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Learning Cubes and Chips

Learning Cubes
Learning Cubes are squishably soft and quiet-to-roll 3-inch foam cubes. On each of the six sides of the cube is a different student question or activity prompt. The best part about them is they can be used over and over again with any new topic you're studying. Your students use the Vocabulary Cube for learning any new vocabulary words. They roll the Story Elements cube to examine any story's elements. You'll be amazed how useful these cubes are. Your students will love rolling these cubes to interact over the subject matter. Cubes are available as single cubes for $3 each and as class 8-packs for $16. Save $8!

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 Cooperative Learning

Teambuilder Cube
Questions to get to know and like teammates.

Class Set of 8
CMLT • $16
Save on the Teambuilding & Classbuilding Class Combo!

Single cube MLT • $3

Praisers Cube
Illustrated praisers.

Class Set of 8
CMLPR • $16

Single cube MLPR • $3

 Lesson Helpers

Lesson Launcher Cube
Questions to focus students on the lesson.

Class Set of 8
CMLL • $16

Single cube MLL • $3

Lesson Wrap Up Cube
Questions to review the lesson.

Class Set of 8
CMLW • $16

Single cube MLW • $3

 Brain & Thinking

Brain Booster Cube
Brain-friendly activity options for just about any subject matter.

Class Set of 8
CMLB • $16

Single cube MLB • $3

Thinking Cube
Each side of the cube features one level of thinking from Bloom's Taxonomy, and related thinking words to prompt activity ideas to develop that level of thinking.

Class Set of 8
CMLTH • $16

Single cube MLTH • $3

Language Arts

Journal Starters Cube
Journal starting sentences to get students writing.

Class Set of 8
CMLJ • $16

Single cube MLJ • $3

Parts of Speech Cube
Noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition.

Class Set of 8
CMLP • $16

Single cube MLP • $3

Reader Response Cube
Sentence starters for students to provide writing feedback.

Class Set of 8
CMLRR • $16

Single cube MLRR • $3

Reading Comprehension Cube
Discussion prompts to boost understanding and retention.

Class Set of 8
CMLR • $16

Single cube MLR • $3

Story Elements Cube
Students examine any story's elements: setting, point of view, plot, character, conflict, moral.

Class Set of 8
CMLS • $16

Single cube MLS • $3

Story Prewriting Cube
For mapping out student stories.

Class Set of 8
CMLSP • $16

Single cube MLSP • $3

Vocabulary Cube
Prompts for mastering vocabulary words.

Class Set of 8
CMLV • $16

Single cube MLV • $3

Primary (K-3)

Money Cube
Dollar bill, fifty cents, quarter, dime, nickel, and penny.

Class Set of 8
CMLM • $16

Single cube • MLM $3

Shapes Cube
Circle, square, triangle, star, rectangle, pentagon.

Class Set of 8
CMLSH • $16

Single cube MLSH • $3

Primary Story Elements Cube
Picture and title for: setting, topic, character, beginning, middle, end.

Class Set of 8
CMLSE • $16

Single cube MLSE • $3

Primary Story Starters Cube
Kid-friendly illustrations to develop early story-telling skills.

Class Set of 8
CMLPS • $16

Single cube MLPS • $3

Social Studies

Current Event Cube
Activities to explore any current event.

Class Set of 8
CMLC • $16

Single cube MLC • $3

Famous People Cube
Examine the actions, beliefs, and impact of famous individuals.

Class Set of 8
CMLF • $16

Single cube MLF • $3

Historical Event Cube
Activities to explore any historical event.

