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Language Arts

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Vocabulary book coverVocabulary
Making it Memorable
Ben Taylor (Grades 3–12)
What's the most effective way to build students' vocabulary? Do we put research to practice and use a multi-stage approach? Do we respect brain science, multiple intelligenc action, and promote full engagement from every student? The answer: All of the above! This book will give you nearly 100 vocabulary activities to make vocabulary simply unforgettable. Not only can you pick and choose among these innovative activities, this book offers 18 full-on lessons that lead the class through 5 stages to acquire and remember new terms. Make vocabulary memorable with this rich array of vocabulary lessons and activities. 216 pages.
BTV • $29
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Write! Cooperative Learning and the Writing Process book coverWrite! Cooperative Learning
& the Writing Process

Virginia DeBolt (Grades 3–8)
Integrate cooperative learning and the writing process. This book provides several ready-to-use writing lessons in each of the writing domains: imaginative, functional, communication, non-fiction/reporting, and opinion-making. Use cooperative learning structures throughout the stages of the writing process: prewriting, writing, proofing and editing, conferring and rewriting, and publishing. Loaded with practical management tips, references, resources, and ideas for evaluating students' writing with portfolios, holistic scoring, primary trait scoring, analytic, self-evaluation, and peer evaluation. 208 pages. BDW • $29
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Language Arts Book Collection
1) Write! Cooperative Learning & The Writing Process Book
2) Cooperative Learning & Language Arts Book
3) Cooperative Learning Reading Activities Book
4) Cooperating Learning Writing Activities Book.
Regular price $106. Combo price $82 • CLA Save $24!

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Cooperative Learning and Grammar book coverCooperative Learning & Grammar
Melissa Agnew & Stefanie McKoy (Grades 3–5)
Grammar activities galore! But these aren't just any run-of-the mill grammar worksheets. They're based on favorite Kagan Structures to make grammar an engaging process. Students play Showdown to master verb usage. Students play Quiz-Quiz-Trade to memorize contractions. Students Find Someone Who can fix a punctuation problem. You'll find over 100 ready-to-use grammar blacklines covering all the grammar essentials including antonyms, synonyms, homophones, parts of speech, plurals, possessives, prefixes, suffixes, root words, contractions, capital letters, commas, punctuation, quotation marks, subjects, predicates, clauses, complete sentences, sentence types, and more! 272 pages. BAMG • $29
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Cooperative Learning and Grammar book cover
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Cooperative Learning & Grammar
Melissa Agnew & Stefanie McKoy (Grades K–2)
Give your little ones the gift of good grammar! This book offers 8 engaging structures to teach those need-to-know grammar skills. The book focuses on five core grammar skills: 1) Synonyms & Antonyms, 2) Parts of Speech, 3) Punctuation, 4) Sentences, and 5) Working with Words. For each skill, you receive structure-based activities and worksheets to reinforce the skills. Partners use RallyCoach to coach each other on finding words that are similar. Students stand up and Find Someone Who can identify a pronoun on their sheet. Teams play Showdown to select the correct punctuation for the sentence. The class plays Quiz-Quiz-Trade to quiz each other on contractions. Engage those little minds and bodies as they master essential grammar skills. 248 pages. BAMG2 • $29
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Write! Books Combo
Multiple Intelligences & Cooperative Learning Writing Activities
Virginia DeBolt (Grades 4–9)
Integrate writing across the curriculum! Writing in math, science, and social studies is an excellent way to explore the content areas in depth. Move beyond the basic facts of the subject and into higher-level thinking with these activities. Each Write! book includes 36 cooperative learning writing activities with ready-to-use, reproducible, activity pages, and a brief description of dozens of cooperative learning techniques. Activities engage the multiple intelligences. Writing activities are a perfect way to start the class, introduce a new concept, end the unit, or use as a sponge activity. Loaded with journal ideas. 144 pages each. Combo includes all three Write! books. Regular price $72. Combo price $58 • CW Save $14!

Books also sold separately.

Write! Social Studies
BDSS • $24
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Write! Mathematics
BDM • $24
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Write! Science
BDS • $24
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Cooperative Learning for Language Arts Combo
Cheryl Quiring (Grades 7–12)
Do you want your English/Language Arts classes to bustle with engagement? Do you want your students to be active, ask and answer questions, explore literature at a deeper level, and quiz each other on vocabulary? Here's your solution. In this two-book series, you will find powerful cooperative learning strategies to make your secondary language arts curriculum come alive. Plus, you'll receive tons of ready-made activities and blackline masters designed to meet and exceed the NCTE and IRA standards that you can use tomorrow in your classroom. Receive activities on: figurative language, literary terms, Latin root words, prefixes, suffixes, text types, idioms, characterization, homophones, parts of speech, and more. You'll also find activities to boost reading comprehension and retention on secondary literature selections such as The Grapes of Wrath, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Pearl, A Tale of Two Cities, Julius Caesar, Romeo & Juliet. All the work of creating highly-engaging activities on your subject has been done for you!
Regular price $68. Combo price $54 • CSCLA Save $14!

Books also sold separately.

Book 1
BCLA1 • $34
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Book 2
BCLA2 • $34
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Language Arts Lessons for Little Ones book cover
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Language Arts Lessons for Little Ones
Lorna Curran (Grades K–2)
This is the most popular primary cooperative learning book in the world! It makes teaching language arts fun and easy! Lorna provides concrete management tips and a social skills program which makes your little ones polite and helpful while they stay on-task. The book has 36 cooperative lessons based on well-known primary literature. You receive tons of reproducible blackline masters. 248 pages. BCLL • $29
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