. The growth propelled Aaron to the premier education administration program in Mississippi, the University of Mississippi Principal Corps—which taught Aaron the importance of strategic planning. As an elementary principal in a high poverty, diverse community, Aaron practiced community involvement, sought to improve pedagogy through cooperative learning, and train staff on behavior supports and interventions. In his time as principal, the school saw a notable decrease in discipline referrals while maintaining academic success. Aaron believes in the value of every student by empowering students to be cognizant of identity, strengths, and the ability to grow and learn.

Aaron points to his spouse of ten years, Tristan, as the driving force behind his success. They enjoy traveling and date nights in their spare time, and they reside in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with their three dogs, Challee, Brandeaux, and Rouxge.

Dr. Laura Duhon portrait

Dr. Laura Duhon

Laura Duhon has been a teacher for over 25 years and is a true teacher of teachers. Her career has led her to work with students of all ages from early childhood through adulthood. She currently teaches in the Curriculum and Instruction Department at Texas State University, mainly in the area of classroom management. Laura also serves as the Director of the Teacher Fellows Masters Degree Program for beginning teachers. She mentors and educates hundreds of future educators and newly certified teachers each year. Laura received a Bachelor’s of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies specializing in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s in Education in Elementary Education from Texas State University. She earned her Doctorate in Education Leadership, Management and Policy from Seton Hall University. Laura has been awarded numerous “favorite professor” honors at the university level and attributes it to the use of Kagan Cooperative Learning as her teaching method. Not only does she recognize the impact in her students’ learning as future teachers but the positive influence Kagan Cooperative Learning has on the achievement of children especially in classrooms of beginning teachers.

Laura was awesome! She was knowledgeable, caring, and thorough – Lynna Loviette, 6th Grade Teacher

Laura was fabulous, and I enjoyed her training. It was clear, fun, and very informational. I am leaving today with many structures to use in my classroom. I know the students will love the engagement and fun! – Lauren Gillingham, 3rd Grade Teacher

Laura was enthusiastic and fun to listen to. She provided a wealth of information and there are many ideas I WILL use in my classroom – Shannon Hallett, 2nd Grade Teacher

Dr. Rick DuVall portrait

Dr. Rick DuVall

Dr. Rick DuVall is an award-winning educator. He has taught all grade levels, pre-kindergarten through twelve, as well as serving as an instructional coach and as a university professor. He has consulted with schools and school districts in all 50 U.S. states, as well as in more than 20 different countries. Rick loves supporting educators by sharing the power and ease of implementing Kagan Cooperative Learning across grade levels and academic disciplines. Rick is also the coordinator for Kagan’s School Trainer Program. He frequently speaks at regional, state, national, and international conferences including the International Literacy Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the National Staff Development Council, the National Science Teachers Association, the National Middle School Association, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the National Title I Conference, and the National Dropout Prevention Conference.

Rick, you are a wonderful instructor! You are clearly a master educator! I learned more today about how to teach just by watching you than I did in my educational program. Don't change a thing! – Danielle Petway, 9th Grade English Teacher

Rick is charming, funny, and so knowledgeable. He was able to consider all content areas and teaching styles in his presentation. He also made some poignant remarks that incorporated research which helped me to see why I ought to rethink my delivery and take on Kagan. – David DePena, 7th Grade Math Teacher

Rick was a ball of energy the whole week. He made everything fun and light-hearted. He made it safe for us as teachers to learn all this new material as well; which I valued very much being a brand new teacher who didn't know anyone yet. – Stacey Netini, K-4th Grade Music Teacher

Stefanie Enokian portrait

Stefanie Enokian

Stefanie Enokian received her BA in Liberal Studies from Chapman University. She began her teaching profession as an elementary school educator, and later made the decision to allocate her time and energy to the instruction of middle school students at a Title One School. Since she made this transition, she has served as a mentor, department chair, grade level chair, leadership advisor, and staff trainer with the Burbank Unified School District in Burbank, California. It is in this setting that Stefanie's passion for Kagan Cooperative Learning plays an immeasurable role in her teaching methods. Through Kagan Structures, her classroom has been transformed into a learning environment where there are ample amounts of motivation, social skills, and achievement within each of her students. Since adopting this educational approach, she has seen her students' performance skyrocket, breaking past all precedents from her earlier years of teaching. With these successful and influential teaching ideas, she was named her school's teacher of the year in 2014. Stefanie is a lifelong learner who loves to share the power of structures with fellow teachers and support them on their journey of implementing such foundations.

Stefanie was AWESOME! She was very energetic and provided a lot of valuable information. Stefanie was very knowledgeable and friendly. – Sarah Oosterman, 2nd Grade Teacher

Wonderful instructor! High-energy, extremely knowledgeable, very personable! This was probably the best workshop I have ever attended, and this instructor was by far the most informative and enjoyable! – Lynn Brinkley, Grades 9th-12th Teacher

Great examples of time management. She was able to answer 'What if,' where other trainings say, 'Well that is just your classroom management.' She actually explains what that means and what you can do. – Kirsten Botham, 9th-10th Grade Math Teacher

Jennifer Evans portrait

Jennifer Evans

Jennifer Evans has been training and facilitating staff development in Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures since 1998. She received her first Master's in Teaching and Leadership from St. Xavier University in Chicago in 2001 and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership in 2012 from the University of St. Francis. Jennifer believes Kagan Cooperative Learning makes classrooms innovative and fun for students, as well as for the teacher. Most importantly, students are actively engaged and have an enjoyable learning experience while improving scores and social skills. Jennifer brings classroom experience, a positive upbeat attitude, and enthusiasm to her workshops. She enjoys training teachers how to easily integrate Kagan Structures into their teaching and offers numerous useful management tips and inspirational classroom ideas.

Amazing! Passionate about her craft, fun, engaging, responsive, creative, and someone I hope to work with again soon! – Christina Foss, Social Worker

Jen is seriously the best! She makes this truly engaging and memorable. She honestly cares about our progress as a district and it shows. She will answer any and every question! She is hilarious and knows her stuff! – Megan Klein, Literacy Coach

Jen is amazing. She is so positive and her love and passion for Kagan and Kagan Structures shows. Her enthusiasm and teaching mentality made these trainings so much fun.s – Kari Olson, 4th Grade Teacher

Katie Evans portrait

Katie Evans

Katie Evans is an experienced teacher who graduated from the University of Illinois in Chicago. She holds a Master’s degree in Teacher Leadership from Roosevelt University in Chicago and an English as a Second Language endorsement from the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Il. With over 20 years of teaching experience in Queen Bee School District, Katie has taught various grade levels including 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grades. She initially discovered the effectiveness of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures during faculty meetings and was inspired to incorporate them into her instruction. After attending workshops and implementing changes in her classroom, Katie became a Kagan Coach and Trainer for her school, sharing her passion and knowledge with her colleagues. She is dedicated to transforming the learning experience for children and continues to spread her expertise to other educators.

Tom Finegan portrait

Tom Finegan

Tom “Fin” Finegan has been a Kagan consultant since 1996. After retiring from the Michigan Public School System after 31 years, he became a full time trainer for Kagan in the summer of 2019. He is currently the Director of Training and Curriculum for Kagan. He presents workshops for K–12 teachers and is an instructor for graduate level courses. Participants rate his presentations as being excellent, informative, organized, motivating, real, humorous, and exciting! Fin received a Bachelor of Science degree in general science and a Master’s degree in learning disabilities from Michigan State University. He regularly used Kagan Structures and materials in his middle school science and physical education classes which continues to provide him with many real-life management tips to share with workshop participants. He was also the Behavior Interventionist and Dean of Students at his school where the Win-Win Discipline philosophy was embedded to help students make better choices to meet their needs in a more appropriate manner. In addition, as a coach, he used Kagan Structures during middle school football, basketball, and track practices. As a Kagan consultant, Fin models and teaches other educators to create an environment in which all students are engaged in the learning process as well as in becoming better people by acquiring life skills.

Mr. Finegan was awesome! He is so knowledgeable in everything Kagan. I looked forward to every day and what we would learn. By far the best training I have ever had. Very professional. – Casey Fuqua, 2nd Grade Teacher

Wonderful instructor! I felt he truly lives and breathes everything he said! – Murray-Hayden, PreK-5th Grade Teacher

The best ever! I have attended hundreds of hours of Professional Development and this was worth every minute because of the content and the presenter! Dynamic! Knowledgeable! A teacher! Real! Energetic! Thank you so much - I am inspired! – Kelly McDevitt, 7th-8th Grade Teacher

Sherry Franklin portrait

Sherry Franklin

Sherry Franklin began her career in rural Pennsylvania receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Penn State University. She has taught in a myriad of diverse public city schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Norfolk, Virginia, and Virginia Beach, Virginia. Introduced to Kagan in 2001, Sherry immediately recognized the benefits of Kagan Cooperative Learning and quickly instituted its teaching methods into her instructional style. She then began instructing as a citywide Kagan trainer and was ultimately chosen to become a Certified National Kagan Trainer in 2005. This opportunity has allowed Sherry to lead workshops in a variety of settings around the country. She enjoys teaching during the school year and being a Kagan trainer over the summer, which is truly the best of both worlds. Sherry received her Master of Science degree in Instructional Mathematics in 2008 and was assigned as the Title I Math Specialist at one of the most transient public schools in Virginia Beach, Virginia; a position she still holds today. Sherry’s background as a teacher ensures that real-life experiences and examples are shared with others in her field, fostering meaningful feedback and a mutual respect for what they do centered around student learning.

Very creative and spunky. Always positive and uses the Kagan strategies to keep the structure in the room. Anyone who can keep 100 teachers on task and in their seats has got to know her stuff!!! – Jennifer E. Fulkerson, High School Math Teacher

Sherry was knowledgeable and extremely informative. Sherry made it easy to understand and was able to answer all questions. She was awesome! – Herbert Valdez, 6th-8th Grade Teacher

Sherry has provided many great examples and applications that will benefit my delivery of lessons. Her excitement rubbed off on the audience and made my time in the workshop pleasant. – Crystal Crawford, Teacher

Mark Freiert portrait

Mark Freiert

Mark started his teaching career in 1978 as a highschool biology teacher in Republic School District,Republic, MO. With over 30 years in education, Markhas taught Introductory Biology, Advanced HonorsBiology, Human Anatomy, and Human Genetics forgrades 9–12. He has also served as prom sponsorfor 30 years, a key member in developing theRepublic High School A+ program, a new teachermentor annually, science department chair for25 years and was accepted as a member ofthe administration advisory board. Mark hasa B.S. in Education from the Missouri State University. Currently, Markserves as a classroom coach for the Republic School District’s cooperativelearning initiative. In Mark’s 30th year of education he was introduced tothe concept of cooperative learning and formally trained in the methods ofKagan Professional Development strategies. This rejuvenated his interestin education and he became convinced that the instructional tools providedby Kagan really do engage students of all abilities in activities that movestudents from disinterest and disengagement, to involvement and activeparticipation. Mark has been a Kagan Coach since 2010.

