Making It Memorable

Ben Taylor (All Grades)

  • Cooperative strategies that appeal to students' strengths, interests, and intelligences!
  • 5 engaging stages that make learning fun and interesting.
  • New ways to enjoy vocabulary and make terms stick!
  • Volumes of activities including graphs, posters, cartoons, mind maps, and more!
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What's the most effective way to build students' vocabulary? Do we put research to practice and use a multi-stage approach? Do we respect brain science, multiple intelligenc action, and promote full engagement from every student? The answer: All of the above! This book will give you nearly 100 vocabulary activities to make vocabulary simply unforgettable. Not only can you pick and choose among these innovative activities, this book offers 18 full-on lessons that lead the class through 5 stages to acquire and remember new terms. Make vocabulary memorable with this rich array of vocabulary lessons and activities. 216 pages.

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