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Kagan Structures 5 Poster Set Combo
Receive a FREE poster set when you purchase the 4 other Kagan Structures Poster Sets as a combo. You receive 30 of Kagan's most popular structures in all.
Regular price $70. Combo price $56 • CPKST Save $14!
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Poster sets also sold separately.

Kagan Structures Poster Sets
Each poster set includes six extra large, 17" x 22", colorful posters that illustrate Kagan's most popular structures. Kagan-approved steps for each structure are prominently displayed—a great visual reminder for you and your students. Decorate your classroom, create a structures bulletin board, or hang them on a poster rack to pull up the structure you're using. Teaching Kagan Structures to your students has never been easier!

Poster Set 1
1) Mix-Pair-Share
2) RallyCoach
3) RallyRobin
4) RoundRobin
5) Think-Write-RoundRobin
6) Timed Pair Share
PKST1 • $14

Poster Set 2
1) AllRecord RoundRobin
2) Both Record RallyRobin
3) Fan-N-Pick
4) Instant Star
5) Quiz-Quiz-Trade
6) StandUp–HandUp–PairUp
PKST2 • $14

Poster Set 3
1) Inside-Outside Circle
2) Jot Thoughts
3) RallyTable
4) RoundTable
5) Simultaneous RallyTable
6) Simultaneous RoundTable
PKST3 • $14

Poster Set 4
1) Find-the-Fiction
2) Match Mine
3) Numbered Heads Together
4) One Stray
5) Spend-A-Buck
6) Talking Chips
PKST4 • $14

Poster Set 5
1) Carousel Feedback
2) Find Someone Who
3) Pairs Compare
4) Sage-N-Scribe
5) Showdown
6) Team Up!
PKST5 • $14

Win-Win Discipline 7 Poster Set
End discipline problems by teaching students how to handle themselves with grace. Win-Win Discipline identifies 7 student positions that lead to almost every disruptive classroom behavior. For example, when students are angry, they may display aggressive behavior. Each of the 7 posters features one student position and lists responsible and irresponsible behaviors. Instead of bullying others when angry, students learn to count to 10 before they react. Each poster offers multiple positive options. This poster set is a great tool for preventing discipline problems and for working with students when discipline problems do arise. Foster in your students an understanding of where their irresponsible behavior springs from, and empower them with a repertoire of responsible alternates to create win-win solutions. PKWW • $14
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Save! Poster Projects Pack
Students deepen their understanding of the curriculum as they create poster masterpieces. Receive two FREE Poster Projects with this pack. Pack includes 9 Poster Projects: All About Me, Current Event, Historical Figure, An Event in History, Exploring Space, Health & Nutrition, Book Report, Science Experiment, and Examining a Story. Each student poster includes numerous highly-motivating activities. Poster Projects are great for team projects, independent activities, sponge activities, and learning centers. Students will be so proud of their posters, they'll want to frame them and hang them up! Each set includes 32 of the same, 11" x 17" poster pages. 288 posters in all. Regular price $63. CPP9 • $49 Save $14!

Individual sets also available.

All About Me
PPAM • $7

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PPAN • $7

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Book Report
PPBR • $7

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Current Event
PPCE • $7

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I Have Character
PPCH • $7

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PPCO • $7

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Culture Study
PPCS • $7

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Event in History
PPEH • $7

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Examining A Story
PPES • $7

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Exploring Space
PPEX • $7

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Forces of Nature
PPFN • $7

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Human Body
PPHB • $7

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Historical Figure
PPHF • $7
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Health and Nutrition
PPHN • $7
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My Family
PPMF • $7
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Our Team
PPOT • $7
See larger image

U.S. President
PPPR • $7

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PPRE • $7

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Science Experiment
PPSC • $7

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I Have Self-Esteem
PPSE • $7

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U.S. State
PPST • $7

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PPVO • $7

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Weather & Climate
PPWC • $7

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Teamwork Poster Set Combo
These three poster sets support and encourage using student teams in the classroom. Each poster set includes six colorful, extra-large 17" x 22" posters. The combo includes all 18 posters in these three sets. CPKT • $34 Save 8!

Poster sets also sold separately.

Managing Teamwork
Improve the teamwork in your classroom with this set of helpful management posters. Teamwork Rules, Coaching, and Team Celebrations. PKTM • $14
Look What's Inside.

Includes 6 posters:

1. Quiet Signal
2. Class Cheers
3. Team Questions

4. Teamwork Rules
5. Coaching
6. Team Celebrations

Inspiring Teamwork
Promote the power of teamwork with these motivational teamwork expressions. PKTI • $14
Look What's Inside.

Includes 6 posters:

1. Teamwork Works!
2. 4 Heads Are Better than 1!
3. Teamwork Divides the Task
     and Multiplies the Success

4. We > I
5. Be a Great Teammate!
6. Together Everyone Achieves More

Talking Teamwork
Build team communication skills with these phrases and sentence starters your students can use during their cooperative interactions. PKTT • $14
Look What's Inside.

Includes 6 posters:

1. Praising
2. Paraphrasing
3. Disagreeing Politely

4. Requesting Help
5. Appreciating
6. Hello & Goodbye

Kagan Structures Primary Poster Set
This poster set was designed specifically for kindergarten to second grade teachers. The set includes six Kagan Structures featured in the popular book, Cooperative Learning for Primary. The six structures are: Find Someone Who, Formations, Mix-Freeze-Group, Numbered Heads Together, Primary Interview, and Turn Toss. Each colorful 17" x 22" poster illustrates the steps of the structures using simple stick-figure drawings. What a great tool to keep you and your little ones on the right track!
PKSP • $14
Look What's Inside!
See Cooperative Learning for Primary book

Kagan Structures Primary Poster Set 2
This poster set has six more Kagan Structures you can use to engage your little ones: Fan-N Pick, Jot Thoughts, RallyCoach, Showdown, StandUp–HandUp–PairUp, and Traveling Pair Share. These are the same structures featured in the book, Cooperative Learning for Primary, Book 2. These six structures are teacher tested and approved for primary classes. They are simple to use and work well for youngsters with limited reading and writing skills. Each colorful 17" x 22" poster illustrates the steps of the structure with simple stick-figure drawings. Display these cute posters for your students as you teach them these structures and as you lead you them every day through these full engagement structures. PKSP2 • $14
Look What's Inside!
See Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 2

Character Education 15 Poster Set
Use these attractive 11" x 17" posters to teach your students the meaning of 15 of the most desirable character virtues. Each poster defines a virtue in words your students will understand. Motivate your students to be the best they can be. Decorate your classroom. Post all 15 around the classroom, create a character bulletin board, or keep the posters on a flip chart so you can flip to the virtue you want to spotlight for the week or month. Printed on durable poster paper. PCE • $19
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Multiple Intelligences Poster Set
(All Grades)
Celebrate Multiple Intelligences! At Kagan's Multiple Intelligences professional development events, we post MI icons on the wall to visually depict the eight intelligences. We've had so many participants ask, "Where can I get those posters? Are they for sale?" By popular demand, they're now available. The MI poster set includes nine, colorful, 11" x 17" posters on durable poster paper. There's a poster for each of the eight intelligences, plus "Many ways to be smart," which shows all the intelligences on one poster. Use the posters to create an MI bulletin board. Place the "Picture Smart" poster over your art center. Use the posters as visual aids as you teach your students about the multiple intelligences. These posters will simultaneously brighten your classroom and validate your students' many ways of being smart.
PMI • $10

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