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Teach Smarter with SmartCards!
These colorful, glossy, quick reference cards are terrific resources you'll want to keep within arm's reach; you'll turn to these SmartCards time and time again! These 8.5" x 11" SmartCards unfold to 17" x 11". Each card is loaded with ideas, activities, strategies, theory, and rationale to keep your classroom and your teaching on the cutting edge. A treasure chest of invaluable ideas at an unbeatable low price.
$4 each

SmartCard Teacher Toolbox
Hot List!

SmartCard Teacher Toolbox
All 33 SmartCards listed below are packaged in a handy storage toolbox. Includes 33 SmartCards total.
CSTT33 • $99 Save $33

Brain-Based Learning SmartCard front page

Brain-Based Learning SmartCard
Teach smarter using powerful principles derived from brain science. Ignite your students’ natural love for learning by delivering brain-compatible lessons. Stimulate students’ brains by crafting a challenging, enriched curriculum. Increase motivation and comprehension with active learning. Boost students’ memory through multiple channels. Uncover patterns in learning to help students make connections. Create an inclusive, nonthreatening environment to skyrocket learning. This SmartCard translates brain research into practical, easy-to-understand principles so you can teach with the brain in mind.
TBB • $4

Character Education SmartCard front page

Character Education SmartCard
Help your students develop character
virtues! In this SmartCard, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions relating to character education: What is character education? Why should schools teach for character? Shouldn’t parents teach for character? Won’t teaching character virtues interfere with academics? You will find an A to Z list of nearly 100 virtues to choose from in developing your own character development program. Share with your students the descriptions of the dozen core virtues. And use the wealth of ideas and activities to develop character in your class and school, including how to integrate character into your curriculum. This quick-reference card is another great SmartCard you’ll want to keep within arm’s reach.
TCE • $4

Classbuilding SmartCard front page

Classbuilding SmartCard
Hold the power and simplicity of classbuilding in your hands! Create a caring, cooperative classroom using energizing, classbuilding strategies. Students get out of their seats and have the opportunity to interact with their classmates in a positive way. This SmartCard provides the rationale for classbuilding, and a step-by-step description of 11 fun and practical classbuilding strategies for your class, including: Corners, Find Someone Who, Inside-Outside Circle, Mix-N-Match, Similarity Groups, Stir-the-Class, and Who Am I.
TCB • $4

Communication Boosters SmartCard front page

Communication Boosters SmartCard
Boost your students’ communication skills. Build interpersonal relations. Transform your class into a more caring community. Do it all with gambits—functional phrases that empower students to say just the right thing. Whether they’re saying hello or goodbye to teammates, disagreeing politely, asking for clarification, building creativity, or keeping the team on task, they’ll know how to say it with style. In this SmartCard, you will find over 200 gambits designed to stretch your students’ verbal/linguistic intelligence. Plus, you’ll find structures for generating, using, and sharing gambits. Watch as your students work together more harmoniously. Listen as your students become more caring, respectful, and positive. TCO • $4

Cooperative Learning SmartCard front page

Cooperative Learning SmartCard
Kagan’s approach to cooperative learning is summarized on this colorful, laminated SmartCard. We highly recommend this handy little quick-reference card to anyone purchasing the book, Kagan Cooperative Learning. On the front of the card, you’ll pick up tips on how to tighten up your cooperative learning lessons using PIES. On the center spread you’ll find Kagan’s 6 Key Concepts to successful cooperative learning. It includes the answers to the most frequently asked questions about using Kagan. On the back of the card, there’s a list of Kagan Structures to assist you in lesson planning. Need a structure for introducing your lesson? Or how about one that engages the visual/spatial intelligence? Or want a teambuilding or classbuilding structure idea? Kagan Structures are categorized for you to make lesson planning a snap.
TKC • $4
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Differentiated Instruction SmartCard front page

Differentiated Instruction SmartCard
Meet your students’ unique learning needs with a differentiated approach to teaching. This SmartCard addresses common questions about Differentiated Instruction, outlines the many ways in which students differ, and provides practical tips for managing the DI classroom. It features strategies and insights on how to differentiate the various aspects of instruction including: flexible grouping, assessment and evaluation, instructional materials, student support, products and presentations, instructional strategies, time and workload, difficulty, curriculum, and recognition. Use differentiated practices to help students reach their potentials!
TDI • $4