J.J. Gregg portrait

J.J. Gregg

J.J. Gregg currently serves as the Academic Dean and chemistry teacher at Archbishop Bruderoll High School in Washington, D.C. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, he participated in the fourteenth cohort of the Alliance for Catholic Education Teaching Fellows, earning his Master of Education from the University of Notre Dame. Implementing Kagan Structures and the principles of Win-Win Discipline has helped him to better meet his students' needs, dramatically boost engagement in his chemistry class, and attain National Board Certification in the area of Adolescent and Young Adult Science. He believes deeply in the power of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures to drive academic achievement and to give students the social skills they need for success in college and career. Joining the Kagan Training team has been J.J.'s dream since his first Kagan Summer Academy!

So well-spoken and did an excellent job of explaining the content! It’s obvious he truly cares about the future of education, and his enthusiasm made the workshop more enjoyable! – Abby Hays, English Teacher

J.J. has a wonderful personality that meshes well with the sessions and instruction. His positive attitude is taken on by his attendees! Probably the best training I have attended! – Tim Miller, Teacher

He was very knowledgeable of Kagan. He covered all the materials with confidence and a great sense of humor. J.J. kept all participants engaged and motivated; he had a great sense of time and kept us all on track. – Angie Theriot, K-12 Special Education Teacher

Alison Gregory portrait

Alison Gregory

Alison Gregory is currently a Lead Learner (Principal) in the Graves County School District in Western Kentucky. She has been in education for 17 years and has served as a High School teacher and School Administrator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. She received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Western Kentucky University. She also holds a Master’s degree in School Guidance and P–12 School Administration along with a Gifted and Talented endorsement from Western Kentucky University. Alison was first introduced to Kagan as a High School teacher and experienced first hand the positive effects that cooperative learning had on both the academic achievement and social competencies of her students. As a School Leader and Kagan Trainer she has seen Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures improve all levels of teaching and learning. Kagan is a game changer and continues to close the learning gap that is so prevalent in today’s schools. She is eager to share her knowledge, energy, and passion with others! Alison lives in Kentucky with her husband Lance and two children Kaylee Jo and Kaden.

This was amazing! Alison was the best presenter I have ever seen and heard in my 22 years of teaching. – Rhonda Cornett Williams, 5th Grade Teacher

Instructor was very encouraging, patient, and understanding. Great job from someone who truly cares about their teachers learning. – Darra Mitchell Benson, CCHS Algebra I Teacher

Alison did a fabulous job! She easily relates to others because she has been in the trenches along with us. – Kelly Duncan, Teacher/ELA Department Chair

Carien Groenewald portrait

Carien Groenewald

Carien is a franchise trainer from South Africa. Her teaching career ranges from special needs, remedial and mainstream, teaching learners PreK through 10th Grade in private and district schools. She started out as Kagan trainer and now holds the position of Franchise Director of Kagan South Africa, where she continues to conduct Kagan training across South Africa. In addition to her teaching and training she continuously mentors and coaches teachers across South Africa, assisting in both curriculum and teacher development and support in her management role with Olico Maths. Carien is a dynamic presenter whose passion and knowledge of Kagan Structures are evident in all of her training! She models quality teaching in such a natural way.

Dr. Daren Harris portrait

Dr. Daren Harris

Dr. Daren Harris enjoyed a wonderful career as teacher, coach, and high school administrator in southwest Missouri before joining the Kagan team. A major accomplishment for Dr. Harris took place during his role as principal of Republic High School where he provided instructional leadership to help Republic High School improve their state proficiency score from 88% to 97.9%. Dr. Harris was first introduced to Kagan Cooperative Learning while teaching fourth and fifth grade students and witnessed the immediate benefits that Kagan Structures provided in all content areas. He consistently used Kagan Structures in professional dialogue sessions with his fellow educators. Dr. Harris completed his undergraduate degree at Missouri State University and earned a doctorate in educational leadership and policy analysis from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Dr. Harris was very clear, precise, and knowledgeable about the content; it's very nice that his educational career provided real examples and situations that we can relate to. – Jane Englehardt, 3rd Grade Teacher

Perfect! Kept us interested, engaged and wanting more. If we have more opportunities for this type of training, I hope it's with Dr. Harris. – Jannette Torres, 3rd Grade Teacher

The instructor was great! He was friendly and patient. He explained structures well and gave us plenty of opportunities to practice. – Cecilia Villa, 4th Grade Teacher

Ann Herrell portrait

Ann Herrell

Ann Herrell has been teaching students and teachers for more than 30 years, working with 5-year-olds to 95-year-olds. She has worked as a classroom teacher, professional developer, Response-to- Intervention teacher, gifted education teacher, mentor and coach of new teachers, and university instructor. Her undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education/French from the University of Northern Colorado, and her Masters degree is in Education, with an emphasis in Teaching and Learning from Regis University in Denver. Ann was introduced to Kagan Cooperative Learning by a principal who sponsored her certification as a School Trainer in 1999. Ten years later Ann became a National Certified Kagan Trainer and Coach. She is passionate about helping teachers around the country make a difference in student engagement and increased learning. Ann and her husband, also an educator, make their home in Vancouver, Washington.

Ann is very well prepared and knowledgeable. She takes the time to answer questions whether it be in person or by email. – Juli Morgenstern, 7th–12th Grade Health and PE Teacher

Excellent job teaching the structures and making the lesson come alive! Great content and learning. – John Walling, 6th–8th Grade Teacher/Coach

Wonderful instructor! Ann was very attentive and supportive. I hope to be an awesome teacher like her. – Christian Nahoopii-Hose, 6th-12th Grade Teacher

Keisha Hill portrait

Keisha Hill

Keisha has been in the field of education since1993. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Bilingual Elementary Education from a private college in Ohio, and later went on to pursueher Master’s in Adult Education and Training. She has experience teaching grades 3–6, and has worked in both public and charter schools. Keisha earned her Principal’s Certification from the University of Phoenix in 2013, and immediately began her career in Administration. She has trained many other teachers and administrators throughout her career and is no stranger to leading professional development sessions. She has taught in several states due to her spouse’s military career in the Air Force, and is excited to finally settle in Colorado, where she loves the changing seasons and beautiful mountains. In her spare time, Keisha enjoys cooking and reading and also participating in competitive family games. She is thrilled to be supporting increased engagement in the classroom using Kagan Structures!

Keisha was engaging, fun, and made this training extremely enjoyable!! She is on point in relating to teachers and the classroom environment. – Elizabeth Ray, 3rd Grade Teacher

Keisha is an amazing instructor! She was informative and engaging and presented the information in a way that made me feel like I can implement these structures once school starts. – Elizabeth McClellan, 4th Grade Teacher

Our instructor is very knowledgeable and created a vision: a safe learning environment, while keeping it fun and lively. The instructor's background as an administrator loaned credibility to her presentation and the training. – Deborah Peptenar, 4th Grade Teacher

Dawn Hlavsa-Suk portrait

Dawn Hlavsa-Suk

Dawn Hlavsa-Suk travels around the country to present a variety of Kagan workshops and teaches Kagan Cooperative Learning at the graduate level. She is passionate about engaging students with content and helping them build the social skills necessary for jobs in today’s information, service-based economy. A twenty-seven-year background in elementary, middle school, and graduate teaching in both inner-city and suburban areas allows her to address educators’ concerns at all levels of education. She has trained for Kagan for over 5 years and routinely provides professional development to other teachers in her district. She has facilitated trainings on cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, styles of personality, and responsive design. Her expertise in teaching strategies, practical understanding of classroom dynamics, and her sense of humor make the time you spend with her both educational and entertaining.

Dawn was so personal and helpful. She always did her best to answer all the questions. She went above and beyond the curriculum and added things in to improve social skills in our students. She is very knowledgeable and it was an honor to learn from her. – Cassandra Nelson, 5th Grade Teacher

Dawn was extremely knowledgeable about the program. She kept challenging us throughout the training to put students first and to know that content was second to producing the most learning. Excellent workshop! – Charlene Free, 6th Grade Teacher

Dawn was wonderful! Engaging, precise, and funny. As a fellow teacher, she understands the difficulties of a classroom and how much this program impacts all learners. – Melissa Lavell, 6th Grade Teacher

Jennifer Ingalls portrait

Jennifer Ingalls

Jennifer Ingalls has over twenty years in education, including teaching experience in urban, suburban, and rural settings over a variety of grade levels. Jen was initially introduced to Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures during her first year of teaching and witnessed continued success from her students over the years. After teaching, training, and coaching for Kagan, she has now witnessed the positive impact of cooperative learning on students nationwide. Jen sees how Kagan Cooperative Learning maximizes engagement time, increases assessments scores, reduces discipline concerns, and stimulates a fun learning environment for the students. Jen feels the positive results from utilizing Kagan Structures in her classroom helped her to earn Teacher of the Year at two different schools and Teacher of the Year in her last district. Jen holds a Master of Arts degree in Education and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida.

Absolutely fabulous. A true believer, and her real-life experiences and stories all added to her inspirational presentation...she made our whole table believe we can and will succeed in doing this! – Tamara Hoffman, Literacy Coach

Jen seems down to earth, communicates exceedingly clearly, and demonstrates apparent enthusiasm for teaching and learning. I loved her style and really appreciate her level of professionalism and care. – Westley Knight, 6th Grade Teacher

110% awesome! Give her a raise, she has high energy! She understands how to train adult learners, which is vitally important. She truly made this a party for my brain! – Amy Spears, 9th Grade Teacher

Beth Isaacs portrait

Beth Isaacs

Beth Isaacs began her career as a national presenter for Resource Profiles, where she developed seminars designed to foster creativity for preschool children. Moving into formal education, she helped at-risk students improve their communication skills as well as designed and implemented a creative writing/blogging program for intermediate grades. Works stemming from this initiative were published online and seen in over forty countries. Her Kagan journey began a decade ago after attending a weeklong workshop, which revolutionized her classroom and deepened her relationships with her students. Beth then became a Kagan School Trainer and, in 2022, was invited to join the Kagan Team as an Associate Trainer. Her experience with Kagan Structures and how they transform education is the driving force behind her passion for Cooperative Learning.

