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Quiz-Quiz-Trade Primary Mathematics book coverQuiz-Quiz-Trade: Primary Mathematics
Melissa Wincel (Grades K–2)
Sitting and keeping focused for lengths of time can be a challenge for little ones. Don't despair, Quiz-Quiz-Trade is here. You can create amazing learning while students are up and interacting with classmates. Each student receives a quiz card. For example, with the Shape Safari set, one student receives a triangle card. She pairs up with another student and asks the question: "What shape is this?" After her partner answers, she asks: "How many sides does it have?" After the partner answers, she asks: "How many vertices does it have?" After students quiz each other both ways, they trade cards and find a new partner to quiz. The repetition makes the content stick. The interaction makes the activity fun for all. Book includes 15 different sets on need-to-know primary math content including: adding, counting, measuring, shapes, fact families, fractions, double digits, graphing, and more. 224 pages.
BQQPM • $24
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Quiz-Quiz-Trade Primary Reading book cover
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Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Primary Reading
Melissa Wincel (Grades K–2)
Help your little ones acquire the basic skills they need to read using Quiz-Quiz-Trade. This interactive structure has students quizzing each other on a range of early reading skills. Students each receive a quiz card to quiz a partner. In the Syllables set, students clap or tap out the number of syllables they hear when they say the name of the item pictured on the card: al-li-ga-tor. Four syllables! There are sets for sounding out beginning sounds, middle sounds, and ending sounds. There's a set on building CVC words. There's a set for blending the sounds of the letters to read words: sh-ar-k. Using these 15 sets, students progress from simple skills to reading simple sentences to combining simple sentences. 232 pages.
BQQPR • $24
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Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 1 book cover Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 1
Melissa Wincel (Grades PreK–2)
Can little ones really do cooperative learning? You bet! Take it from Melissa, a Kagan Trainer, who has taught Pre-K, kindergarten, first, and second grades for more than a decade. By implementing Kagan Structures in her classroom, she witnessed the miracle of active engagement. Students matured from "it's all about me" to taking turns, sharing, listening, helping each other, and cooperating. Now you too can witness the miracle of active engagement with your own students. Melissa provides you with everything from getting started to succeeding with her six favorite structures for youngsters: Find Someone Who, Formations, Mix-Freeze-Group, Numbered Heads Together, Primary Interview, and Turn Toss. For each structure, you receive simple instructions, a reproducible poster page to lead students through the structure, hints and tips specific to the primary grades, and activities galore. Your students will become more cooperative, caring, and engaged as you use these six simple, full-engagement structures. Don't miss Melissa's top ten management tips to make Kagan work for little ones. 408 pages.
BWCLP • $34
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Cooperative Learning For Primary Book 2 book coverCooperative Learning for Primary Book 2
Melissa Wincel (Grades PreK–2)
Primary teachers rejoice! You've asked for more Kagan Structures, just for your little ones. You've asked for more of Melissa's engaging, ready-to-use primary activities. We heard your call and answered with Book 2. This sequel to the instant success, Cooperative Learning for Primary, gives you even more ways to engage those little minds and bodies. Structures include: StandUp–HandUp–PairUp, Fan-N-Pick, Jot Thoughts, Showdown, and RallyCoach. Loaded with ideas and activities for each structure. Plus, in this second book, you'll find even more management tips for keeping your little ones on track and yearning to learn. 408 pages.
BWCLP2 • $34
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Primary Book Combo book covers Save!
Primary Book Combo
Melissa Wincel (Grades PreK–2)
Get Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 1 and Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 2, at a great discount. Regular price $68. Combo price $58 • CBWCL Save $10!

Kagan Structures Primary Poster Set display

Kagan Structures Primary Poster Set
This poster set was designed specifically for kindergarten to second grade teachers. The set includes six Kagan Structures featured in the popular book, Cooperative Learning for Primary. The six structures are: Find Someone Who, Formations, Mix-Freeze-Group, Numbered Heads Together, Primary Interview, and Turn Toss. Each colorful 17" x 22" poster illustrates the steps of the structures using simple stick-figure drawings. What a great tool to keep you and your little ones on the right track!
PKSP • $14
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Kagan Sturctures Primary Poster Set 2 displayKagan Structures Primary Poster Set 2
This poster set has six more Kagan Structures you can use to engage your little ones: Fan-N Pick, Jot Thoughts, RallyCoach, Showdown, StandUp–HandUp–PairUp, and Traveling Pair Share. These are the same structures featured in the book, Cooperative Learning for Primary, Book 2. These six structures are teacher tested and approved for primary classes. They are simple to use and work well for youngsters with limited reading and writing skills. Each colorful 17" x 22" poster illustrates the steps of the structure with simple stick-figure drawings. Display these cute posters for your students as you teach them these structures and as you lead you them every day through these full engagement structures. PKSP2 • $14
Look What’s Inside!See Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 2

Language Arts Lessons for Little Ones book cover
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Language Arts Lessons for Little Ones
Lorna Curran (Grades K–2)
This is the most popular primary cooperative learning book in the world! It makes teaching language arts fun and easy! Lorna provides concrete management tips and a social skills program which makes your little ones polite and helpful while they stay on-task. The book has 36 cooperative lessons based on well-known primary literature. You receive tons of reproducible blackline masters. 248 pages. BCLL • $29
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Save on the Primary Book Combo!