Emotional Intelligence SmartCard front page

Emotional Intelligence SmartCard
Boost your students’ Emotional Intelligence with this SmartCard. In this colorful 11" x 17" quick-reference card, you will find everything you need to get started with emotional intelligence. It includes an understandable synopsis of valuable information you’ll be “happy” to know about including the origin of EQ, Emotional Intelligence defined, the 5 dimensions of EQ, the rationale for building students’ EQ and the most important implications for teachers. Inside, the 5 dimensions are described in detail, and practical classroom suggestions are provided. On the back, you will find 17 emotion activity ideas that you can use with the hundreds of emotions listed from A to Z! You and your students will be ecstatic, elated, empowered, enthralled, excited, exhilarated, and exuberant as you explore the world of emotions with this little gem.
TEI • $4

Graphic Organizers SmartCard front page

Graphic Organizers SmartCard
Transform your classroom into a visual think tank with graphic organizers! This colorful SmartCard describes the rationale for using graphic organizers, provides ideas and activities across the curriculum, and illustrates over 30 graphic organizers including: Chains, Ladder, Cycle Graph, Mind Map, Venn Diagrams, Word Web, Concept Map, Concept Charts, Compare/Contrast Charts, PMI, Target, Pie Chart, Fish Bone, Categories, Tree, Pyramid, Matrix, and Plot. You’ll find loads of ideas to use graphic organizers in your class: have students graph the seasons with a Cycle Graph, compare and contrast the branches of government or story characters with a Venn Diagram, Mind Map any important concepts, draw the events of a story or historical event with a Picture Strip, and analyze cause and effect with a Fish Bone. An excellent, quick-reference card for all types of graphic organizers.
TGO • $4

Informational Texts SmartCard front page

Informational Texts SmartCard
Dr. Rick DuVall (All Grades)
Finding good informational texts isn't difficult. But getting students to read, understand, evaluate, and apply what they're reading can be a challenge. That's where this SmartCard comes in. This SmartCard provides strategies to engage students before, during, and after reading. From making predictions about the reading beforehand to reflecting on the reading afterwards, your students will be more interested in what they read and they'll comprehend it much better, too. You'll also find information to help you teach students about the structure of different types of texts as well as how to identify and use print features, organizational aids, and graphic aids. Each text feature is succinctly described along with an interactive activity idea to cement understanding of each text feature. Make the most of using informational texts of all types across all academic subject areas!
TTE • $4

Memory and Mnemonics SmartCard front page

Memory & Mnemonics SmartCard
Enhance students’ memory! Learn classical and innovative memory strategies to promote retention of academic content. In this SmartCard, learn the best mnemonic devices to use with your students. Students will make dramatic improvements in remembering that difficult-to-remember information. Master Acronyms, Acrostics, Keyword Mnemonic, Loci Mnemonics, Roman Room, Processing Mnemonics, Rhymes and Jingles, VocabToons, Link and Story Mnemonics, Letter Substitution Mnemonic, and the various Peg Mnemonics.
TMN • $4

Memory Systems SmartCard front page

Memory Systems SmartCard
Boost students’ memory skills and watch test scores soar. The ability to remember—whether it be facts, skills, events, steps, or locations—is essential for classroom success. In this SmartCard, learn about five major memory systems: Semantic, Procedural, Episodic, Working, and Spatial memory. Each memory system is a passport to a different type of academic success. Understand what memories really are in order to transform classroom learning. Go with the flow by engaging students’ natural memory systems that recall information with ease. Make learning unforgettable by engaging multiple memory systems.
TMS • $4

Mind Mapping SmartCard front page

Mind Mapping SmartCard
Mind mapping is a fast and fun way for students to take visual notes and for you to present concepts to students. Use mind mapping in your class to foster creativity, boost comprehension and retention of what you teach, and simultaneously engage multiple intelligences! This colorful SmartCard describes the rationale for using mind maps in the classroom; provides ideas and activities to introduce and use mind mapping in your class; describes how to create mind maps step-by-step; offers many helpful hints; illustrates sample mind maps; provides mind mapping ideas for mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science; and illustrates how to use mind maps for lesson, theme, and unit planning. A great resource you’ll turn to time and time again.
TMM • $4