Beth continues to teach elementary music and consult with music teachers throughout the district on Kagan strategies for the creative classroom. She has a Master of Arts in music and is certified K–12 in music education.

Elisha Jennings portrait

Elisha Jennings

Elisha Jennings is from Sarasota Florida where she currently resides with her husband and two children. Elisha has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Central Florida in Economics and a Master's degree in School Counseling from Argosy University. Her teaching background includes extensive experience in Science and Social Studies instruction at both elementary and high school levels as well as School Counseling. Elisha's most recent experiences in the field of education included Program Specialist for the School Board of Sarasota county's Professional Development Department where she supports principals, administrators, and struggling teachers in a variety of capacities including training and instructional coaching. Currently, Elisha is an International Certified Trainer and Coach for Kagan Publishing and Professional Development. Using Kagan Structures as a classroom teacher, staff trainer, and instructional coach, she has witnessed the power and effectiveness of Structures at all grade levels. She brings enthusiasm to all of her trainings and has a passion for sharing that knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

Very knowledgeable, energetic, and helpful in every way possible. She made the training interesting and entertaining as well as informative! – Heavin Chesne, Teacher

Elisha was a fabulous presenter. She is very energetic and knowledgeable with real classroom experience. I love that the structures presented were modeled and practiced by the group. It was a great experience, thank you! – Heather Knuth, Pre-K Teacher

Elisha was a very exciting, exhilarating, and engaging facilitator. The presentation was direct and very informative. She gave insight on how to start and use the seven keys for success successfully. – Gwendolyn, 6th-7th Grade Teacher

Kelly Johnson portrait

Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson has been in education for 29 years. She received her Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Alabama. Kelly is originally from Illinois, but moved south about 30 years ago and never looked back. Kelly’s teaching career started in Cobb County, Georgia and continued in Lee County, Florida. It was in Florida at Trafalgar Elementary that Kagan became a part of her life. The principal and staff at Trafalgar saw the value in the cooperative learning structures and worked diligently to become a Kagan Model School. Throughout her career, Kelly’s enthusiasm and passion for Kagan Cooperative Learning has remained. Kagan Structures elevated her teaching, impacted her student achievement, and created a community of learners wherever she went. Kelly wanted to share with other teachers the many benefits of Kagan Cooperative Learning, so she joined the Kagan team as a full-time trainer. Most recently, she co-authored our Elementary STEM course with another trainer, Rob Jutras. Kelly brings with her experience, love of learning and teaching, enthusiasm, and effective communication skills.

Kelly made me feel comfortable with her welcoming, warm personality. She was sure to check in to see if there were questions, did a great job modeling structures, and made it a no-pressure experience. – Tara Hoelscher, Special Education Teacher

Kelly was extremely knowledgeable. She shared realistic practices and strategies that can be implemented immediately. – Adrianne Carey, Instructional Facilitator

This workshop was wonderful. I feel like I learned things that I have not been able to figure out in three years of teaching. I am confident that the information I learned today will help me in my classes! – Hannah Traylor, Teacher

Rob Jutras portrait

Rob Jutras

Rob Jutras has worked at elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools as a teacher and instructional coach. He has been a trainer helping teachers increase student engagement and achievement for over twenty years. He loves the opportunities to help teachers and students. He found success with Kagan Structures in his own classrooms and jumped at the opportunity when asked to share them with others. The simplicity of Kagan Structures is what originally attracted him. Teachers need easy routines that make teaching and learning fun. Whether Rob is helping elementary teachers with science or secondary teachers with mathematics, Kagan Structures have been the obvious answer when wanting to build the skills necessary to be a successful part of the 21st century world. His passion for teaching and learning is contagious. Rob lives in North Carolina with his wife, Betsy, their two sons, Henry and Parker, and their spunky doodle, Molly.

Rob was dynamic! Entertaining! Speaks from experience! Eager to share information, resources and support! Clearly understands our learners. – Kate Taylor, 6th-8th Grade Teacher

I cannot say enough good things about Rob! He is personable, witty, and a Kagan master. Thank you for sending him our way! – Katie Farrin, 9th-12th Grade Journalism Teacher

Rob did a splendid job. He is high energy, knowledgeable, and tells the information in a style applicable to the real world. There was nothing presented that came off as canned or by the script. The man practices what he preaches. – William Jones, 6th-9th Grade Art Teacher

Laurie Kagan portrait

Laurie Kagan

Laurie Kagan is in high demand as a presenter worldwide. Her presentations are dynamic events– participants discover the power of simple instructional strategies to use as part of any lesson. Laurie is the author of twelve popular books for teachers and trainers including Multiple Intelligences: Structures and Activities, Teambuilding, and Classbuilding. Her book, Dynamic Trainer, is the single most comprehensive trainer resource and is the basis for her much sought workshop: The Dynamic Trainer. Laurie has developed popular learning games and structures that are used around the globe. As the former Director of Elementary Education for the State of Nevada, Laurie is presently Director of Kagan Professional Development. She develops Kagan workshops and institutes and selects and trains all Kagan consultants. Laurie translates a deep understanding of theory and methods into practical, teacher-friendly strategies and presentations.

Laurie Kagan was superb! She was full of energy– a strong motivator! She displayed a sincere faith and belief in her content. She– hands down– is the best presenter I've heard. The information will be extremely helpful, as it is a fresh and exciting way to drive instruction. – Mary Dees, Secondary English Teacher

Laurie was very energetic and easy to listen to. Her desire to see students receive the best education, beyond just academic, was very evident. I hope to bring that enthusiasm back to my school! – Trina Michelle Maner, K-6 Music & Art Teacher

Great motivational and charismatic speaker. She's been there, she cares, and she knows what she's talking about! – Debbie Schuerer, 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Dr. Spencer Kagan portrait

Dr. Spencer Kagan

Dr. Spencer Kagan is an internationally acclaimed researcher, presenter, and author. He has published over 20 books which have now sold over 1 million copies. His books are translated into many languages. Dr. Kagan received his doctorate in clinical psychology from UCLA, was a clinical psychologist, and a full professor of psychology and education at the University of California. He has received two honorary doctorates. Dr. Kagan is the principal author of the single most comprehensive book for educators in each of six fields: cooperative learning, brain-friendly teaching, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), multiple intelligences, classroom discipline, and classroom energizers. Dr. Kagan developed the structural approach to instruction based on hundreds of popular brain-based, cooperative learning, and multiple intelligences structures like Numbered Heads Together, Timed Pair Share, and Number Group Mania! Dr. Kagan is the founder and co-director of Kagan Publishing and Professional Development, one of the largest educational training companies in the world with franchises in over a dozen countries. Dr. Kagan has provided workshops and keynotes in over 40 countries. His hobby is photography; his photos are featured in galleries.

Download Dr. Kagan's Vita (pdf)

Excellent presentation! Dr. Kagan exemplifies what an effective instructor/teacher can do to make learning not only fun but enduring. – Jeweline Hill, Junior High School Assistant Principal

Fabulous! Dr. Kagan was engaging, funny, and intelligent. He is one of the best public speakers I have ever had the pleasure to hear. – Mary M Sullivan, High School Teacher

Superb! Great analytic abilities in addition to seeing the big picture in education. Strong theory-practice connections. Always learning, growing, and making it available to teachers. – Neil Davidson, Professor

Jane Kramer portrait

Jane Kramer

Jane is currently teaching United States History, Advanced Placement United States History, and World History at South East High School in South Gate, CA. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she is also the lead teacher for her small learning community—Health, Science, and Environment. Jane is leadership advisor for the freshman and sophomore classes, coach for Students Run Los Angeles and the swim team, and provides professional development for her staff on Kagan Cooperative Learning. Prior to becoming a high school history teacher, Jane spent three years teaching middle school, and fifteen years teaching elementary students. Jane was introduced to Kagan Cooperative Learning while teaching at the high school level and saw how Kagan Structures transformed her classroom culture, student achievement, communication skills, and attendance. She has become passionate about training and coaching teachers on how to implement Kagan Cooperative Learning. Jane earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from Chapman University and her Master of Arts degree in History from California State University Los Angeles. She became National Board Certified in 2009 and recertified in 2018. She has recently completed her Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from California State University Northridge. Aside from her professional duties Jane loves to travel, run, and read. Jane’s experience with teaching students of all ages, along with her passion for life-long learning ensure that everyone will leave her trainings eager to implement Kagan Cooperative Learning in their classroom.

Jane was well prepared, very knowledgeable, and applied the content to real-life classroom settings. She was organized and applied exceptional classroom pedagogy to her training. – Lizette Diaz, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Jane is such an amazing instructor! She made the workshop fun and engaging! She also was friendly and very thorough with her explanations! – Breanna Perez, 6th Grade Math/Science Teacher

Jane was an excellent presenter. She was very engaging and was incredibly knowledgeable in Kagan strategies and was able to see and meet the needs of our group. I also enjoyed her personal anecdotes and how she uses these structures with her own students. – Gloria Granados, Teacher

Kellie Lee portrait

Kellie Lee

Kellie Lee started her teaching career as an Exceptional Education teacher at Bowling Green High School in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She transitioned into a Secondary Mathematics classroom in 2007. She is currently the Mathematics Department Lead Teacher at Glasgow High School in Glasgow, Kentucky. She has taught mathematics and statistics to high school students for more than 23 years. She believes that all students can learn at a high level when they are engaged in the classroom. She currently teaches AP Statistics and Honors Geometry. She received her Bachelors of Science in Exceptional Children, Elementary Education, and Secondary Mathematics from Western Kentucky University. Kellie also received a Master’s Degree in Exceptional Education K–12.

As a classroom teacher, Kellie has experienced the positive effects of using Kagan’s Seven Key Concepts daily. She is excited to share her spirit and knowledge of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures with others. Kellie lives in Kentucky with her husband, Jim, and their two children, Abbie and Max.

