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Win-Win Discipline

Strategies for All Discipline Problems

Dr. Spencer Kagan, Patricia Kyle & Sally Scott (All Grades)

  • Provides proven step-by-step strategies and structures to prevent disruptions, for the moment-of-disruption, and follow-ups.
  • Learn to identify the seven positions from which disruptive behavior occur.
  • Learn how to respond to these disruptions in a manner that will both end the disruption now and prevent it from occuring in the future.
  • Everyone wins! Students learn skills for a lifetime and teachers are free to teach without disruptions.

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Win-Win Discipline is the single most comprehensive and effective classroom discipline program available. Period. Never before has there been a more practical and powerful step-by-step approach to discipline. Win-Win seeks a higher goal than other discipline programs: The goal is not merely to end disruptions; the goal is to teach students to meet their unmet needs so they no longer need to be disruptive.

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Comprehensive Guide for Structures and Strategies

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A Comprehensive
Win-Win Approach
Loaded with Helpful
Forms and Blacklines
Step-by-Step Discipline Solutions
Product Reviews

The book, Win-Win Discipline was submitted for product feedback to a third-party company. A nationwide panel of teachers reviewed Win-Win Discipline in their classrooms and responded to questions. Here are their responses:

What aspects of this product did you like most?

I loved the philosophy of the ABCD discipline. As a teacher, taking a step back to see why the behavior is occurring is important to solving the problem. I went to my first Kagan workshop in the fall and have incorporated Cooperative Learning into my classroom. This has worked very well!!! So I believe the discipline will work as well. I also like the size of the books and printing. It is not intimidating.

Lots of pictures make it fun to read. It doesn’t come across as a “textbook” for teachers. Also, it's easy to lay on my lap and.highlight-purp. The book is set up in a format that is easy to read.

I liked the.highlight-purped texts that referenced other parts of the book that related to the current topic. The way the book is organized made it easy to utilize. I liked that there were a lot of strategies to use for different situations. There was good advice about how to deal with students or how to model positive behavior.

I like that the program actually works. I have used the strategies within the book to foster an engaged and respectful classroom. The book walks educators through a step-by-step directed program that works. I thought the formatting was nice. Colors were helpful versus just page after page of text. The contracts were nice and the charts helpful for a quick glance of the text. I liked that it also covered students with special needs. Kagan products always deliver common sense/practical, easy-to-integrate ideas for a normal classroom teacher.

I like the way that Kagan uses anecdotes that are easy to read and understand. I also like the reader friendly language that is used. Dr. Kagan does not need to impress his readers with his scholastic knowledge and five hundred dollar vocabulary words. This book reads from one teacher friend to another.

How will you apply this information in your classroom?

I have already applied the information. I have trouble with one class in particular. While I was reading, I took notes and listed ideas of what to try. The students in this class fall into the “D” category of disengagement. I met with the most talkative student. With his hard work, he was taught to help me by raising his hand and listening in class. His positive behavior has made him more of a leader than his negative. Now, others are following suit!!! And this was just in 3 days!

This school year is almost over, but the summer will give me time to more fully read the details within the book. I have strategies to begin next school year and start off with better practices. It is easier to start off strong and have good practices in place than to have to change strategies midyear and try to regain control.

I will use the multiple intelligences to vary how I deliver information to my students. I will give my students choices on how assignments can be completed that will make them feel more confident in their studies.

I thought the parent communications strategies were very helpful. This helps parents know what is going on in the classroom. I used it for some of my disruptive students that I was ready to give up on. The book helps to give insight into some students behaviors and how to deal with these behaviors.

I will begin a new school year next year ready to use the pillars and try to break my bad habits and instill new, better classroom management habits.

If funds were available, would you recommend this product to another teacher at the appropriate grade/age level? Please explain why or why not.


 I think all teachers should read this book and learn to use the strategies taught. Of course, the strategies will have to be adapted to each class or grade level. This book also gives good advice on how to use positive discipline in a classroom. This allows students' choices in the classroom as well.

Definitely! I would recommend the entire staff be trained in the Win-Win Discipline.

This product allows for the entire class day to be spent on engaged learning. It holds students accountable for their own choices and behaviors. These lessons can and will be carried throughout adulthood as well.

Yes, absolutely!!!

Here is what educators are saying:

"Simple, practical, just right. With the Kagan framework in place no one can fail. The techniques found in this book apply to life — in and out of the classroom."
— Barbara Longstreth, 4th/5th grade teacher

"Taught me that "behavior is a message." I can see so many applications past the classroom. It would be good in business, church, home, and with kids' extra-curricular activities like scouting and sports. Make it a way of life!"
— K.C. Blackketter, 1st grade teacher

"I can use these strategies not only with my students but with my family and friends. These are life skills here that would benefit everyone."
— Dawn Plagianes, 7th/8th grade ESL/Language teacher

"Win-Win Discipline gives "skills" and "how to's" to deal with people from all walks of life. This course should be mandatory for all teachers! You've made me a better person from by what I've learned during my class. Thank you!"
— Nancy Cox Hill, 6th grade teacher

"I cannot wait to get back to my district and spread the news about Win-Win Discipline. This is a must for teachers and especially administrators."
— Diane Roberts, teacher/trainer

"The comprehensive and practical steps, gambits, examples, etc. are wonderful. These concepts are common sense, yet the way they've been presented in this book make them into "A-HA" moments. Thank you for changing the way I think about discipline in my classroom! I look forward implementing them and changing the way I relate to my students."
— Lori Wilbanks, 8th grade Language Arts teacher

"Learning about the 7 positions gave me the greatest insight! Knowing where my students are and where they are coming from will help me to have a Win-Win classroom."
— Tony Insua, 3rd grade teacher

"The Win-Win Discipline book is a powerful tool that can be utilized not only in the teaching profession, but in every day life situations as well. USE IT!! and you will succeed!!"
— Jason R. Skinner, 6th grade Social Studies teacher

"Win-Win does not make you feel like you need to reinvent the wheel."
— Kasey Rodgers, 5th grade teacher

"Constructive ways to train students to take responsibility for their own behaviors! Thanks for going beyond stopping disruptions to "teaching self-control!" My students and I will definitely WIN next year!"
— Karen Williams, teacher

"Win-Win provides great tools to assist teachers and students, resulting in a creative, caring environment."
— Mary Kaurich, High School Science teacher

"Varied, relevant, usable. An alternative to traditional methods and thinking as it applies to discipline. It made me really think about how I will address discipline issues in the future."
— Joy R. Smith, Elementary school teacher

"Easy to understand, helpful, and practical. Discipline is a weak area for me and I'm excited to use the content."
— Amy A Sarkkinen, 1st/2nd grade teacher

"Win-Win really made me think about the way I discipline in the classroom — I will definitely use some new techniques to Win-Win!"
— Jane Malloy, teacher