Lessons for Little Ones Mathematics book cover
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Mathematics Lessons for Little Ones
Lorna Curran (Grades K–2)
This primary cooperative learning math book is one of our best sellers! You teach mathematics with your students' favorite literature. You'll find 36 step-by-step cooperative lesson plans to teach: counting, patterning, geometry, classifying, graphing, numerical order, addition, subtraction, fractions, measurement, and time. Crammed with blacklines, lessons, and Lorna's proven management tips, this book is guaranteed to transfer a love of literature into a love of mathematics. 296 pages. BCLLM • $29
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Save on the Primary Book Combo!

Cooperative Learning and Wee Science book cover
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Cooperative Learning & Wee Science
Laura Candler (Grades K–3)
This is the book on cooperative learning and primary science! Have your primary students learn science by doing science! You will integrate process science with cooperative learning. Your students will classify, communicate, experiment, identify, infer, measure, make models, observe, organize data, and make predictions with these excellent cooperative learning science lessons. Lessons cover popular primary science topics such as: rainbows, magnets, senses, leaves, electricity, rain forest, seeds, sounds, fish, helicopters, rocks, and temperature. Proven step-by-step cooperative lessons for primary science with reproducible blackline masters. 248 pages. BCWS • $29Look What’s Inside!Save on the Primary Book Combo!

Match Mine Primary book cover
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Match Mine: Primary
Melissa Wincel (Grades K–3)
Your primary class is buzzing with enthusiasm as students work in pairs on opposite sides of a barrier to create a "match." In Gumball Wizard, one partner arranges coins in specific places on a gumball machine game board. Then she describes her arrangement: "I have a penny in the top left." Her partner must find the 1 cent equivalent game piece and place it in the top left of his game board. Through verbalizing the content, partners master primary Common Core vocabulary and skills. There are 30 games in all covering key content such as: sight words, numbers, letters, blends, community helpers, time, money, weather, solar system, and many more. 240 pages.
BMMP • $19
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Mix-N-Match Primary book cover
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Mix-N-Match Primary
(Grades K–3)
Your little ones will love these energizing learning games! Students each get a Mix-N-Match card related to the topic. They move about the room quizzing each other and trading Mix-N-Match cards. You call, "Freeze!" They then rush to find a partner with the matching card. "What letter do I begin with?" "What number am I?" Students enjoy mixing and matching so much, they hardly realize they are repeatedly quizzing each other and mastering the content. Book includes reproducible Mix-N-Match card sets for: addition, animals, beginning consonants and vowels, community helpers, food, less than, greater than, letters, numbers and dots, ordinal numbers, shapes, the missing letter, and transportation. 208 pages. BXP • $19
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Mix-N-Match Digital and Analog Clock book cover

Mix-N-Match Digital and Analog Clock card samplesPrimary Mix-N-Match Classroom Sets
Students move about the room trading Mix-N-Match cards until you call "Freeze." Then they find the partner with the matching card. Mix-N-Match is played over and over. An exciting and involving way to learn content and have fun. Mix-N-Match sets include instructions, ideas for use, and enough cards for 40 students. $5 each.

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Spinners for Primary Students combo setSpinners for Primary Students Combos
Your primary learners will love these brand new spinners! Whether learning beginning addition or multiplication, how to tell time or make change, or names of shapes and colors, these bright, colorful spinners are a fun, effective way for early learners to grasp basic concepts. Students can play alone, with a partner, in small groups, or as an entire class. Addition and multiplication spinners randomly generate an endless array of problems. The O'Clock allows students to tell or build time. Making Cents Spinners teach lessons in money and change. Shape Selector Spinners let students match shape to name or name to shape, and the Spin-A-Color Spinners help students identify the colors of the rainbow by sight and name. Regular price $24. $3 each spinner or get a combo set of 8 for $16. Save $8!

Save!Primary Spinner Combo
Includes 1 of each spinner pictured below, CMSP • $15 Save $3!

Addition Spinner

Single Addition Spinner MSA • $3

Addition Spinner Combo CMSA • $16

Alphabet Spinner

Single Alphabet Spinner MSAL • $3

Alphabet Spinner Combo CMSAL • $16

O'Clock spinner

Single O'Clock MSO • $3

O'Clock Combo CMSO • $16

Shape Spinner

Single Shape Selector MSSH • $3

Shape Selector Combo CMSSH • $16

Spin-A-Color Spinner

Single Spin-A-Color MSCO • $3

Spin-A-Color Combo CMSCO • $16

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