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Management & Discipline

The First Days of School
Book & DVD

How to be an Effective Teacher

Harry & Rosemary Wong (All Grades)
Become an effective, happy teacher! This lively book includes practices of an effective teacher, setting positive expectations, how to manage the classroom, how to design effective lessons, and much, much, much more! A lifesaver for new teachers. 352 pages. DWFDS • $38

The Effective Teacher
8 DVD Set

Harry Wong (All Grades)
The ideal staff development package for Harry Wong's book, The First Days of School. See Harry Wong deliver a 5-hour inservice workshop that helps teachers become more effective. This production has been honored by the Telly Awards as the best education series in the past twenty years. Each DVD contains one of each of the eight parts of the series, the complete Facilitator's Handbook with transcript, an expanded Implementation Guide with discussion questions for each part, files and PowerPoint® slides of all the graphics used in the production, and the music and video from each opening commentary. Includes storage case. Includes 8 DVDs, The First Days of School book, 10 Successful Teaching newspapers. DWET • $495

The Eight Parts

1) The Effective Teacher
2) The First Days of School
3) Discipline & Procedures
4) Procedures & Routines

5) Cooperative Learning & Culture
6) Lesson Mastery
7) The Professional Educator
8) Positive Expectations

Class Meetings
Classroom Procedures
Classroom Signals
Cooperative Learning
Cooperative Roles
Daily Routines
Student Jobs

7 Classroom Management SmartCards
This series of seven SmartCards covers the most important techniques for effective classroom management. Make the most of your teaching day with well-sequenced, well-established daily routines. Reduce discipline problems and maximize learning with effective classroom procedures. Empower your students and keep your class in control with class meetings. Get the series and have the most effective classroom management techniques at your fingertips. $4 Each
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Class Meetings SmartCard first pageClass Meetings
Classroom Management SmartCard

All aspects of classroom life improve through class meetings. Students become more invested in the class, one another, and learning. The classroom becomes more caring, cooperative, and democratic. This SmartCard is your blueprint for class meetings where students share announcements, solve class problems, make important decisions, evaluate progress, and plan events. You’ll find everything you need to know and do to lead successful class meetings.
TME • $4

Classroom Procedures SmartCard first pageClassroom Procedures
Classroom Management SmartCard

Effective classroom procedures reduce disruptions and discipline problems, and maximize learning. Expectations are clear and the class is a safe place where everyone knows how to behave. In this SmartCard, you will find time-honored classroom procedures. Start the year off right. Discover quick tips for roll-taking. Manage classroom supplies like a pro. Maintain an acceptable noise level. And keep students orderly when going places. Learn veteran strategies to establish and maintain a smooth-running class.
TCP • $4

Daily Routines Classroom Management SmartCard first pageDaily Routines
Classroom Management SmartCard

Make the most of your teaching day with well-sequenced, well-established daily routines. Predictable routines create order in the classroom. We reduce students’ anxiety and establish a sense of security when students know the class schedule and sequence of classroom procedures. Discover tips to create or improve your daily routines. Optimize your learning environment by balancing routine with novelty. Set your morning routine on autopilot. Create a brain-friendly daily sequence of instruction time, snacks, breaks, lunch, and recess to maximize learning and minimize discipline problems.
TDR • $4

Cooperative Learning Classroom Management SmartCard first pageCooperative Learning
Classroom Management SmartCard

Multiply the effectiveness of cooperative learning with powerful and proven classroom management strategies. This SmartCard gives you the tools you need to make cooperative learning run smoothly. Get teams' attention back on you. Keep the noise level down. Arrange your room for teamwork. Expedite collecting and distributing materials. Form solid base teams. Add novelty with random teams. Take advantage of teammates as support. Finish team tasks at the same time, every time, to reduce downtime and disruptions. Learn cooperative management tips and tricks from the pros.
TMC • $4
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Classroom Signals SmartCard first pageClassroom Signals
Classroom Management SmartCard

Signals are simple, nonverbal messages, such as hand or body gestures between the teacher and students. Classroom signals communicate volumes without saying one word. Use signals to manage your students. Use signals to relay instructions. Have your students communicate with you via signals to avoid disruptions. Signals save you time and energy, and improve the lines of communication in your classroom. This SmartCard offers dozens of popular classroom signals, steps for establishing signals in your classroom, and ideas for developing your own signal system.
TCS • $4

Cooperative Roles SmartCard first pageCooperative Roles
Classroom Management SmartCard

Make cooperative projects more fun and run more smoothly with roles. Avoid "hogs" and "logs" during open-ended team discussions. Develop students' teamwork skills and repertoire of social competencies. This SmartCard presents the 12 most essential cooperative roles, and answers critical questions relating to cooperative roles: What is a cooperative role? When do I use roles? How do I assign roles? How do students learn their roles? Minimize management problems and maximize students' performance with cooperative learning roles.
TCR • $4

Student Jobs SmartCard first pageStudent Jobs
Classroom Management SmartCard

Develop students' responsibility and self-esteem by empowering them with important duties in the classroom. Save time and energy by enlisting students' help to perform essential classroom management tasks. Student jobs are terrific management tools that reduce the teacher's workload and improve students' teamwork skills. Have each student contribute to a smooth-running classroom, and create an "our class" community. Promote classroom democracy and leadership with student government and student committees.
TSJ • $4

Raising the Bar and Closing the Gap
Whatever it Takes

Richard DuFour, et al. (All Grades)
What do you do when, despite best efforts, a student does not learn? Begin using the power of the collective intelligence that already resides in your school! The authors guide you through using professional learning communities to solve the problem all educators face at some point during their career. Learn to develop a staff that works collaboratively to achieve common goals. 263 pages. DDWIT2V • $30

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TimerTools, TeamTools, SelectorTools, & DecisionTools Software
Use these simple, yet powerful, software programs to help you manage your classroom. Be a master time manger with TimerTools' 18 timers. Form balanced and effective teams with TeamTools. SelectorTools allows you to select students, teams, and manage student roles with ease. Ask questions and make class decisions with DecisionTools. All programs work in fullscreen mode and work well with PowerPoint®. Call for site license discounts!
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PC • Mac • Interactive Whiteboard
TimerTools ETT • $29 TeamTools ETM • $29
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