Kellie believes that her time spent presenting is valuable because it allows her to learn from her peers just as they learn from her.

Very engaging and fun! Thanks for making this workshop worthwhile! – Marcely Kinsey, Kindergarten Teacher

Amazing! Very energetic and fun-filled. – Vivian Rader, 5th Grade Teacher

Great energy and sense of humor, which makes the training delightful! – Shauna Matsumoto, Middle School Principal

Angela Legg portrait

Angela Legg

Angela Legg is currently serving as a district lead instructional coach in the Aurora Public School District in Aurora, Colorado. She supports Building Instructional Coaches and Mentors, while also creating and providing professional development throughout the district. Angela started her career as a special education teacher in Buffalo, New York, before moving to Colorado and gaining teaching experiences as a kindergarten, 2nd grade, and 6th grade teacher. Coaching experiences include mentoring student teachers, new to the profession teachers, and veterans, alike. She has contributed to the development of induction programming in both Douglas County and Cherry Creek School districts and has led professional development efforts to support district initiatives in coaching, facilitation, differentiation, cooperative learning, and professional learning communities.

What a jewel, she got the most introverted of teachers talking! Miracle worker!! – Latrice Cly, Teacher

Angela was wonderful. Enthusiastic and so knowledgeable. Terrific job! – Beth Sheeley, Teacher

Tammy Leis portrait

Tammy Leis

Educating children has been a passion for Tammy Leis since beginning her career in 1992. Tammy has always considered teaching more of a calling on her life than a profession. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Wichita State University and has taught third through eighth grades during her career. Twice selected as Circle USD 375 District Teacher of the Year, she was also a regional semi-finalist for 2016 Kansas Teacher of the Year.

In 1998, she attended a Kagan Cooperative Learning workshop presented by Dr. Vern Minor. She attributes this as the turning point in her teaching career, where student engagement became the primary focus that revolutionized her classroom. Tammy attended her first School Trainer Institute in July of 2004, and has worked since then to support the implementation of Kagan Cooperative Learning in her school and throughout the district. She became an Associate Trainer for Kagan in 2022 and looks forward to helping other teachers in their quest for excellence in the classroom.

The instructor had a great voice, enthusiasm, and I enjoyed hearing how she personally has benefited from cooperative learning in her classroom. – Elizabeth Allen, 3rd Grade Teacher

Very informative and engaging! Great about keeping everyone on task and giving breaks. Tammy went above and beyond to help out and give us ideas about our classrooms. – Paige Calderon, 2nd Grade Teacher

Tammy was animated which always helps keep your attention! Very knowledgeable about Kagan. She's used it in her classroom for many years so she is knowledgeable about how and what works. – Melinda Tew, ESOL Coordinator and Teacher

Sarah Levine portrait

Sarah Levine

Sarah is currently an 11th and 12th grade teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. She teaches AP Spanish Language and Culture and serves as the Literacy and Instructional Coach at Sunnyslope High School. She studied Intercultural Communication and Spanish at Arizona State University before pursuing postgraduate courses in education. She’s been teaching since 2001 and has been a passionate Kagan Teacher since first completing the training in 2009. Sarah is thrilled to be part of the Kagan Training Team and to continue to spread excitement and confidence that Kagan Cooperative Learning is the solution to the student achievement puzzle.

She was hilarious! Her personality made the day even more fun and engaging. She clearly enjoys what she does and is very knowledgeable about everything Kagan. – Natalie Boyd, Associate Teacher

Amazing! Very funny and upbeat. Kept everything running smoothly and explained well. Would love to have her as a teacher. – Karly LaOrange, Teacher

Awesome! Great sense of humor. Sarah is very engaging and relatable. Makes me excited to use! – Bonnie Verhoeven, 6th Grade Science Teacher

Dr. Carol Lohkamp portrait

Dr. Carol Lohkamp

Dr. Carol Lohkamp served in public education for nearly 25 years before joining the Kagan Professional Development team. During her time in public education she was employed as a classroom teacher, grant manager, program director, and building principal. Dr. Lohkamp completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Missouri State University and received a doctorate in educational leadership from Saint Louis University. As a classroom teacher and a building principal, Dr. Lohkamp witnessed the power of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures firsthand, both in the classroom and during faculty decision making. She led a schoolwide adoption of cooperative learning, making engagement a priority in her building. During her leadership experience, Dr. Lohkamp discovered that Kagan Structures are truly content-free and applicable to every learning situation regardless of age or ability level. Dr. Lohkamp presently serves as a trainer and coach for Kagan Professional Development, conducting workshops with teachers and administrators across the country. In addition, she supports schools and districts in the administration of Kagan Cooperative Learning implementation plans.

Carol was truly uplifting. Her energy and enthusiasm made the day fun. She sure knows how to effectively present. – Diana Baruti, Teacher

Carol Lohkamp was inspiring and joyful in sharing Kagan structures with our faculty! She is passionate about helping all teachers help their scholars reach the highest levels of academic excellence. – Lynn Kiser, 2nd Grade Teacher

Goodness! What a dynamic personality. Loved listening to her share her stories of what she has seen, and how she has used the structures. Always prepared with an answer. Dr. Carol made everyone feel special. She knew our names quickly, and made us all feel like our ideas were unique. – Cathy Shaffer, Teacher

Angela Milon portrait

Angela Milon

Angela was introduced to Kagan Cooperative Learning early in her career as a teacher. She promotes Kagan Structures as the best practice ever in a classroom environment.

Understanding the power of cooperative learning, Angela became a site-based trainer for Kagan in an effort to engage more students while learning. She shared her knowledge and trained her colleagues in her school and district, and started a S.A.M. Club to keep the momentum going. Angela has been a teacher, building and district level instructional coach, assistant principal, principal, and elementary school director. She is energetic and passionate about teaching. Whether conducting professional development training, or facilitating a meeting, it always includes utilizing a Kagan Cooperative Learning Structure.

Angela received her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Missouri State University, her Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and her Ed. Specialist degree in Urban Leadership at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree at Texas A & M University. Angela is a “life-long learner,” and is thrilled to share with other practitioners the power of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures that make learning fun for students and teachers.

Angie kept the activities interesting, and the pacing was excellent. I was impressed by her knowledge, energy level, and patience. – Craig Pavlue, 9th Grade Teacher

Exemplary! Wow! A professional firecracker. What a role model. She's the ‘bomb.’ – Patsy Simmons, Special Education Teacher

Ms. Milon was very educated about the information she presented. She was very hands-on and knew the information she was presenting. – Dorothy Roberts, Teacher

Elle McDaniel portrait

Elle McDaniel

Laurilea “Elle” McDaniel is the Visual and Performing Arts Facilitator for Colorado Springs School District 11 and Executive Director for Front Range Theatre Company in Parker, Colorado. She has over 20 years of experience in Arts education and she has taught all levels from kindergarten to college. Bringing Kagan Cooperative Learning into these classrooms was the best decision she ever made! Elle holds undergraduate degrees in Theatre, Journalism and Education, and a master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction for Secondary Theatre Education from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. She is currently working on a second master’s degree in Educational Leadership from UCCS in Colorado Springs. She is a Freddie G. Fellow, Class of 2017 and a fierce advocate for the arts! She passionately believes in the power of the arts and how transformative they can be. Everyone has a story worthy of being heard. Arts programs encourage confidence and give students a voice to tell it!

Dr. Vern Minor portrait

Dr. Vern Minor

Dr. Vern Minor currently serves as Director of Educational Leadership for Kagan Professional Development. Dr. Minor served in the public school setting for 30 years before joining the Kagan team on a full-time basis. During those three decades of work, he was employed in an administrative capacity for 23 years, having served at both the building and central levels. He spent 16 years as a superintendent of schools during which time he led K–12 implementation efforts of cooperative learning in two districts. As the current Director of Educational Leadership for Kagan, his duties include developing district leadership capacity, helping schools address systemic issues which impact teaching and learning, and assisting district leaders with implementation efforts. Dr. Minor brings two decades worth of leadership experience to the table as a background for helping educators as they strive to ensure that all students are successfully engaged in learning. Dr. Minor has conducted professional development on various reform issues, including the following: leadership, educational change, cooperative learning, cooperative meetings, peer coaching, new teacher induction, inclusion of special needs children, site-based management, and the school improvement process.

Vern, thank you for inspiring us to not settle for less than the best education for all kids. – Kimberly Bracken, 3rd Grade Teacher

Vern is professional. Expert level of knowledge. Passionate about topic. Concerned about raising the bar on the teaching profession. (Thank you!) Dedicated to giving the participants a full learning experience. – Erik Smith, 5th Grade Teacher

Vern Minor is a dynamic trainer and professional. He has the ability to share himself on a number of levels, personal and professional. He has the experience needed to share from a teacher's, administrator's, and supervisor's point of view. – Sandra Dunbar, Principal

Melissa Mulock portrait

Melissa Mulock

Melissa Mulock is currently a Learning Resource Specialist for a state grant funded project, FDLRS, in Florida. As a Learning Resource Specialist, Melissa leads professional learning opportunities and coaches educators throughout the state of Florida in the areas of Reading and Differentiated Instruction. Prior to leaving the classroom, she spent 12 years teaching reading and learning strategies to middle and high school students. Melissa earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Exceptional Student Education from the University of Central Florida. She was first introduced to Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures in 1999 during her first year of teaching and was hooked when she watched Laurie Kagan present a variety of structures to a large group of teachers. Since then, she has consistently implemented Kagan Structures in the classroom and professional development sessions. In 2003, Melissa earned the status of a Certified Strategic Instruction Model Professional Developer for the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. In 2004, she became a National Board Certified Teacher. She has a strong desire for learning, mentoring, and leading others to build positive relationships, and is looking forward to providing quality instruction.

