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Kagan's International Franchises also offer certified Kagan workshops.
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Schedule of Events

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Location Dates Topic Flyer
United Kingdom  
Woodford, Cheshire 4 Mar 2020 Kagan Trilogy
Kagan Class & Teambuilding
Woodford, Cheshire 5 Mar 2020 Kagan Trilogy
Brain-Friendly Teaching; Tools, Tips & Structures
Woodford, Cheshire 6 Mar 2020 Kagan Trilogy
Win-Win Discipline
Birmingham 11 Mar 2020 A Taste of Kagan
1 Hour Taster Workshop
Knottingley, Yorkshire 16 Mar 2020 Kagan Road Tour - Yorkshire Day 1 CL
Day 1 CL Workshop
Manchester 19 Mar 2020 Kagan Road Tour - Manchester Day 1 CL
Day 1 CL Workshop
Cheshire 11 Jun 2020
to 12 Jun 2020
Kagan Summer Academy Days 1 & 2 CL
Introduction - Days 1 & 2 CL
Cheshire 11 Jun 2020
to 12 Jun 2020
Kagan Summer Academy Day 3 & 4 CL
Returners - Days 3 & 4 CL
Woodford, Cheshire 16 Jun 2020
to 19 Jun 2020
Kagan In School Trainer Course
Woodford, Cheshire 21 Sep 2020 Kagan Structures for Little Ones
EYFS /KS1 Workshop
Australia Belgium
Brazil Denmark
Guam Korea
Guam New Zealand
Saudi Arabia Singapore