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Language Arts

Save!Language Arts Learning Cubes
Make language arts learning a hands-on, minds-on process with Learning Cubes. Each team receives its own cube. They roll the cube and the cube leads students through a cooperative language arts activity. Each squishably soft and quiet-to-roll foam cube measures 3 inches. $3 each cube or get a class set of 8 cubes for $16. Save $8!
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Grades (K–3)

Primary Story Elements
Each side has a picture and title for: Setting, topic, character, beginning, middle, end. Great for prewriting or examining any story's elements. Set of 8 cubes CMLSE • $16

Single cube MLSE • $3

Primary Story Starters
Kid-friendly motivating illustrations are great to develop early story-telling skills. Set of 8 cubes CMLPS • $16

Single cube MLPS • $3

(Grades 3–8)

Journal Starters
Journal starting sentences to get students to write, write, and write some more Set of 8 cubes CMLJ • $16

Single cube MLJ • $3

Parts of Speech
Students will master the parts of speech with this cube that includes a different part of speech on each side: Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Pronoun, Preposition. Set of 8 cubes CMLP • $16

Single cube MLP • $3

Reader Response
Classmates use the sentence starters such as, "I'd like to hear more about...," on this cube to provide other students feedback on their writing. Set of 8 cubes CMLRR • $16

Single cube MLRR • $3

Reading Comprehension
After reading any piece, students spin the cube and perform the selected activity to help boost understanding and retention. Set of 8 cubes CMLR • $16

Single cube MLR • $3

Story Elements
Questions and prompts for students to examine any story's elements: setting, point of view, plot, character, conflict, moral. Set of 8 cubes CMLS • $16

Single cube MLS • $3

Story Prewriting
Help budding writers pen terrific stories with this prewriting activity. Each roll generates a new question to have students map out their new stories. Set of 8 cubes CMLSP • $16

Single cube MLSP • $3

Six prompts to help students learn any new vocabulary words. Set of 8 cubes CMLV • $16

Single cube MLV • $3

Reading and Language Arts
Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

20 Literacy Strategies That Engage the Brain

Marcia L. Tate (Grades K–12)
According to experts in the field, reading and language arts skills are best acquired when students are actively engaged in their own learning. This book focuses on brain-based literacy strategies to reach the standards. It contains over 300 activities from hundreds of teachers as well as the author's own classroom models. This practical resource is dedicated to literacy strategies that apply to the way students learn to read and read to learn. These hands-on techniques will help you teach reading in relevant, motivating, and engaging ways. Invite your students to use their higher-level thinking skills, increase their comprehension, and make the learning their own! 200 pages. DTRLW2V • $35

Free! StorySwitcher Combo
Jackie Scott (Grades K–6)
Create higher-level thinking with students' favorite fairy tales. First you lead the class through the original story with illustrated story cards. Then there is a "Switch." The seven dwarfs become seven giants or the ugly duckling becomes the ugly caterpillar! The Switch changes every aspect of the story. It is up to students to come up with the new story. Includes illustrated English/Spanish story cards with the Switch story illustrated on the back of each card; over 50 K–2 and 3–6 cooperative activities for the original story and the Switch; and student cards for hands-on activities. Students love it—the Switch stimulates fantasy and creativity. Combo includes all 4 sets. Regular price $32. Combo price $24 • CSSW
Buy the combo and get the 4th set FREE!

Individual StorySwitchers also sold separately.
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Blanca Nieves y Los Siete Enanitos) SSSW • $8
The Three Little Pigs (Los Tres Cochinitos) SSTP • $8
The Princess & the Pea (La Princesa y el Chícharo) SSPP • $8
The Ugly Duckling (El Patito Feo) SSUD • $8

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