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Here you will find two sections of FREE Kagan Articles: Articles by Dr. Spencer Kagan and Research & Rationale supporting the use of Kagan Structures in the classroom.

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Dr. Spencer Kagan

These are articles written by Kagan's visionary leader. Articles feature Dr. Kagan's invention, Kagan Structures. Read Dr. Spencer Kagan's provocative and insightful articles on Kagan Structures and how they have the power to transform education. You'll also find Dr. Kagan's thoughts on cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, the brain, character development, Win-Win Discipline and more.

Click here to download Dr. Kagan's Vita, a comprehensive listing of his research, writing, and training.

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Research & Rationale

These are Research and Rationale articles supporting the use of Kagan Structures. Kagan Structures are scientifically research-based as well as backed by classroom evidence from districts, schools, and teachers experiencing success with Kagan. Articles range from theory and rationale, to research studies, to evidential and anecdotal data collected by practicing schools and teachers.

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Leadership Library

This collection of articles is for administrators and other instructional leaders interested in boosting student engagement and learning with Kagan's approach to teaching. You will find administrator tips, informative articles connecting Kagan to other educational initiatives, and articles by fellow administrators celebrated for their achievements by implementing Kagan at their school or district.

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