Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 2

Melissa Wincel (Grades PreK–2)

  • Jam packed with over 250 engaging activities aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
  • 5 more great Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures to boost learning and social skills for little ones.
  • Top 15 tips to masterfully manage your class for success.
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Primary teachers rejoice! You've asked for more Kagan Structures, just for your little ones. You've asked for more of Melissa's engaging, ready-to-use primary activities. We heard your call and answered with Book 2. This sequel to the instant success, Cooperative Learning for Primary, gives you even more ways to engage those little minds and bodies. Structures include: StandUp–HandUp–PairUp, Rotating Lines, Fan-N-Pick, Jot Thoughts, Showdown, and RallyCoach. Loaded with ideas and activities for each structure. Plus, in this second book, you'll find even more management tips for keeping your little ones on track and yearning to learn. 384 pages.

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Sample Pages

“I just wanted to share how excited I am to get this new resource! Melissa's first book has been a lifesaver for my first year as an instructional coach. The work that I have been able to do in the primary grades, as a former 5th Grade teacher, has only been enhanced because of her hard work and expertise in this area! Thanks for another great support for those of us ‘in the trenches.’”
Donny Short
Consulting Teacher
Liberty Elementary