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Win-Win Discipline book cover
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Win-Win Discipline
Strategies for All Discipline Problems
Dr. Spencer Kagan, Patricia Kyle & Sally Scott (All Grades)
Win-Win Discipline is the single most comprehensive and effective classroom discipline program available. Period. Never before has there been a more practical and powerful step-by-step approach to discipline. Win-Win seeks a higher goal than other discipline programs: The goal is not merely to end disruptions; the goal is to teach students to meet their unmet needs so they no longer need to be disruptive.
Watch disruptive behavior disappear as Win-Win...

• Turns Anger into Rational Decision-Making
• Replaces Boredom with Active Engagement
• Channels Excess Energy into Productive Learning
• Transforms Attention-Seeking into Self-Validation
• Ends Control-Seeking via Learned Self-Efficacy
• Converts Avoidance of Failure into Self-Confidence

“The single most comprehensive and effective classroom discipline program available!”

If we end a disruption, we improve our classroom for a while. If instead we foster autonomous responsibility, we prevent future disruptions and empower our students for a lifetime. Win-Win provides proven step-by-step strategies and structures to prevent disruptions for the moment-of-disruption and follow-ups. Go beyond manipulative tricks to end disruptions. Use Win-Win's proven approach to prevent disruptions by teaching learned responsibility.

With Win-Win, you create a safe, comfortable learning environment for you and your students—a place where students are excited to come and where you don't feel stressed by the end of the day. Win the freedom to focus on learning and growing, not on disruptions. With Win-Win your students win skills for a lifetime and you win the freedom to do what you do best—teach without disruptions. 624 pages. BKWW • $44
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Win-Win Discipline
Table of Contents

Part I. What is Win-Win Discipline?
Chapter 1. Welcome to Win-Win
Chapter 2. The Building Blocks of Win-Win Discipline
Chapter 3. The Three Pillars

Part II. Preventative Procedures
Chapter 4. The Four Types of Disruptions: ABCD
Chapter 5. The ABCD Tally
Chapter 6. Preventative Procedures: ABCD Disruptions
Chapter 7. The Seven Positions
Chapter 8. Preventative Procedures: The Seven Positions
Chapter 9. Teaching the Win-Win Philosophy

Part III. Moment-of-Disruption Strategies and Structures
Chapter 10. The ABCD Questions
Chapter 11. Identifying Positions
Chapter 12. Validating Positions
Chapter 13. Responding to the Seven Positions
Chapter 14. Moment-of-Disruption Structures

Part IV. Follow-Ups
Chapter 15. Follow-Ups
Chapter 16. Follow-Up Structures

Part V. Students with Special Needs
Chapter 17. Win-Win with Students with Special Needs

Part VI. Beyond Discipline
Chapter 18. Win-Win Management
Chapter 19. Win-Win Instruction
Chapter 20. Win-Win Life Skills

Part VII. Resources

“Thank you for changing the way I think about discipline in my classroom!”
— Lori Wilbanks, 8th grade language arts

“Simple, practical, just right. With the Kagan framework in place no one can fail.”
— Barbara Longstreth, 4th–5th grade multiage

“I thought of myself as a good disciplinarian. Win-Win opened my eyes!”
—Tony Insua, 3rd grade teacher

“This is a must for teachers and especially administrators.”
— Diane Roberts, teacher trainer

Win-Win Discipline MiniBook cover
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New!Win-Win Discipline MiniBook
Dr. Spencer Kagan (All Grades)
Win-Win Discipline is Kagan’s transformative approach to student discipline: Instead of seeing a disruptive student as an obstacle to teaching and learning, Win-Win Discipline sees the disruptive student as an opportunity for teaching and learning! Rather than punishing disruptive students, we use proven Win-Win Discipline strategies so students learn responsible ways to meet their needs. This MiniBook provides an overview of the essential elements of Win-Win Discipline, including proven preventative procedures, step-by-step strategies for the moment-of-disruption, focused follow-ups, an ABCD system for identifying disruptive behaviors, and a differentiated 7-position system to identify the needs of each disruptive student. Perfect for teachers, administrators, and schools who want a quick overview of Kagan’s approach to discipline where everyone wins. For a more comprehensive reference guide, see the Win-Win Discipline book. 144 pages. 5" x 7" MiniBook.
BKMBW • $14 Only $9 when ordering 20 or more for your staff.
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Win-Win Discipline Flip Chart cover

Win-Win Discipline Flip Chart
Discipline issues steal class time and divert focus from learning. Dealing with problems can be a challenge, to put it lightly. With this handy flip chart, you’ll have quick access to some of the best Win-Win Discipline strategies. You’ll find 25 Moment-of-Disruption discipline strategies to help you pick the right strategy right when it happens. Plus, you get 6 great Follow-Up strategies to keep student behavior on the right track. You’ll want to keep this self-standing desk flip chart close by so you can quickly flip to winning solutions to discipline problems. Measures 8.5" x 11". MFLWW • $29
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Management and Discipline book coverManagement & Discipline
Activities Featuring Kagan Structures
Lisa Mitchell, Lynsy Oswald, & Sarah Walas Teed (Grades K–6)
Promote proper behavior in your classroom and throughout school with these 37 cooperative and engaging activities. Each activity is based on a Kagan Structure. For example, students play Fact-or-Fiction to review classroom rules. The activities are divided into four main sections.

