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Win-Win Discipline MiniBook

Dr. Spencer Kagan (All Grades)

  • Learn to respond to all disruptions as either A, B, C, or D.
  • Identify the seven positions from which all disruptions spring.
  • Prevent almost all disruptions by preparing for all behaviors and student positions.
  • Practice proven moment-of-disruption responses that teach rather than punish.
  • Follow-up disruptive behavior to ensure students acquire autonomous responsibility.
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Win-Win Discipline is Kagan’s transformative approach to student discipline: Instead of seeing a disruptive student as an obstacle to teaching and learning, Win-Win Discipline sees the disruptive student as an opportunity for teaching and learning! Rather than punishing disruptive students, we use proven Win-Win Discipline strategies so students learn responsible ways to meet their needs. This MiniBook provides an overview of the essential elements of Win-Win Discipline, including proven preventative procedures, step-by-step strategies for the moment-of-disruption, focused follow-ups, an ABCD system for identifying disruptive behaviors, and a differentiated 7-position system to identify the needs of each disruptive student. Perfect for teachers, administrators, and schools who want a quick overview of Kagan’s approach to discipline where everyone wins. For a more comprehensive reference guide, see the Win-Win Discipline book. 144 pages. 5" x 7" MiniBook.

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