Multiple Intelligences SmartCard cover

Multiple Intelligences SmartCard
This colorful 11" x 17" SmartCard is a terrific, quick reference for multiple intelligences. It describes MI theory in a nutshell, the eight intelligences (including the naturalist intelligence) in plain, easy-to-understand language, and provides a long list of activities for you to do with your students to develop each of the eight intelligences. A great teacher reference to turn to time and time again.
TMI • $4
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RTI - Response to Intervention SmartCard front page

RTI-Response to Intervention SmartCard
Help students who struggle in school with this systematic approach. Identify students with learning challenges and respond with effective interventions. This SmartCard introduces you to RTI and overviews three basic components of RTI: 1) Screening for Struggling Students, 2) Tiered Intervention Strategies, and 3) Progress Monitoring. This SmartCard provides suggestions for forming an RTI team in your school and special considerations for your team. It offers ideas for informing and involving parents. Provide support to students who need help in school with RTI! TRT • $4

Second Language Learning SmartCard front page

Second Language Learning SmartCard
Whether learning English as a Second Language or a World Language, having multiple opportunities to practice the target language allows for increased retention and acquisition. With this Kagan SmartCard you will have some of the best strategies to organize communication for all learners, at all levels of language acquisition. These simple, yet innovative Kagan Structures promote communication and increase language production. In the traditional classroom, students practice language only when called upon to produce language. In the classroom where the teacher uses Kagan Structures, the frequency of student communication and language practice is increased significantly. With these structures language is being practiced all over the room from the voices of the learners and not just from the teacher. Language learning becomes functional, communicative, and meaningful! TSL • $4

Silly Sports and Goofy Games SmartCard front page

Silly Sports & Goofy Games SmartCard
Dr. Spencer Kagan (All Grades)
Bring joy and play to your classroom. Quickly energize your students. Take a brief brain break. This SmartCard features step-by-step directions for 12 favorite games from the longtime bestselling book, Silly Sports & Goofy Games. Turn to this handy reference when you're looking for a fast and fun way to wake up those brains and get your students ready for learning.
TSG • $4

Teambuilding SmartCard front page

Teambuilding SmartCard
Have all the wonders of teambuilding at your fingertips! Build students' will to work together and their cooperative teamwork skills using empowering teambuilding strategies. Give students the opportunity to interact with their teammates in a positive way. Build teams in which Together Everyone Achieves More! This SmartCard provides the rationale for teambuilding and a step-by-step description of 14 fun and practical teambuilding strategies for your class, including: 4S Brainstorming, Find-the-Fiction, Match Mine, Pairs Compare, Team Interview, and Team Project.
TTB • $4

Thinking Questions SmartCard front page

Thinking Questions SmartCard
Skyrocket critical and creative questions in your classroom with carefully crafted questions. One of the most frequent and important thing a teacher does is ask questions. In fact, teachers ask up to hundreds of questions per day. This easy-reference card is designed to help you ensure that your questions engage and develop your students’ multifaceted thinking skills. It includes a discussion of fat vs. skinny questions, high-consensus vs. low-consensus questions, and true vs. review questions. It overviews the importance of critical and creative questions, and links classroom questions to developing thinking skills. Inside, you will find over 100 reusable question starters for 36 types of thinking. The question starters are great to enrich your questions and they’re terrific for the student-generated questioning activities described on the back. Keep this little SmartCard handy and remember Einstein’s advice, “The important thing is to never stop questioning.”
TTQ • $4
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Think-Pair-Share SmartCard front page

Think-Pair-Share SmartCard
This is your user’s guide to one of the most simple, yet most powerful cooperative learning structures out there. With this SmartCard in your hands, you will have a world of options to get your students thinking, pairing, and sharing. There’s so much more to thinking than just saying, “Think about it.” And this card will give you plenty of thinking strategies: From “Free See” to “Mindhop” to “Think Link.” You’ll have your students thinking about the content from all angles. Actively engage pairs with strategies such as: “Unpack,” “Spin Off,” and “Read/Dig.” And, of course, a Think-Pair-Share SmartCard wouldn’t be complete without a variety of techniques for students to share their learning or responses. Use “Mask,” “Secret Show,” and “Sculpture” to transform your classroom into an information super-sharing highway.
TPS • $4