She was organized and knowledgeable about all content presented. She kept us engaged and gave us a lot of tools to use in our classrooms! – Eveleen Autrey, Teacher

Melissa is an outstanding presenter who is dynamic in presenting the material. She is also very knowledgeable in the content she teaches. – Susan Sowinski, 2nd Grade Teacher

Melissa was wonderful! I was engaged the entire workshop. She did a great job of noticing when the room needed a brain break. She is the perfect example of a teacher who knows when and where to implement a structure. – Shanita Highland, K-5th Grade Teacher

Lindsey Nelson portrait

Lindsey Nelson

Lindsey has been involved in education for over 20 years. She has worked as an Elementary and Junior High School Classroom Teacher, an Instructional Coach, a Reading Research Project Manager for the University of Iowa, an Academic Specialist and Education Professor at North Central University, and as a Certified Kagan Trainer. Lindsey earned her Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Minnesota in K–8 education and continued there with her Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. After working for several years in a low-performing, Title I school, Lindsey knew a change was needed. She attended her first Kagan training and knew it contained the missing link between “teaching and ensuring that kids learn.” She began implementing Kagan Structures and steadily saw test scores rise, culture improve, and behavior problems decrease. She loves to share this career-changing information with other educators and help them experience the same benefits. Lindsey brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion with her wherever she goes.

Lindsay was amazing! She made the training fun, interactive, and it made me realize what I wanted my classroom to feel like. – Ahsia Spencer, Band Director

Lindsey was great & constantly taking time to answer individual questions. She was even willing to look at my curriculum books and make suggestions for some quick ways to insert Kagan Structures. She was full of energy & kept us engaged! – Morgan Camp, 6th Grade ELA Teacher

Lindsey did a great job engaging our group. I loved her depth of knowledge and her fun personality helped to make the presentation valuable. – Stephanie Chenault, 1st Grade Teacher

Kris Osthoff portrait

Kris Osthoff

Kris Osthoff has been in education for 16 years and has been an Internationally Certified Kagan Trainer for the last 3 years. She is incredibly passionate about Kagan Cooperative Learning as she has seen Kagan Structures motivate learners, empower students, boost achievement, improve social skills, and reduce discipline problems. Committed to life-long learning, she realizes the importance of the most effective teaching practices, and she values the research behind cooperative learning. Kris loves the opportunity to share structures with teachers and the opportunity to support teachers in their classrooms while using structures. Prior to becoming an Internationally Certified Kagan Trainer, Kris served as a District Kagan Trainer, Building Department Chair, District Curriculum Committee member, PLC Department Leader, Leadership Committee member, and organized Professional Development. Kris earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education at Fort Hays State University and her Master's degree in Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Wichita State University. Her enthusiasm and knowledge are extremely valuable to anyone who participates in her workshops.

Kris was very engaging and confident as a speaker. She used the whole room and made sure everyone was engaged and ready to move on when necessary. – Stephanie Higdon, 2nd Grade Teacher

Kris was enthusiastic during all four days. She was professional and fun at the same time. She knew her audience and adjusted the information accordingly. Great attitude! – Learen Wolfe, K-5th Grade ELL Teacher

Kris was awesome, brilliant, prodigious, an expert, intelligent, supportive, caring, inventive, and was beyond my wildest dreams of an instructor! – Janet Dickerson, 6th-8th Grade Teacher

Lynsy Oswald portrait

Lynsy Oswald

Lynsy Oswald is a Principal for the Moline-Coal Valley School District. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay in 2005 where she played Division 1 College Softball. Lynsy went on to get a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education in 2007 and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership in 2014. Before becoming an educational leader, she taught for 8 years in the Moline-Coal Valley School District. In 2008, she was awarded the Rookie of the Year award. Lynsy has co-published two books for Kagan: Management & Discipline and Personal & Social Skills. She is very passionate about using Kagan to engage students and help them grow as learners and as people.

Excellent content and great presentation of the material…Lynsy did a phenomenal job of engaging all learners in the room. She made herself available to troubleshoot and provide insight to the implementation process. – Jayne Zielenski, Assistant Principal

The instructor was lively and kept a great pace. She knows the material very well and is able to share her wealth of knowledge extensively. – Suzi Rusin, 2nd Grade Teacher

Lynsy was amazing! I am super excited and truly know how beneficial this will be in the classroom. – Cathy Haney, 4th Grade Teacher

Jim Owen portrait

Jim Owen

After serving for thirty-five years in public education in southwest Michigan as a teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent for instruction, Jim Owen retired and joined the Kagan Professional Development Team. He received his Bachelor’s in Education and Master’s in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University. While principal at Lakeview Junior High in Battle Creek, Michigan, Jim first became aware of Kagan Cooperative Learning. After observing the high levels of student engagement and increased learning from the use of Kagan Structures, he made the decision to make Kagan Cooperative Learning and eventually Win-Win Discipline, the focal point for staff development. Jim worked to lead by example, modeling Kagan Structures during staff, department, and professional development sessions. He later restructured the district professional development plan to provide Kagan Cooperative Learning for teachers and all administrators during his ten years as a central office administrator. It didn’t take long for teachers and principals to begin noticing the positive impact on student engagement in classrooms using Kagan Structures. As a result, most all district teachers participated in the summer 5-day training institute held each year, with many repeating the training each summer. Joining the Kagan Team has been something Jim has looked forward to for the past twenty years!

Darla Palacio portrait

Darla Palacio

Darla Palacio served as an educator for 35 years in Phoenix, Arizona. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Dakota State University in Madison, South Dakota and her Master’s from Northern Arizona University. In her role as an Instructional Coach, Darla has seen firsthand the power of Kagan Structures. She was able to help transform classrooms by helping teachers embed structures into their daily curriculum, while also leading engaging professional development. With these successful teaching strategies, students’ lives are being transformed as they learn new social skills, motivation, and content. Teachers’ lives are also being changed because the easy-to-follow routines keep the fun in their jobs. Darla is passionate about increasing student engagement and achievement, and Kagan Cooperative Learning is just the tool for the job! She is so excited to be able to support engagement in your classrooms as you are implementing these life changing structures.

Darla had great energy and worked to provide relevant examples for each teacher. She made the learning applicable, connected to district initiatives, and effectively addressed questions. I would love to have Darla do more training! – Terra Chesshir, PK-12 Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Darla was phenomenal. Great pacing, very focused on her audience, allowed for questions, and very encouraging. One of my favorite presenters of all time. Engaging and down to earth. Darla, you sold me on Kagan Structures. – Mary Ellen Sellers, 5th Grade Teacher

Darla was enthusiastic and you can tell how much she cares about students' learning. – Jennifer Streeter, 9th-12th Grade Educational Specialist

Kylie Perkins portrait

Kylie Perkins

Kylie is currently a 1st Grade teacher at Idlehurst Elementary School in Somersworth, New Hampshire. Prior to becoming a classroom teacher, she worked as a Title One intervention teacher, providing explicit instruction for students K–5 in both literacy and math content. Kylie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Education, Elementary, and her Master of Education degree in Elementary Education from the University of New Hampshire. Kylie began implementing Kagan Structures immediately after her first Kagan training and felt empowered to group students in ways that maximize learning and close achievement gaps in an easy and manageable way. She became the school trainer for her school so she could share her knowledge with colleagues. Kylie is thrilled to share her passion for Kagan Cooperative Learning with others so they too, may experience the power that Kagan Structures can have when creating an environment where students working together as learners and leaders, and has positive implications on student engagement, achievement, and classroom culture.

Kylie not only demonstrated mastery of her content as an instructor, but modeled the structures in an approachable and engaging way that increased participant buy in. The learning space felt safe, inclusive, and encouraging– a place to learn, take risks, and grow. Her professionalism and expertise as an educator was only further highlighted by her ability to train and educate educators (an often times difficult endeavor) – Carrie Gingrich, High School Counselor

Awesome instructor!! So well-prepared, clear about the content we are learning. Great positive personality. Thank you!!! – Michelle Pridmore, Teacher

Kylie is a superb presenter! She’s knowledgeable, organized, and gives honest, practical advice. – Tania Minor, Teacher

Angela Pinkerton portrait

Angela Pinkerton

Angela Pinkerton is a true "teachers teacher." During her eight years of public school teaching, Angela has served as a Kagan School Trainer, Mentor, Beginning Teacher Trainer, and Writing Specialist. She has extensive knowledge in Thinking Maps, Write from the Beginning, and Six-Trait Writing. Angela received her Master's in Education from the University of Oregon. During her years in the classroom, Angela saw firsthand how Kagan Structures increased student achievement, communication skills, social skills, and thinking skills, while decreasing behavior problems. Angela's passion and enthusiasm for teaching are evident in her trainings. Teachers walk away with practical and valuable ideas to use the very next day!

Outstanding. Angela related very well with my staff and used her teacher lens to her advantage. She was very organized and well prepared. She represents Kagan very well. – Roy Getchell, Principal

Very knowledgeable and interactive. Professional in all aspects. Very hands-on and respectful. Just GREAT! Please come back! – Chino Arvyanwu, 12th Grade English Teacher

Angela was very positive, and I loved that she had enough classroom experience to effectively talk about real world examples. I am confident that I will use these structures and methods. – Cheryl Robison, 5th Grade Teacher

Amanda Porter portrait

Amanda Porter

Amanda Porter is an Assistant Principal at Wasatch High School in Wasatch School District in Heber City, Utah. She began her career in education teaching ninth grade Language Arts and then transitioned to teaching in the library. While working as a teacher librarian she also served as the Utah Education Library Media President. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Education administration, she worked as an instructional coach for eleven years, and during that time supported engagement initiatives using Kagan through Kagan Coaching, SAM Clubs, and Professional Learning Community data coaching. Amanda is also endorsed in English Language Learning and Reading. Amanda understands that structures can be used in any classroom to increase accountability and decrease the achievement gap. She is excited for the opportunity to share her enthusiasm for engagement and education with other teachers across the country to impact student achievement. She believes that teachers have the privilege of opening doors for students’ futures every day as they achieve at high levels.

Amanda was personable, structured, well-prepared, and extremely knowledgeable. She can relate these structures to all subjects and content. – Jennifer Clements, Teacher

Wonderful job! She modeled all of the structures in a way that were easy to understand. – Kristin Swanson, 1st Grade Teacher

Amanda did a fantastic job of presenting the material and coming up with suggestions to apply it in different settings. – Rue Campbell, STEAM Special Services

Dr. Garrett Prevo portrait

Dr. Garrett Prevo

Dr. Garrett Prevo grew up in an education family. His mother was an Early Childhood teacher and his father was a Middle School Industrial Arts teacher. Education is in his blood. He began his education career in 2003 as a High School Science teacher and coach in Hurley, Missouri. He taught High School Science for five years before moving into administration. In 2007, Garrett started his administrative career as a High School Assistant Principal and has been in public school leadership since. He was first exposed to Kagan Cooperative Learning as an Assistant Principal. With his administrative team, he began to use Kagan Structures within their faculty meetings and experienced complete staff engagement. Dr. Prevo earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Missouri State University and an Educational Doctorate from the University of Missouri in 2014.

