Kagan Workshop Agendas

Header Graphic: Kagan Workshop Agendas Header Graphic: Kagan Workshop Agendas

On this page, you will find links to download PDF agendas for Kagan workshops. First, find your workshop. Workshops are categorized using the tabs below. Next, click the link to download your desired agenda(s). You may download a single day agenda (e.g., day 1), agendas for multiple single days (e.g., days 1 and 2), or 4 or 5-day combined agendas.

Trainers, Coaches, and Administrators

Kagan Coaching

Kagan Cooperative Meetings

Cooperative School

The Dynamic Trainer

The Dynamic Trainer 5-Day Institute

Structure-A-Month Clubs

Instructional Coaches

Instructional Leadership Academy

Kagan Lesson Planning


Secondary Science

Secondary Language Arts

Secondary Social Studies

Secondary Math


Elementary Math

Elementary Literacy

The Writing Process

Special Subject

World Languages

Growth Mindset

English Language Learners

Mighty Vocabulary

Reading Between the Lines

Reality Reading

Thinking Skills

Transform Your High-Risk Classroom