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Brain-Based Learning

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Brain-Friendly Teaching
Tools, Tips, & Structures
Dr. Spencer Kagan (All Grades)
Become a brain-friendly teacher! Put the power of brain research and theory to work in your classroom. Your students will learn more, learn more quickly, retain and recall more, and like learning more. Dr. Kagan's extensively-researched book distills the world of brain science into 6 essential principles that will align your teaching with how your students' brains naturally learn. For each of the 6 brain-based principles, you will find practical tools, tips, and structures to easily make the leap from theory to practice. Teaching is so much easier and more successful when you do it the brain-friendly way. 544 pages.
BKBF • $44
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Brain-Friendly Teaching
Table of Contents

  • Principle 1: Nourishment
  • Principle 2: Safety
  • Principle 3: Social
  • Principle 4: Emotion
  • Principle 5: Attention
  • Principle 6: Stimuli
  • Structures
  • 27 Brain-Friendly Kagan Instructional Strategies to Make Learning Come Alive
  • 59 Research-Based Tools to Transform Brain Science into Good Teaching
  • The Most Extensively Referenced Book on Brain-Friendly Teaching—over 1,000 References!
Unlock the Door To Cooperative Learning Success!
Sample pages from Brain-Based Learning book

Brain-Friendly Teaching
Tools for Each of the
6 Principles!

Practical Ideas and
Ready-to-Use Activities!

27 Kagan Structures With Connections to Brain-Friendly Teaching Principles

Loaded with Terrific Tips
  • To promote performance, celebrate or praise before performance. To cement memory, celebrate or praise after performance.
  • Allow yourself to be silly with your students from time to time.
  • Practice progressive muscle relaxation with your class and use the technique before big tests or other times of high stress.

“When we understand how brains best function, we can align how we teach with how brains best learn.”
—Dr. Spencer Kagan

Brain-Friendly Learning mini-book cover
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New! Brain-Friendly Teaching MiniBook
Dr. Spencer Kagan (All Grades)
Students learn better and retain more when teaching is aligned with the way the brain best learns. This MiniBook provides an overview of Dr. Kagan’s bestselling book, Brain-Friendly Teaching. The book summarizes the six research-based principles of brain-friendly teaching. For each principle we learn the rationale, receive a thumbnail sketch of the tools to implement the principle, then explore one principle in depth. For example, for Principle 4: Emotion, we learn how eliciting emotion while teaching improves students’ cognition and memory; we receive a thumbnail sketch of six practical tools to elicit emotion in your classroom; and then Dr. Kagan explores Eliciting Positive Emotion (one tool) in depth. If you’re looking for a comprehensive reference, opt for the original book. If you’re looking for a condensed version to get the big picture in a little book, this is a great option. 200 pages. 5" x 7" MiniBook. BKMBB • $14 • Only $9 when ordering 20 or more for your staff.
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Get the Big Picture in this MiniBook! 5" x 7" • Full Color • Case Bound book.
Kagan MiniBook
  • The MiniBook version of the best seller, Brain-Friendly Teaching
  • Discover the 6 principles of brain-friendly teaching
  • Align your teaching with how the brain best learns
  • Includes tools, tips, and structures to teach the brain-friendly way
What's This Got To Do With Anything book cover
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What’s This Got To Do With Anything?
Jim Craigen & Chris Ward (All Grades)
What do fun and energizing activities have to do with learning? A lot! Brain research informs us that we must eliminate threat and provide a secure learning environment. This collection of teambuilders and classbuilders will help you create solidarity and cohesion among classmates. Brain science also teaches us that students' brains need oxygen and glucose. Feed your students' brains with the energizers in this book. This eclectic collection of over 300 brain-friendly activities will help you make your classroom a fun place to be and a great place to learn. 178 pages.
BCWWT • $29
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Memory and Mnemonics SmartCard coverMemory & Mnemonics SmartCard
Enhance students' memory! Learn classical and innovative memory strategies to promote retention of academic content. In this SmartCard, learn the best mnemonic devices to use with your students. Students will make dramatic improvements in remembering that difficult-to-remember information. Master Acronyms, Acrostics, Keyword Mnemonic, Loci Mnemonics, Roman Room, Processing Mnemonics, Rhymes and Jingles, VocabToons, Link and Story Mnemonics, Letter Substitution Mnemonic, and the various Peg Mnemonics. TMN • $4
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Memory Systems SmartCard cover

Memory Systems SmartCard
Boost students' memory skills and watch test scores soar. The ability to remember—whether it be facts, skills, events, steps, or locations—is essential for classroom success. In this SmartCard, learn about five major memory systems: Semantic, Procedural, Episodic, Working, and Spatial memory. Each memory system is a passport to a different type of academic success. Understand what memories really are in order to transform classroom learning. Go with the flow by engaging students' natural memory systems that recall information with ease. Make learning unforgettable by engaging multiple memory systems. TMS • $4
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Brain-Based Learning SmartCard cover

Brain-Based Learning SmartCard
Teach smarter using powerful principles derived from brain science. Ignite your students' natural love for learning by delivering brain-compatible lessons. Stimulate students' brains by crafting a challenging, enriched curriculum. Increase motivation and comprehension with active learning. Boost students' memory through multiple channels. Uncover patterns in learning to help students make connections. Create an inclusive, nonthreatening environment to skyrocket learning. This SmartCard translates brain research into practical, easy-to-understand principles so you can teach with the brain in mind. TBB • $4
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Squish brain image
Squish Brain
Stress is bad for your brain. Squeeze away the stress with this squishy foam brain that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. FSBR • $2

Brain Booster cube

Save!Brain Booster Learning Cube
Here's a brain-friendly alternative to worksheets that works with just about any subject matter. Your students give this cube a roll to select a brain-friendly activity such as: create a brochure or poster; write thinking questions; discuss it with a partner; create a skit; write a song, poem, or jingle about it. Each squishably soft and quiet-to-roll foam cube measures 3 inches.
Class set of 8 CMLB • $16 Save $8

Single cube MLB • $3

Sit and Get Won't Grow Dentrites book cover“Sit & Get” Won’t Grow Dendrites
20 Professional Learning Strategies that Engage the Adult Brain
Marcia L. Tate (All Grades)
The author applies the latest research in brain-based learning, differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, and adult learning to provide strategies that not only motivate adult learners but also increase understanding and long-term retention. The 20 strategies you'll find in this book are terrific tools for trainers to engage teachers and rekindle their passion for teaching. 168 pages. DTSG2V • $40

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