Dr. Tim Richard portrait

Dr. Tim Richard

As a veteran of the US Air Force, a teacher, and a school and district leader, Dr. Tim Richard has dedicated his career to public service. Over a public education career spanning 25 years, he has been involved in 5 different successful school improvement projects. As a Principal at 2 different schools, Tim supported his teachers with implementing Kagan Cooperative Learning and both schools had significant academic gains as reflected in state test scores and increased school letter grades. Tim also saw how Kagan not only improved the culture in individual teacher’s classrooms, but he also saw how it improved the entire culture of a school. Tim enjoys using Kagan Structures not only to engage students, but to also engage his staff, because he has seen first hand how doing both improves academic outcomes and school culture!

Angela Rico portrait

Angela Rico

Angela Rico currently teaches advanced mathematics to 8th grade students at Centennial Middle School in Yuma, Arizona. Angela believes that all learners are capable of learning advanced mathematics by using instructional strategies that develop growth mindsets and by using cooperative learning to engage all learners. In addition to being the math lead and coach at her school, she also writes curriculum at both district and state level. She was the Newspapers in Education Teacher of the Year and has been a finalist for Yuma County Teacher of the Year and a nominee for the Arizona Math Leaders Teacher of the Year. She holds a BA in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish, a Masters in Bilingual Multicultural Education, and is a certified reading and math specialist.

Shaundi Robarge portrait

Shaundi Robarge

Shaundi Robarge has over 20 years of classroom teaching experience in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Shaundi is passionate about literacy. She earned her National Board teacher certification in reading and literacy, a bachelor’s degree in elementary education/reading and literacy from St. Martin’s University, and Master of education degree in reading and literacy from City University. Shaundi has seen, firsthand, what a tremendous impact Kagan structures have on students, and looks forward to sharing that excitement with others.

Randy Ross portrait

Randy Ross

Randy Ross has been an educator since 1995. Before his teaching career began, Randy was a nuclear engineer for ten years. During Randy’s service in the United States Navy, superiors recognized his capacity to teach. He was assigned as the reactor trainer in charge of training sailors to operate the ship’s nuclear reactor watch stations.

Randy earned his Bachelor of Arts in Education at Eastern Washington University and taught two years at Washington State. He went on to earn a Master of Arts in International Administration and Supervision through the University of New Jersey. Randy’s love of world travel drove him to explore teaching opportunities overseas. He taught early elementary in Kuwait, and volunteered in Peru, to teach reading and physical education to international students in grades K–12.

Eventually, Randy returned to the United States, started to grow his family, and began teaching in Mesa, Arizona, where he has worked since 2001 as a junior high math instructor. Over the years he has been trained in Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) and Kagan Cooperative Learning. Randy believes strongly in Kagan Structures. He has witnessed amazing engagement, interest, achievement, and can-do attitudes while implementing Kagan strategies.

In his spare time, Randy is an extreme hiker and a high school sports official. Twelve months a year, he hikes the local mountains and officiates football, basketball, and softball.

Kim Rostick portrait

Kim Rostick

Kim Rostick began incorporating Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures into her professional practice in 2002 as a fourth grade teacher at Corbett Preparatory School of IDS, a Kagan Model School. She has twenty-five years of teaching experience in both public schools in Atlanta, Georgia, and independent schools in Tampa, Florida. Kim received a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Emory University, a Master of Education from Georgia State University and National Board Certification in Early Adolescence Social Studies/ History. Kim has been recognized nationally and internationally for teaching excellence, most recently as best teacher’s lesson plan for Constituting America and as the statewide elementary recipient of the Governor’s Excellence in Education Award. Kim is passionate about developing talented individuals, fostering a stimulating and productive classroom environment, and sharing the best in brain-friendly teaching practices found in Kagan Structures.

Mrs. Rostick kept all staff engaged in the training by constantly having the staff up, out of their seats. Everyone was given an equal opportunity to be fully engaged by using multiple strategies. – Antonette Chestnut, Teacher

Kim has great knowledge on teaching strategies as well as being fresh out of the classroom. She had passion and made the time very valuable. – Tevani Liotard, P.E. Teacher

Few audiences are tougher than a room full of teachers with a billion things to do, but Kim did an incredible job at avoiding waste and relating to classroom realities. – Khalil M. Abouhamad, Teacher/Chair

Dana Rudzitis portrait

Dana Rudzitis

Dana Rudzitis began her teaching career in 1995 as an elementary school music teacher and middle school choir director. She taught music in Texas, North Carolina, and Florida. While teaching in Florida, she earned her National Board Certification in the area of Early and Middle Childhood Music. In 2008, she transitioned into the third grade classroom where she was first introduced to Kagan Cooperative Learning. She immediately saw the power of how Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures increase academic achievement and build classroom community. She is excited to share her knowledge with others.

Dana did a great job of presenting the material! She speaks clearly and kept us moving at a good pace. She was motivating. – Amy McKenna, 3rd Grade Teacher

Very informative and upbeat pace. Dana provided a great deal of valuable information to our staff in a very positive manner! – Trish Reynolds, Library Teacher

Dana was great, very clear and energetic. Her positivity and enthusiasm for Kagan strategies were contagious. Such a great motivational start of the year! -Kaylin Tindol, 5th Grade Teacher

Denise Sanders portrait

Denise Sanders

Denise Sanders has been a high school science teacher for over 20 years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and History from Houston Baptist University. Denise began her teaching career at Humble High School, northeast of Houston, TX. After teaching Chemistry, Physical Science, and AP Biology for 6 years, she moved to Austin Independent School District. She taught for 10 years at James Bowie High School before moving to The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in 2018 where she teaches Chemistry, and Biotechnology. Denise achieved National Board Certification for Adolescents & Young Adults in Science in 2011 and successfully maintained certification in 2022. Denise attended the 5-day Cooperative Learning Workshop in 2012, and it transformed her teaching practice. She immediately embraced Kagan strategies and incorporated them into every lesson. She attended many Kagan workshops at summer and winter academies, and after each one, her passion for Kagan content multiplied. She presented how she uses Kagan in her chemistry classes at the National Science Teachers Association’s national conference and found that she enjoys inspiring other teachers to incorporate cooperative learning in their high school science classrooms. She became a Kagan Certified School Trainer in 2015 and a Kagan Associate Trainer in 2023. Denise brings a wealth of knowledge of Kagan content and a passion for teaching and engaging students.

Trista Sanders portrait

Trista Sanders

Trista Sanders has been implementing Kagan Cooperative Learning in classrooms since 2007. Trista earned her Bachelor of Science in English Education at the University of Illinois in 1995, followed by a Masters in Counseling in 2004 and Masters in Educational Leadership in 2010, both from Western Illinois University. After teaching high school English for 13 years, counseling high school students for 8 years, and training fellow high school instructors in Kagan Cooperative Learning for 14 years, Trista carried her experience on to administration, serving as both Assistant Principal for Curriculum & Instruction and Building Principal at Moline High School. Throughout her career, Trista has provided professional development for staff that encourages a highly engaging, emotionally-safe learning environment for students. Her current position as Coordinator for K–12 Instructional Programs for Moline-Coal Valley USD 40 in Illinois, provides the opportunity to expand student-to-student interaction and high-engagement instruction to all levels of the school district.

Stuart Sanks portrait

Stuart Sanks

Stuart has always been in or around education and training. Educated in Theatre and Film at the University of Kansas, he toured with Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre Programs and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts' Living History, performing shows and workshops in schools. For many years Stuart also traveled the world training new employees and opening restaurants for Chili's. In 2006 he made a career change and went back to school to get his teaching certification and a Master's degree from the University of Denver. He has taught in Title I public schools and currently at an arts-integration magnet school in Northglenn, CO. He has endorsements to teach elementary, ESL and theatre. Stuart was introduced to Kagan's Cooperative Learning Structures and saw a dramatic change in his teaching and classroom management. With the increase in student engagement came an increase in student confidence, achievement, community, and a reduction in behavior issues. He looks forward to sharing these game-changing structures with you. When Stuart is not training for Kagan or teaching third grade, he can be found performing, reading Young Adult fiction, or napping.

Outstanding. Master level grasp of the content and an engaging, high-energy delivery style. – Chris Sweat, 7th Grade Science Teacher

Stuart is an excellent instructor. He is extremely enthusiastic about the content, and he made the structures simple to understand. I walked away with many useful ideas and feel the workshop was very valuable. – Maitlyn Reynolds, 7th Grade ELA Teacher

I have been to quite a few Kagan trainings and am so appreciative that all the structures can be made applicable for my class and used as building blocks for other structures. I wish Stuart was on our staff! Stuart rocks :) Best wishes! Cindy Mulvey, 5th Grade Teacher

Tom Searl portrait

Tom Searl

Tom received his B.A. in Psychology from Creighton University, B.S. in Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and his M.Ed. In Bilingual/Multicultural Education and a K–12 ESL Endorsement from Northern Arizona University. His first years in education were spent as a teacher, collaborative peer teacher, mentor, recruiter, and staff trainer with the Alhambra School District in Phoenix, AZ. His classroom experiences with inner city and second language learners proved to him that Kagan Structures make a transformative difference in the lives of students and teachers who use Kagan Structures. Tom has conducted Kagan trainings throughout the United States, and has presented at conferences such as CABE, NABE, KIPP, and ASCD. Additionally, Tom has conducted extensive international trainings in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Mexico, Holland, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. Tom has been a Certified Full Time International Kagan Trainer since 2004.