ThinkTrix SmartCard front page

ThinkTrix SmartCard
ThinkTrix is a simple strategy to create powerful thinking questions that enhance students’ thinking about any subject. Use the “Thinking Matrix” to develop questions, worksheets, and tests that promote seven fundamental types of thinking: Recall, Cause/Effect, Similarity, Difference, Idea to Example, Example to Idea, and Evaluation. Students can also use ThinkTrix to come up with their own higher-level thinking questions to ask teammates and classmates. Teach your students the seven fundamental types of thinking with definitions, question starters, and curriculum examples. Help your students know how their minds should work to answer questions, and promote metacognitive thinking. ThinkTrix is a wonderfully simple way for you and your students to step your classroom questions up a notch. With ThinkTrix, your students will think more critically and creatively about the subject matter than you ever imagined.
TTT • $4
Rationale for Using ThinkTrix in the Classroom

Structure SmartCard
Kagan Structures are on an extra-large, tri-fold structure card measuring 11" X 25.5", and folds down to 8.5" X 11". $4 Each

Jam-Packed with  Helpful lnformation lnside!
Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures for Engagement SmartCard front page Hot List!

Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures for Engagement SmartCard
Included in this SmartCard are 28 of Kagan's very best cooperative learning structures. With these structures, you won't have to worry if your cooperative learning lessons respect the principles known to increase student achievement and improve social relations. These simple, yet powerful structures always work because the basic principles are built in! The structures are easy to learn, easy to use, fun and engaging. Students love them. Achievement increases. Let them work for you.
TSC • $4
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Kagan Multiple Intelligences Structures for Success SmartCard front page Hot List!

Kagan Multiple Intelligences
Structures for Engagement SmartCard

Here they are! Kagan's best structures for developing your students' multiple intelligences. You'll find strategies that develop all eight intelligences. There are 30 structures in all, each illustraed with a brief description of the structure. These structures correspond to the structures taught in the world-famous week-long MI institute. A terrific quick-reference card for simple, yet powerful teaching tools to stimulate and develop your students' many ways of being smart. Includes a dot-chart to see at a glance, which structures to use to develop each intelligence.
TSM • $4

4 Win-Win Discipline SmartCards
Four SmartCards complement Kagan's best-selling book on discipline, Win-Win Discipline. Get instant access to some of Win-Win Discipline's most effective discipline strategies and procedures. $4 Each

The Building Blocks of Win-Win Discipline SmartCard front page

The Building Blocks of Win-Win Discipline SmartCard
Win-Win Discipline is a powerful and comprehensive approach to classroom discipline. This SmartCard provides a concise summary of the essential building blocks of Win-Win: The Three Pillars, ABCD Disruptions, The Seven Positions, Preventive Procedures, Moment-of-Disruption Strategies, and Follow-Ups. Overview the major concepts and understand their interrelation. Use the Win-Win Discipline philosophy and strategies to create a classroom in which everyone wins!
TWBB • $4

Structures for the Moment of Disruption SmartCard front page

Structures for the Moment of Disruption SmartCard
Respond quickly and appropriately in the moment of a classroom disruption. This easy-reference guide overviews 20 Win-Win Discipline Moment-of-Disruption structures. The structures are presented alphabetically with a sketch of each structure. A chart is provided on the back enabling you to quickly find successful structures by the ABCD Disruption Type and the 7 Positions. Be prepared to respond to any type of classroom disruption the moment they occur.
TWMD • $4

Preventative Procedures for the 7 Positions SmartCard front page

Preventative Procedures for the 7 Positions SmartCard
Implement these Win-Win Preventative Procedures and significantly reduce or eliminate discipline problems in your classroom. This SmartCard outlines numerous ideas to meet students’ needs for each of the 7 Student Positions. With over 100 ideas in all, you’ll find terrific teaching practices and procedures to create a productive, smooth-running classroom.
TWPP • $4

Strategies for Responding to the 7 Positions SmartCard front page

Strategies for Responding to the 7 Positions SmartCard
Respond quickly and effectively to classroom discipline problems. This Win-Win SmartCard provides more than 60 strategies for responding to student misbehavior. Strategies are categorized by 7 Student Positions, making it easy to find the most appropriate techniques for handling the most common discipline problems. Equip yourself with discipline responses that really work.
TWRS • $4