Section 1: Classroom Behavior—Activities focus on how to behave in class, classroom rules, and disruptions.
Section 2: School-Wide Rules—Activities give students positive guidance for assemblies, using the bathroom, school safety, and school rules.
Section 3: Recess—Activities for indoor recess and playground behavior.
Section 4: Respecting Teachers—Activities promote respect for the teacher and guest teachers.

By participating in these fun and interactive activities, your students learn how to behave appropriately inside and outside your classroom. 168 pages. BMMD • $24
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Personal and Social Skills book coverPersonal & Social Skills
Activities Featuring Kagan Structures
Lisa Mitchell, Lynsy Oswald, & Sarah Walas Teed (Grades K–6)
Develop your students’ social and emotional skills with these 38 cooperative and engaging activities. Each activity is based on a Kagan Structure. For example, students play Find Someone Who to appreciate diversity in the classroom. The activities are divided into three main sections.

Section 1: Social Skills Development—Activities include getting along, giving compliments, and conflict resolution.
Section 2: Emotional Intelligence—Activities provide positive guidance when students are feeling mad, annoyed, lonely, and so on.
Section 3: Character Education—Activities explore and develop virtues such as honesty, respect, and cooperation. Many teachers turn to Kagan because students become kinder and more socially adept as they use Kagan Structures daily.

This book takes it to the next level with activities explicitly designed to develop students’ social skills, character, and emotional intelligence. 128 pages. BMPS • $24
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Win-Win Discipline 7 Poster Set displayWin-Win Discipline 7 Poster Set
End discipline problems by teaching students how to handle themselves with grace. Win-Win Discipline identifies 7 student positions that lead to almost every disruptive classroom behavior. For example, when students are angry, they may display aggressive behavior. Each of the 7 posters features one student position and lists responsible and irresponsible behaviors. Instead of bullying others when angry, students learn to count to 10 before they react. Each poster offers multiple positive options. This poster set is a great tool for preventing discipline problems and for working with students when discipline problems do arise. Foster in your students an understanding of where their irresponsible behavior springs from, and empower them with a repertoire of responsible alternates to create win-win solutions.
PKWW • $14
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4 Win-Win Discipline SmartCards
Four SmartCards complement Kagan's best-selling book on discipline, Win-Win Discipline. Get instant access to some of Win-Win Discipline's most effective discipline strategies and procedures. $4 Each

The Building Blocks of Win-Win Discipline SmartCard front page

The Building Blocks of Win-Win Discipline SmartCard
Win-Win Discipline is a powerful and comprehensive approach to classroom discipline. This SmartCard provides a concise summary of the essential building blocks of Win-Win: The Three Pillars, ABCD Disruptions, The Seven Positions, Preventive Procedures, Moment-of-Disruption Strategies, and Follow-Ups. Overview the major concepts and understand their interrelation. Use the Win-Win Discipline philosophy and strategies to create a classroom in which everyone wins!
TWBB • $4

Structures for the Moment of Disruption SmartCard front page

Structures for the Moment of Disruption SmartCard
Respond quickly and appropriately in the moment of a classroom disruption. This easy-reference guide overviews 20 Win-Win Discipline Moment-of-Disruption structures. The structures are presented alphabetically with a sketch of each structure. A chart is provided on the back enabling you to quickly find successful structures by the ABCD Disruption Type and the 7 Positions. Be prepared to respond to any type of classroom disruption the moment they occur.
TWMD • $4

Preventative Procedures for the 7 Positions SmartCard front page

Preventative Procedures for the 7 Positions SmartCard
Implement these Win-Win Preventative Procedures and significantly reduce or eliminate discipline problems in your classroom. This SmartCard outlines numerous ideas to meet students’ needs for each of the 7 Student Positions. With over 100 ideas in all, you’ll find terrific teaching practices and procedures to create a productive, smooth-running classroom.
TWPP • $4

Strategies for Responding to the 7 Positions SmartCard front page

Strategies for Responding to the 7 Positions SmartCard
Respond quickly and effectively to classroom discipline problems. This Win-Win SmartCard provides more than 60 strategies for responding to student misbehavior. Strategies are categorized by 7 Student Positions, making it easy to find the most appropriate techniques for handling the most common discipline problems. Equip yourself with discipline responses that really work.
TWRS • $4

Pop-Up Social Role Card Kit book coverPop-Up Social Role Card Kit
Each team in your classroom (up to nine teams) receives their own set of the 12 most essential cooperative learning role cards. Every team's role cards are in their unique color. The role cards have a pop-up picture and role on the front, and things to do and say on the back. The cards stack for easy storage and are reversible to create an additional 12 unique roles for each team. Instructions are included for introducing the roles, rotating roles, setting up a social skills center, and developing social skills. Role cards included: Praiser, Encourager, Cheerleader, Materials Monitor, Focus Keeper, Gatekeeper, Reflector, Quiet Captain, Recorder, Coach, Question Commander, and Checker. Use roles with any project to improve management, time on task, communication skills, individual accountability, and equal participation.
MPRC • $15

How to Handle Difficult Parents book cover How to Handle Difficult Parents
A Teacher's Survival Guide

Suzanne Capek Tingley (All Grades)
Don't let parents stress you out. Get practical advice, presented with a sense of humor. You'll learn to handle Pinocchio's Mom—she believes her child, unlike every other child in the universe, never ever tells a lie of any kind. Know what to do with the Intimidator Dad who wants what he wants and wants it now. Offers advice for the different types of problem parents and what to do when nothing else works. 144 pages. DTDP2V • $20

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