Kagan Structures Primary
Poster Set

(Grades K–3)

  • 6 engaging Kagan Structures
  • Step-by-step instructions to introduce and manage Structures
  • Featuring the Structures from the best-selling book, Cooperative Learning for Primary Book 2
PKSP2 • $14

This poster set has six more Kagan Structures you can use to engage your little ones: Fan-N Pick, Jot Thoughts, RallyCoach, Showdown, StandUp–HandUp–PairUp, and Traveling Pair Share. These are the same structures featured in the book, Cooperative Learning for Primary, Book 2. These six structures are teacher tested and approved for primary classes. They are simple to use and work well for youngsters with limited reading and writing skills. Each colorful 17" x 22" poster illustrates the steps of the structure with simple stick-figure drawings. Display these cute posters for your students as you teach them these structures and as you lead you them every day through these full engagement structures.

Sample Posters

Sample Posters