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Planneta and Kagan Publishing and Professional Development proudly announce the formation of Kagan Brasil. Planneta is a Brazilian company that specializes in offering public and private schools programs which improve the quality of education for millions of student.

Kagan Brasil will be offering Kagan Cooperative Learning workshops and Kagan publications in Portuguese as "Aprendizagem Sistêmica Kagan" (Kagan Cooperative Learning) and "Jogos Divertidos" (Silly Sports Goofy Games). Kagan Brasil will transform teaching and learning in schools all over Brazil.

Contact and Course Information

Contact: Andressa Mucciareli Dozzi Tezza

Phone number: +55 12 2139 2869

Mailing Address:
    • Rua Juiz David Barrili, 304 – 10º andar
    • Jd. Aquarius
    • CEP 12246-200
    • São José dos Campos SP
    • Brasil

Email: Contato@kaganbrasil.com.br

Website: www.kaganbrasil.com.br

Kagan Certified Trainers for Brasil

David Marcelo
Pereira Berto

Andressa Mucciareli
Dozzi Tezza

Schedule of Events

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Registration fees for each event may differ based on the unique nature of the event, such as: duration, location, topic, and course materials.
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