Class Set of 8

CMLH • $16

Single cube MLH • $3


Save!Learning Chips
Boost interaction. Boost learning. Learning Chips will have your class humming with interaction. Each set has 16 attractive, durable plastic chips. Each team lays a set of chips question-side down on their desk. One student picks a chip and reads the question. All teammates take a turn responding. The next student picks the next chip and all teammates respond. Learning Chips are a terrific way to get students interacting over the learning topic! Just place a set of chips at a team table and let the non-stop discussion begin. They run themselves as a center. Chips are also great for whole-class activities. Give each student one chip. Have them mix, pair, and ask a partner the question on their chip. They trade chips and find new partners to question. $5 per set or get 8 of the same set for your entire class for only $29. Save $11!
Top Ideas for Using Learning ChipsWatch Video Demo


FREE storage box and 8 FREE canisters included with purchase of class sets!

Appreciation Chips
Sentence starters and expressions to show appreciation for others. Students use this chip set to drop appreciations on teammates and classmates. Appreciations include simple feel-good phrases such as: "You are awesome!," and sentence starters for students to create specific praisers such as, "Thanks a million for…."

Class Set of 8
CMDA • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDA • $5

Processing Chips
Increase the understanding and retention of any lecture, reading, or video. After 5–10 minutes of direct input, stop and have teams use these chips to process what they've learned. By completing sentence starters such as, "I was surprised to learn…," and "In summary…," students personalize the input. They remember much more of what they share with teammates.

Class Set of 8
CMDPR • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDPR • $5

Celebration Chips
Praising words and actions for teams to celebrate or to congratulate a teammate.

Class Set of 8
CMDC • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDC • $5

Classbuilding Chips
Interview questions for getting to know and respect classmates.
Save on the Teambuilding & Classbuilding Class Combo!

Class Set of 8
CMDCB • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDCB • $5

Discussion Chips
Provocative sentence starters to encourage impassioned discussion about any topic.

Class Set of 8
CMDD • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDD • $5

Event Chips
Questions to examine a current or historical event.

Class Set of 8
CMDE • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDE • $5

Famous Folks Chips
Questions to investigate and appreciate a celebrated individual's life and times.

Class Set of 8
CMDF • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDF • $5

Gratitude Chips
Create an attitude of gratitude.


Class Set of 8
CMDG • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDG • $5

Happy Recall Chips
Share happy memories about different topics.


Class Set of 8
CMDHR • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDHR • $5

Inference Chips
Sentence starters to develop close reading and reasoning on any reading topic.

Class Set of 8
CMDIN • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
• $5

Interview Chips
Interview question starters for interviewing characters in role, classmates, or any interviewee.

Class Set of 8
CMDI • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
MDI • $5

Lesson Review Chips
Wrap-up questions to review any lesson and to cement new learning.

Class Set of 8
CMDRV • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
MDRV • $5

Paraphrase Chips
Paraphrasing gambits to promote attentive listening during any discussion or lecture.

Class Set of 8
CMDP • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
MDP • $5

Positive Emotion Chips
Prompts to put students in a positive frame of mind.


Class Set of 8
CMDPE • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
MDPE • $5

Reading Comprehension Chips
Questions to critically review any reading and to develop effective reading skills.

Class Set of 8
CMDR • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
MDR • $5

Story Discussion Chips
Questions to promote in-depth understanding of and interaction over any story.

Class Set of 8
CMDS • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
MDS • $5

Teambuilding Chips
Fun interview questions for getting to know and respect teammates.
Save on the Teambuilding & Classbuilding Class Combo!

Class Set of 8
CMDTB • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
MDTB • $5

Thinking Chips
Varied question starters to generate a range of thinking about any topic.

Class Set of 8
CMDT • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
MDT • $5

Vocabulary Chips
Explore new vocabulary words in depth.


Class Set of 8
CMDV • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
MDV • $5

SaveMake Your Own Chips
Set includes 16 blank double-sided chips and storage canister. Write your problems or prompts in permanent or dry-erase marker. 8 sets.
CMDB • $29 Save $11!

Make Your Own Chips. 1 Set MDB • $5

Learning Chip Storage Canister
Store your Learning Chips in style. MDZC • $1

Print Your Own Labels
Includes 5 label sheets for 150 total Learning Chip Labels. MDLB • $4

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