Class Meetings
Classroom Procedures
Classroom Signals
Cooperative Learning
Cooperative Roles
Daily Routines
Student Jobs

7 Classroom Management SmartCards
This series of seven SmartCards covers the most important techniques for effective classroom management. Make the most of your teaching day with well-sequenced, well-established daily routines. Reduce discipline problems and maximize learning with effective classroom procedures. Empower your students and keep your class in control with class meetings. Get the series and have the most effective classroom management techniques at your fingertips. $4 Each
Save on the SmartCard Teacher Toolbox!

Class Meetings SmartCard first pageClass Meetings
Classroom Management SmartCard

All aspects of classroom life improve through class meetings. Students become more invested in the class, one another, and learning. The classroom becomes more caring, cooperative, and democratic. This SmartCard is your blueprint for class meetings where students share announcements, solve class problems, make important decisions, evaluate progress, and plan events. You’ll find everything you need to know and do to lead successful class meetings.
TME • $4

Classroom Procedures SmartCard first pageClassroom Procedures
Classroom Management SmartCard

Effective classroom procedures reduce disruptions and discipline problems, and maximize learning. Expectations are clear and the class is a safe place where everyone knows how to behave. In this SmartCard, you will find time-honored classroom procedures. Start the year off right. Discover quick tips for roll-taking. Manage classroom supplies like a pro. Maintain an acceptable noise level. And keep students orderly when going places. Learn veteran strategies to establish and maintain a smooth-running class.
TCP • $4

Daily Routines Classroom Management SmartCard first pageDaily Routines
Classroom Management SmartCard

Make the most of your teaching day with well-sequenced, well-established daily routines. Predictable routines create order in the classroom. We reduce students’ anxiety and establish a sense of security when students know the class schedule and sequence of classroom procedures. Discover tips to create or improve your daily routines. Optimize your learning environment by balancing routine with novelty. Set your morning routine on autopilot. Create a brain-friendly daily sequence of instruction time, snacks, breaks, lunch, and recess to maximize learning and minimize discipline problems.
TDR • $4

Cooperative Learning Classroom Management SmartCard first pageCooperative Learning
Classroom Management SmartCard

Multiply the effectiveness of cooperative learning with powerful and proven classroom management strategies. This SmartCard gives you the tools you need to make cooperative learning run smoothly. Get teams' attention back on you. Keep the noise level down. Arrange your room for teamwork. Expedite collecting and distributing materials. Form solid base teams. Add novelty with random teams. Take advantage of teammates as support. Finish team tasks at the same time, every time, to reduce downtime and disruptions. Learn cooperative management tips and tricks from the pros.
TMC • $4
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Classroom Signals SmartCard first pageClassroom Signals
Classroom Management SmartCard

Signals are simple, nonverbal messages, such as hand or body gestures between the teacher and students. Classroom signals communicate volumes without saying one word. Use signals to manage your students. Use signals to relay instructions. Have your students communicate with you via signals to avoid disruptions. Signals save you time and energy, and improve the lines of communication in your classroom. This SmartCard offers dozens of popular classroom signals, steps for establishing signals in your classroom, and ideas for developing your own signal system.
TCS • $4

Cooperative Roles SmartCard first pageCooperative Roles
Classroom Management SmartCard

Make cooperative projects more fun and run more smoothly with roles. Avoid "hogs" and "logs" during open-ended team discussions. Develop students' teamwork skills and repertoire of social competencies. This SmartCard presents the 12 most essential cooperative roles, and answers critical questions relating to cooperative roles: What is a cooperative role? When do I use roles? How do I assign roles? How do students learn their roles? Minimize management problems and maximize students' performance with cooperative learning roles.
TCR • $4

Student Jobs SmartCard first pageStudent Jobs
Classroom Management SmartCard

Develop students' responsibility and self-esteem by empowering them with important duties in the classroom. Save time and energy by enlisting students' help to perform essential classroom management tasks. Student jobs are terrific management tools that reduce the teacher's workload and improve students' teamwork skills. Have each student contribute to a smooth-running classroom, and create an "our class" community. Promote classroom democracy and leadership with student government and student committees.
TSJ • $4

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