Tom...Double WOW! Hands down the best presenter I have heard in my 25 years of teaching. He taught us the way I want to teach my students. I felt safe, respected, and I had FUN! – Sara Nordlund, 3rd Grade Teacher

Mr. Searl engaged everyone in attendance with the same openness, respect, enthusiasm, and patience. He is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable, able to communicate that knowledge, that any group would be fortunate to have him as a presenter. Thank you, Mr. Searl – Charles Ahrew, 9th-12th Grade Teacher

Tom was phenomenal! In my 16 years of education, I have never encountered such a wonderful workshop leader. I was so impressed with his energy, knowledge, and presentation skills. He is amazing!!! – Caroline Winn, K-5th Grade Instructional Interventionist

Kim Singleton portrait

Kim Singleton

Kimberly serves as the Instructional Coach and Title 1 Parent Liaison at Bray Elementary in Cedar Hill Independent School District in Cedar Hill, TX. She also facilitates professional development and works on a team within her school district, writing and reviewing district curriculum and assessments. In her role as Instructional Coach, Kimberly is responsible for assisting teachers with all content areas in grades PK–5th grade. She serves as a mentor teacher leader for first year teachers and educators new to the district. She has her Teaching Certification in English as a Second Language and is also certified to teach all content areas EC–6th. She also holds a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Literacy. Having taught all grades from PK–6th grade, she has a wide range of knowledge as it relates to elementary content. Kimberly was first introduced to Kagan Cooperative Learning in 2015. Since then, she has been an advocate for its implementation and has seen how it has transformed her own classroom and the many classroom teachers she coaches. As a Kagan Trainer, Kimberly is able to support and coach teachers on utilizing Kagan Structures and assist them with embedding structures within their daily plans.

Kim Singleton–engaging, funny, and very knowledgeable. Kept me awake and engaged (not always easy to do, especially after lunch!). – Jennifer Lewis, Science Teacher

Kim was phenomenal! She did an amazing job of presenting the information in an engaging, accessible way that’s allowed me to feel confident in implementing Kagan Structures in my classroom. – Holly Schneider, Teacher

Kim Singleton did a fantastic job as a presenter today. She presented the information, modeled when appropriate, and revisited as a means to clarify any misconceptions! Thank you, Ms. Singleton. – Shelly Murphy, Teacher

Bill Stater portrait

Bill Stater

Bill has been involved in education as a teacher, Learning Strategist, Instructional Coach, and currently as an Internationally Certified Kagan Trainer. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Fresno and earned his Master of Education degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. While working at a Title I school in Las Vegas, Bill was introduced to Kagan Structures and witnessed first-hand how they increased student engagement, improved student achievement, and fostered a positive classroom environment. Bill also led his school’s Structure-A-Month Club, served as a Mentor Teacher, coached soccer, was a member of the Behavior Team, presented numerous staff development trainings, and has been a guest speaker for colleges. In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports and traveling with his wife and two children. Bill’s enthusiasm and ability to connect with educators leave those who attend his workshops excited and ready to use Kagan Structures right away.

Bill was informative, energetic, and made sure everyone was engaged in a safe and supportive learning environment. Very knowledgeable of how students act and learn. Excellent representative for your company. Great job. – Anna Tilles, Teacher

Bill did a great job. He had the right balance of humor and delivery of content and knew how to read the crowd! – Karen McCarthy, Math Teacher

Bill Stater was very knowledgeable, professional, prepared, organized and effective. Kagan should be very proud to have him as a representative! – Lucy Escobedo, Third Grade Teacher

Joyce Stiglitz portrait

Joyce Stiglitz

Joyce Stiglitz’s career spans 32 years as a middle and high school classroom teacher in the Sarasota County Public School System. Her experience includes teaching self-contained students in special education, teaching 7th, 8th, and 9th grade mathematics, and finally retiring after 5 years in the Professional Development Department, training teachers in best practices including Kagan Structures. Joyce has been using Kagan Structures in the classroom and trainings since 1998. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Middle School Math and Science from the University of South Florida. A former Teacher of the Year, Joyce has earned many accolades from teachers and administrators for her limitless energy and enthusiasm as a Certified Kagan Associate Trainer. In her free time, she teaches Les Mills Group Fitness classes.

Amazing, kind, and made me feel very safe learning this content in a room full of people who I did not originally know! She made the content fun, and her humor brought the content to life. Her passion shows!! – Djuna Kotun, Teacher

Joyce was my first introduction to Kagan– I never looked back! My teaching is stronger; my kids are happier; my kids are engaged and growing dendrites! -Kimberly Burke, 6th Grade Teacher

Dynamic! The best instructor I have ever had in twenty-seven years of teaching. She presented all the information so well! -Lori Schmutz, 7th Grade Teacher

Vicky Stout portrait

Vicky Stout

Vicky Stout’s career in education began in 1998 as an ESL teacher abroad and has included everything from classroom teacher, curriculum author, school administrator, and Kagan school trainer and coach. Her work in education is a patchwork of international cultures, languages and experiences and has included work in Syria, the UAE and Kuwait, as well as in multiple states in the US. She has been using Kagan Structures in the classroom and training and coaching teachers in Kagan Cooperative Learning since 2018. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Learning and Technology. A Michigan native, she currently teaches 8th grade ELA at Dearborn Public Schools in Dearborn, Michigan. In her free time, she teaches yoga and is an avid traveler.

Juleah Sumpter portrait

Juleah Sumpter

Juleah Sumpter began her educational career in 2000, with the Etiwanda School District, after receiving her B.S. in Education from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She earned her M.A. in Educational Administration from California State University San Bernardino. Juleah continued to grow as a part-time trainer with her district’s professional development team. Working in a Title 1 school, Juleah regularly supported resource and multiple language learning students. After being introduced to Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures, she could see an increase in achievement, social skills, collaboration, and attendance in her students. In 2013, Juleah transitioned from the classroom to the Instruction Department to support teachers in a variety of roles from Induction Support Provider, pilot and implementation teams, content trainer, and engagement coach. After the district made Kagan Cooperative Learning a District Initiative, Juleah developed and continues to facilitate a district-wide coaching team supporting all students and teachers with implementation. In over two decades, Juleah’s experience as a teacher and coach has spanned from transitional kindergarten to higher education. Engaging others doesn’t stop there for Juleah. She loves to meet new people and engage with the world while she travels any chance she gets, showing her passion as a lifelong learner. Juleah’s energy, enthusiasm, and experience equip attendees for successful implementation to change the lives of their students.

Shelley Thompson portrait

Jill Thom

Jill Thom is from West Sacramento, CA and has worked in public schools in and out of the country for 30 years. Starting her career as a science teacher, she has been a high school administrator for the last ten years. Jill was introduced to Kagan Cooperative Learning early in her career and observed many successes, which led her to work hard at integrating it into her teaching practice; later, as administrator, she brought the training to two different schools. In both roles, she has seen Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures transform learning for students and teaching for adults.

Rachel Treaster portrait

Rachel Treaster

Rachel Treaster received her Bacherlor’s in Education from Kansas State University and a Master’s in Educational Administration and Supervision from Wichita State University. Before becoming an Internationally Certified Kagan Trainer, Rachel worked in public education for over ten years. During that time she taught students of all ages, coached teachers, facilitated staff development, and designed curriculum and assessments. As a Kagan Trainer, Rachel has presented structures for language acquisition and literacy at many conferences to great acclaim. Her experience as a classroom teacher, along with her enthusiasm and passion for learning, ensure that all learners will leave her trainings motivated, knowledgeable, and eager to implement Kagan Cooperative Learning.

Rachel was very informative and entertaining. She knew exactly what she was talking about and had answers to our questions. I can easily use this in my classroom on Monday. It was very well organized. – Lauren Scott, 1st Grade Teacher

I enjoyed the workshop immensely. Every component was enlightening. Rachael was extremely well versed in this subject area. She was very competent, secure with her knowledge, patient, helpful, and very resourceful. – Sheila Johnson, Reading Recovery Teacher

Rachel was friendly and knowledgeable. She was considerate and really thought about our questions before answering. The day went by really quickly! – Laura Griffin, 5th Grade Teacher

Beth Vickery portrait

Beth Vickery

Beth Vickery graduated from Bethany College with a degree in Actuarial Science, and began her teaching career in 1998. Before becoming a Certified Kagan Trainer, she taught for the School District of Lee County, in Fort Myers, FL. She spent much of her educational career teaching High School Mathematics and 3rd – 5th grade Math and Science. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, she became a Curriculum Coach and an Assistant Principal. Beth incorporated Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures, both in and outside of her classroom instruction, including faculty meetings, new teacher induction programs, and staff development. Having seen the positive impact of Kagan Structures in both culture and student achievement within her classroom, she is passionate about sharing this strong pedagogy with others in her field. Participants leave her trainings ready to implement what they have learned and see the positive effects of using Kagan Structures in their own classrooms. She currently resides in Alva, Florida, with her husband Ryan, daughter Madison, and their many animals.

Beth was lively and engaging– also very personable and relevant. She spoke to us on our level and gave us ways to apply structures well. – Karen Lucas, Instructional Coach

Beth was really good! I appreciated her candor and suggestions for implementing the strategies with high school students. She was also well-organized and transitions between segments of the workshop seamlessly. – Lee Ferguson, Teacher

Beth was amazing, she taught the structures in a meaningful way. She showed us how to implement the structures and what challenges might occur. She also gave ideas on how to correct/fix the challenges. I would love for her to come again! Nicole Wright, 2nd Grade Teacher

Nicole Vicki portrait

Nicole Vicki

Nicole is currently an Instructional Coach in the Tonawanda City School District. She has been working in education for the past 23 years, and during that time she has taught K–8 Spanish, first, second, third, and sixth grades, and English as a New Language K–12. She received her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Buffalo State College and her Master's degree in Inclusive Education from Niagara University. Nicole being the forever student, returned to school once again to earn certificates in Elementary Literacy and English as a New Language to better instruct the students in her classroom. After taking the role as Instructional Coach in her district in 2001, Nicole attended her first Kagan Workshop. The workshop was a game changer and her love of Kagan began! For the past six years, Nicole has shared her love of Kagan in every classroom she enters. The students always ask their teachers, "When is she coming back to do Kagan?" Nicole believes that all teachers will see the positive effects once they implement Kagan Structures in their classrooms too. Nicole lives in New York with her husband Steve, their two children, Gianna and Stevie, and their dog Duke.

