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ESL & Foreign Language

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Free! ESL Mix-N-Match Classroom Sets
Teach ESL vocabulary through fun activities. Students move about the room trading Mix-N-Match cards until you call, "Freeze." Then they find the partner with the matching card. Mix-N-Match is played over and over. An exciting and involving way to learn content and have fun. Includes instructions, ideas for use, and enough cards for 40 students. $5 each.
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Language Arts
Word-N-Antonym XWA
Word-N-Compound Word XWCW
Word-N-Contractions XWC
Word-N-Homonym XWH
Word-N-Synonym XWS
Animal-N-Name XAN
Bird-N-Name XBN
Food-N-Name XFN
Insect-N-Name XIN
Ocean Life-N-Name XON
Transportation-N-Name XTN
Coins-N-Value XCV
Digital Clock-N-Analog Clock XDC
Shape-N-Name XSHN

Physical Education
Sport-N-Name XSN

Zero Prep
Ready-to-Go Activities for the Language Classroom
Laurel Pollard, Natalie Hess, & Jan Herron
Whether you teach language or have ESL students in your class, Zero Prep has tons of ideas that will help your students become active participants in their own learning. The ready-made activities are clearly presented with the level, aim, materials, and step-by-step procedures, equipping you with lots of meaningful activities while saving you tons of time.

For Beginners
150 pages.
DPZPB • $35

Beginning thru Advanced
128 pages.
DPZP • $35

Out & About
Photocopiable Teacherless Activities
for Beginning English Language Learners

Amy Hemmert & Reck Kappra (Beginning English)
Beginning English learners will be on their feet and speaking with these worksheets and interactive activities on 13 units including classroom, greetings, days, jobs, family, house, food, money, clothes, places, medical, hobbies, and school. 260 pages. DHKO • $45

Free! StorySwitcher Combo
English/Spanish Story Cards &
Higher-Level Thinking Cooperative Activities

Jackie Scott (Grades K–6)
Create higher-level thinking with students' favorite fairy tales. Can be played in English, Spanish, or bilingually. First you lead the class through the original story with illustrated story cards. Then there is a "Switch." The seven dwarfs become seven giants or the ugly duckling becomes the ugly caterpillar! The Switch changes every aspect of the story. It is up to students to come up with the new story. Includes illustrated English/Spanish story cards with the Switch story illustrated on the back of each card; over 50 K–2 and 3–6 cooperative activities for the original story and the Switch; and student cards for hands-on activities. Students love it—the Switch stimulates fantasy and creativity. Combo includes all 4 sets. Regular price $32. Combo price $24 • CSSW
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Individual Story Switchers also sold separately.

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Blanca Nieves y Los Siete Enanitos) SSSW • $8
The Three Little Pigs (Los Tres Cochinitos) SSTP • $8
The Princess & the Pea (La Princesa y el Chícharo) SSPP • $8
The Ugly Duckling (El Patito Feo) SSUD • $8

Differentiated Instruction
& The English Language Learner DVD

Presented by Jo Gusman (All Grades)
Observe first-hand how innovative programs are incorporating multiple intelligences. Learn how you can reach and teach the second language learner in creative ways that focus on educational environments that recognize their multiple intelligences. With increasing national, state, and local standards, this DVD is an essential staff development tool to assist educators in meeting the challenge of the second language learner in America's classrooms. DGDIV • $139

ESL & Foreign Language 1 | 2