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These are articles written by Kagan's visionary leader. Articles feature Dr. Kagan's invention, Kagan Structures. Read Dr. Spencer Kagan's provocative and insightful articles on Kagan Structures and how they have the power to transform education. You'll also find Dr. Kagan's thoughts on cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, the brain, character development, Win-Win Discipline and more.

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Featured Articles by Dr. Spencer Kagan

  • Excellence & Equity
  • Why Call on Just One When We Can Call on Everyone?
  • Effect Size Reveals the Impact of Kagan Structures and Cooperative Learning

Benefits of Kagan Structures and Methods

Boosting Achievement

  • Effect Size Reveals the Impact of Kagan Structures and Cooperative Learning
  • Excellence & Equity
  • Kagan Structures: Research and Rationale
  • Kagan Structures: Research and Rationale in a Nutshell
  • A Dozen Tools to Foster Growth Mindset and Prevent Learned Helplessness
  • Structures for Standards
  • Kagan Structures Elevate High School Achievement

Escalating Engagement

  • Kagan Structures: A Miracle of Active Engagement
  • Why Call on Just One When We Can Call on Everyone?
  • Structures Optimize Engagement
  • Total Engagement Made Easy
  • Disengagement: Achievement Gaps, Discipline, and Dropout - Treating the Disease, Not Just the Symptoms
  • The Myth of Multitasking
  • The Problem Is Not the Cell Phone

Decreasing Disruptive Behaviors

  • What is Win-Win Discipline?
  • Kagan Structures Decrease Disruptive Behavior

Improving Thinking Skills

  • Kagan Structures for Thinking Skills
  • Rethinking Thinking - Does Bloom's Taxonomy Align with Brain Science?

Promoting Language Acquisition: ESL

  • Cooperative Learning Helps English Language Learners (ELLs) Succeed
  • ESL Magazine: Kagan Structures for English Language Learners
  • Kagan Cooperative Structures Promote Language Acquisition
  • Kagan Structures for English Language Learners
  • We Can Talk: Cooperative Learning in the Elementary ESL Classroom

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

  • Kagan Structures for Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotion-Friendly Teaching: A Peek Preview

Fostering Character Virtues

  • The Structural Approach to Character Development
  • What Is Worth Teaching?

Cultivating Life Skills

  • Addressing the Life Skills Crisis

Violence Prevention

  • Cooperative Learning Structures Are Violence Prevention

Improving Race Relations

Brain-Friendly Teaching

  • Kagan Structures are Brain-Based
  • Silly Sports and Goofy Games - The Tenth Reason to Play: Brain-Friendly Instruction
  • Breakouts To Energize Brains and Boost Achievement

Engaging and Developing Multiple Intelligences

  • Multiple Intelligences Structures - Opening Doors to Learning
  • Cooperative Learning and Multiple Intelligences: What are the Connections?
  • Kinesthetic Symbols: Harnessing the Power of Gesturing
  • Raising Smarter Children - Creating an Enriched Learning Environment
  • Raising Smarter Children - Develop Your Child's Many Ways of Being Smart
  • Trialogue: Brain Localization of Intelligences
  • Can Intelligences be Located?

Kagan Theory and Philosophy

  • Dr. Spencer Kagan's Interview for Humana Editorial, Brazil
  • From Lessons to Structures - A Paradigm Shift for 21st Century Education
  • Group Grades Are Pointless
  • Kagan Structures - Not One More Program, a Better Way to Teach Any Program
  • The Embedded Curriculum
  • The Instructional Revolution
  • Going With - A Common Denominator of Successful Educational Programs
  • Kagan Structures and Learning Together: What is the Difference?
  • Kagan Structures Enhance Student Motivation
  • Kagan Connections—The Rigor/Relevance Framework
  • Cooperative Learning: Seventeen Pros and Seventeen Cons Plus Ten Tips for Success
  • Is Cooperation Evil?
  • An Interview with Dr. Spencer Kagan
  • An Interview with Spencer
  • Teach Less, Learn More
  • Tellin’ Ain’t Teachin’

Kagan Methods


  • A Brief History of Kagan Structures
  • Cooperative Learning Structures
  • Kagan Structures Simply Put

Basic Principles

  • Positive Interdependence
  • Kagan Structures Enhance Brain Engagement!
  • The "E" of PIES
  • The “P” and “I” of PIES: Powerful Principles for Success
  • There Is No "I" In Team - Or Is There?
  • The Two Dimensions of Positive Interdependence


  • 10 Reasons to Use Heterogeneous Teams
  • Teams of Four Are Magic!


  • Pairs vs Teams
  • The Power of Pair Work

Praise & Celebration

  • In Praise of Praise
  • Spencer Kagan on Cheers, Celebration and Praise
  • The Power of Praise

Teacher Training, Coaching, Relationship Building

  • Kagan Coaching
  • Overcoming Resistance to Kagan Structures for Engagement
  • Cooperative Meetings: Transforming Teachers and Schools