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Management Discipline

Activities Featuring Kagan Structures

Lisa Mitchell, Lynsy Oswald, & Sarah Walas Teed (Grades K–6)

  • 37 activities featuring Kagan Structures
  • Promotes proper behavior in your classroom and throughout school.
  • Topics include Classroom Behavior; School-Wide Rules; Recess Guidelines; and Respecting Teachers.
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Promote proper behavior in your classroom and throughout school with these 37 cooperative and engaging activities. Each activity is based on a Kagan Structure. For example, students play Fact-or-Fiction to review classroom rules. The activities are divided into three main sections. Section 1: Classroom Behavior—Activities in this section focus on how to behave in class, classroom rules, and disruptions. Section 2: School-Wide Rules—Activities in this section give students positive guidance for assemblies, using the bathroom, school safety, and school rules. Section 3: Recess Guidelines—Activities for indoor recess and playground behavior. Section 4: Respecting Teachers—Activities to promote respect for the teacher and guest teachers. By participating in these fun and interactive activities, your students learn how to behave appropriately inside and outside your classroom.

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