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Graphic Organizers & Mind Maps

Graphic Organizers SmartCard
Transform your classroom into a visual think tank with graphic organizers! This colorful SmartCard describes the rationale for using graphic organizers, provides ideas and activities across the curriculum, and illustrates over 30 graphic organizers including: Chains, Ladder, Cycle Graph, Mind Map, Venn Diagrams, Word Web, Concept Map, Concept Charts, Compare/Contrast Charts, PMI, Target, Pie Chart, Fish Bone, Categories, Tree, Pyramid, Matrix, and Plot. You'll find loads of ideas to use graphic organizers in your class: have students graph the seasons with a Cycle Graph, compare and contrast the branches of government or story characters with a Venn Diagram, Mind Map any important concepts, draw the events of a story or historical event with a Picture Strip, and analyze cause and effect with a Fish Bone. An excellent, quick-reference card for all types of graphic organizers. TGO • $4
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Mind Mapping SmartCard
Mind mapping is a fast and fun way for students to take visual notes and for you to present concepts to students. Use mind mapping in your class to foster creativity, boost comprehension and retention of what you teach, and simultaneously engage multiple intelligences! This colorful SmartCard describes the rationale for using mind maps in the classroom; provides ideas and activities to introduce and use mind mapping in your class; describes how to create mind maps step-by-step; offers many helpful hints; illustrates sample mind maps; provides mind mapping ideas for mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science; and illustrates how to use mind maps for lesson, theme, and unit planning. A great resource you'll turn to time and time again. TMM • $4
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ThinkTrix book coverThinkTrix
Tools to Teach 7 Essential Thinking Skills
Dr. Frank T. Lyman, Jr. (All Grades)
ThinkTrix empowers your students to be better thinkers and broader thinkers. ThinkTrix develops better thinkers through metacognition—thinking about their own thinking. Students learn exactly what their minds need to do for the seven core types of thinking. They are better prepared to respond correctly to test questions, write clearly, and to be more effective students in general. While metacognition may sound complicated, this book makes the process super simple for you and your students. More concise thinking is sufficient rationale for using ThinkTrix with your students. But there's another big benefit—ThinkTrix allows you and your students to think more deeply about any topic. You and your students will apply the seven types of thinking to a variety of curricula, and expand everyone's knowledge, comprehension, and creativity about the subject matter. ThinkTrix—better, broader, deeper thinking! 216 pages. BLTT • $29
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Same-Different Book Combo displaySave!Same-Different Book Combo
Dr. Spencer Kagan (Grades K–8)
Illustrated by Celso Rodriguez

Your students learn analytic thinking skills and communication skills as they play these energizing games. Students work in pairs or teams on opposite sides of a barrier to discover what's the same and what's different in two carefully illustrated pictures. The holiday version has each holiday of the school year! The fairy tales book has your students' favorite fairy tales such as Cinderella, Goldilocks, Hansel & Gretel, Jack & the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Three Little Pigs. The game is easy to set up and play. Includes instructions and blackline illustrations, recording sheets, and keys for each holiday and fairy tale. Guaranteed to be a favorite in your class. Regular price $28. Combo price $22 • CSD Save $6!

Books also sold separately.
Same-Different Holidays book cover

88 pages.
BKSH • $14

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Same-Different Fairy Tales book cover

Fairy Tales
84 pages.
BKSF • $14
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Graphic Organizer
(Grades 2–8)
Graphic organizers are visual templates to help students understand, think about, and remember easier. This books is great resources with creative and timesaving sheets you can use over and over with your curriculum. This book contains approximately 60 different reproducible sheets for their respective subject areas. 64 pages. DFGOM • 10$

Put the POWER of Graphic Organizers in Your Students Hands!

MindMats Combo
Includes set of 8 MindMats, 10 erasers, 8 color dry erase markers. Regular price $53. Combo price $44 • CMM Save $9!

8 Graphic Organizer Dry Erase Boards
Put the power of graphic organizers in your students' hands—literally. Simply tell students to compare and contrast two characters in a book. Or outline the steps of the new math algorithm. Or draw a mind map to review the unit. Students pull out their MindMats and go to work. MindMats are double-sided dry erase boards that illustrate the 29 best classroom thinking frames such as Venn Diagrams, Chain, Mind Map, Tree, Fish Bone. Students have a quick visual reference for creating their own graphic organizers. The jumbo-size 17" x 11" mats are large enough to place in the center of a team table for the whole team to simultaneously work on the graphic. As teachers, we've heard the research and witnessed the power of graphic organizers. With MindMats, you can easily make graphic organizers a regular part of your daily lessons. Save paper and save time as you boost thinking skills and content learning.
Use with Kagan's dry erase markers and erasers. WMM • $39

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Set includes ten mini felt erasers. Erasers measure 1.25" x 2.5".
For use with AnswerBoards, MindMats, SwitchBoards, or Team Slates. WSER • $4

Dry Erase Markers
Set includes four, long-lasting, easy-to-erase, bullet tip dry erase markers. For use with Kagan's dry erase AnswerBoards, SwitchBoards, and MindMats. WSMB • $5

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