Nicole is AMAZING! She keeps us learning lots of new information, and our school is super engaged! Can she please come and coach us as well? – Julia Boling, 1st Grade Teacher

Instructor is wonderful! She is engaging and extremely friendly. Hope she comes back :) – Sarah Martin, Teacher

The workshop was enlightening, insightful, and quite engaging! It's everything I'd like to use to help my students become better learners. Mrs. Vicki was knowledgeable about the content and subject matter and was extremely thorough as she presented it today. She made it exciting! Vanessa Davenport, 3rd Grade Teacher

Justin Warnke portrait

Justin Warnke

Justin graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education from Illinois State University and earned a Masters in Educational Leadership from Concordia University. He has served as a teacher, coach, and administrator in the Chicagoland area since 2004. Currently, Justin is serving as the principal of Jefferson Junior High in Woodridge, IL. Justin was first exposed to Kagan structures in 2014, when Jefferson Junior High began its building-wide implementation of Kagan Cooperative Learning. The impact of universally implementing Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures in all classrooms had an immediate impact on student growth, achievement, and students’ attitudes toward learning. He has seen first-hand how the JJH staff has increased student engagement, improved relationships with and between students, enhanced the classroom culture for learning, and created brain-friendly classrooms where students enjoy learning with and from one another.

Justin was amazing. He was very well-versed in the material, has strong examples of each item presented, and could speak to the successes as well as the opportunities for growth based on his real experiences leading a school. He was able to clarify and make our training engaging. – Tasha Robinson, English Teacher

Excellent. He was knowledgeable and adaptable to our needs. – J.R. Torres, Teacher

Melanie Willette portrait

Melanie Willette

Melanie Willette has been involved in education for over 30 years. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary English Education from the University of Florida and her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of South Florida. She served as an Adjunct Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at USF, teaching Methods courses and supervising student teachers K–12 in seven Florida districts. Additionally, she has worked as a District-Level Trainer in numerous capacities for the School District of Hillsborough County in Florida, the 7th largest district in the United States. She trained Kagan strategies as a District-Level Trainer for three years, as a full-time Kagan trainer for three and a half years, and is currently an Associate Trainer. Kagan Structures have revolutionized her teaching, impacted student achievement, and created a community of learners in her classroom.

She was energetic, knowledgeable, and read the room very well. She ensured our engagement with brain breaks and presented materials in such a way that it was exciting. – Rebecca Grimmig, Kindergarten Teacher

Provided activities that can be implemented in my classroom. She modeled the structures in a way that provided understanding. It was very interesting. – Silvia Mendez, 7th-8th Grade Teacher

Melanie was very insightful and positive. It really helped that she used this in her own classroom. I can use her stories to picture how it will play out in my classroom. – Sarah Clark, 4th Grade Teacher

Stephanie Wilson portrait

Stephanie Wilson

Stephanie Wilson, an education consultant at the Kentucky Educational Development Cooperation, brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Asbury University and a Master’s degree in Gifted Education from Eastern Kentucky University. Stephanie began her career as an elementary teacher before transitioning to a role as a math interventionist. Wearing multiple hats in her role at KEDC – from instructional coach to professional development trainer – she’s been the cheerleader and mentor teachers didn’t know they needed.

Having discovered the transformative power of Kagan Cooperative Learning, Stephanie promptly implemented its structures in her classroom, witnessing unparalleled engagement and collaboration among her students. Inspired by her students’ academic success and social-emotional growth, she champions the belief that learning is a collective endeavor and a team sport. With a commitment to student success and a dedication to empowering fellow teachers, she set her sights on spreading Kagan Cooperative Learning to educators far and wide.

Melissa Wincel portrait

Melissa Wincel

Melissa Wincel has been in education for over 25 years, teaching in both the private and public sector with varied socio-economic demographics. She’s been a full time International Kagan Trainer since 2010. Melissa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and an Early Childhood Master’s degree from Oakland University. She has a second Master’s degree in Reading with a focus on dyslexia from Nova Southeastern University and well as an ESOL endorsement. She has written 8 teacher resource books for Kagan. Melissa is very passionate about teaching to the whole child; heart, mind and hands, the social, emotional, and intellectual needs in order to be successful in today’s society. Participants call her inspirational, enthusiastic, down to earth, motivational, humorous, and gives practical application to any classroom setting. Participants walk away from her trainings with a firm grasp of where to start cooperative learning implementation and goals to grow towards adding structure throughout their lessons.

Melissa is extremely knowledgeable and has ‘walked the talk’. Very vivacious! – Lesly Wilson, MTSS Specialist

Melissa was a great instructor. Full of energy and true compassion for the Kagan system. She had us moving and interacting in a way that was fun for our group even early in the morning. She was excellent! – Abi Nelson, 1st Grade Teacher

Melissa was professional, knowledgeable, and a good speaker. Clear that she has taught and experienced everything we have. Funny, consistent, sincere, and smooth delivery. – Wendy Elias, K-3rd Grade Art Teacher

Dr. Jerry Wright portrait

Dr. Jerry Wright

Dr. Jerry Lee Wright started teaching as one of Florida’s youngest public educators at the age of 19 years old after graduating from Warner University with a Bachelor’s degree in Education in the year 2010. His parents’ graduation gift was a ticket to Kagan’s 5-Day Cooperative Learning Institute where his entire philosophy of education was transformed. There has been no turning back since. Jerry Lee spent seven years teaching a variety of grades at the elementary level where he first-hand witnessed the impact that cooperative learning and brain-friendly structures could have on student achievement in inclusion classrooms. Due to his students’ exemplary performance on the state standardized assessments, Jerry was recognized by the Florida Department of Education for 3 consecutive years as a High Impact Teacher. Jerry gives full credit to his consistent and daily use of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures with his students. Now as an elementary school administrator, Jerry Lee has had the opportunity to serve as a certified Kagan School Trainer and witnessed the schoolwide impact Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures can have on student achievement and authentic engagement across an entire school campus. It has been a game changer for his school and it’s rewarding to walk in every single classroom and see students authentically engaged with Kagan Structures. Jerry Lee has a Master’s degree in Education with a focus in Curriculum and Instruction from Warner University, an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, and a Doctorate of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Liberty University. Dr. Wright also serves as a professor at several universities and even utilizes Kagan Structures to engage his adult learners at the college level. He has seen Kagan Structures used from Pre-K classrooms all the way to adults and the impact is the same, no matter the age, every learner has the desire to be engaged and that’s where Kagan Cooperative Learning makes the difference.

Jerry Lee was amazing! He did a fantastic job engaging all of us. He was fun, upbeat, excited, and passionate. He is a phenomenal presenter and 100% effective. Jerry definitely motivated me to incorporate Kagan strategies in my classroom. I can’t wait to begin! – Sera Abadie, Teacher

Wonderful!!! So positive and informative. Clearly saw his passion for Kagan, children, and teaching. – Courtney Branson, Teacher

Jerry Lee was outstanding! We had a fabulous day! Our faculty is pumped up and ready to get started. – Sarah T. Matherne, School Counselor

Debbie Young portraitDebbie Young

In 1996, Debbie Young earned her BA degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Primary K–3 from Southeastern University. After experiencing her very first Kagan workshop at the beginning of her teaching career, Debbie was hooked! She saw firsthand the benefits of Kagan and its structures. She was named Teacher of the Year in 2000 and this motivated Debbie to help launch Berkley Elementary School in Auburndale, Florida as a Model Kagan School for educators from all around the county, state, and region for onsite training in Kagan’s Cooperative Learning Structures. Consistently seeking multiple Kagan courses and certifications herself, Debbie has continued to support her fellow teachers in their classrooms through leadership and peer coaching. As a school-based Instructional Math Coach and 4th/5th grade teacher, Debbie saw positive changes in her students through the years not only academically, but socially as well. She is excited to share her classroom experiences and love of teaching with Kagan’s Cooperative Learning Structures.

She was very knowledgeable about Kagan structures. She had the whole staff participating, laughing, and having a great time learning. – Lizette Sanz, Teacher

Debbie was phenomenal. High energy, fun, engaging, and supportive. Answered questions and went above and beyond in her presentation. Loved the option to be able to contact her too! – Kaylynne Brown, 7th-8th Grade ELA Teacher

Debbie was great! She explained each structure in an efficient and understanding way while having us practice them out within the workshop. – Abigail Gockel, 3rd Grade Teacher

Wendy Young portraitWendy Young

Wendy L. Young has served as an educator for the past 26 years. She has taught 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th grades, and has been a highly skilled educator for the Kentucky Department of Education supporting low performing schools. She was also an elementary school principal for nine years. Wendy is currently back in the classroom teaching in Lexington, Kentucky, where she has seen the difference Kagan Structures have made to improve teaching and learning. Wendy is pursuing and expecting to earn her doctorate in 2023 at Grand Canyon University in Organizational Leadership/K–12 Leadership, focusing on how cooperative learning enhances critical thinking and communication. As a principal, Wendy introduced Kagan to her entire school to complete the first three days of Cooperative Learning. Wendy saw the benefits of the Kagan Structures and continued the training in Kagan Cooperative Learning 5 Days, Instructional Leadership Academy, Kagan Coaching, Kagan Cooperative Meetings, and became a Kagan School Trainer. Transitioning back from the administration level to the classroom, Wendy has seen how the use of Kagan Structures has improved classroom management and engaged all learners. She is excited to share these structures with all educators around the world.

Mrs. Young was fabulous! You can tell she really enjoys teaching and sharing things to help students. – Cayla Green-Smith, Special Education Teacher

She was upbeat, personable, relatable, and a whole lot of fun! – Rebekah Lopez, 1st Grade Teacher

SO engaging and makes me positive and helpful on how this can work for my class. – Emma Pincheon, 1st Grade Teacher

Joan Zeberlein portraitJoan Zeberlein

Joan Zeberlein received her Bachelor's in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. She taught in Cumberland County School District in North Carolina where she received the honor of Teacher of the Year in her district. She saw the benefits of Kagan Cooperative Learning first hand in her classroom and in her entire district as test scores soared, behavioral problems minimized, and attendance rates increased as children were engaged and thriving in the learning process. Joan has had the awesome privilege of being a part of the Kagan Consulting Team from 1993-2002. Although Joan has taken the past few years to raise her three children in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania, her passion and enthusiasm to share Kagan Cooperative Learning has not waivered in the least! She is an extremely effective communicator with the desire to equip teachers to engage their students to go to the next level and beyond.

Joan is absolutely amazing. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She made the four days so fun and engaging. – Renee Ebert, 3rd Grade Teacher

Joan was extraordinary! Very knowledgeable and passionate about her experience with Kagan. It made the training and learning more fun, and I was engaged throughout the entire training. – Demi Hamilton, 7th-8th Grade Teacher

Joan was amazing and inspiring. Her vibrant personality was perfect to learn this new material. She made us feel safe and comfortable. – Kelly Ersing, K-5th Grade Teacher